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Hello there... welcome to hedgewithcrypto!

We are an online resource where thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts keep updated with high-quality exchange reviews, guides and information.

Our Mission

At hedgewithcrypto, it is our sole mission to "make cryptocurrency easy for everybody" to understand and become involved with. We are strong advocates of blockchain technology and want to bring awareness and education to individuals all over the globe. It can be a challenge for beginners to get started and want to bridge this knowledge gap by providing unbiased, quality and simple-to-follow information articles, reviews and guides. Digital currencies are gaining widespread popularity and we believe that everyone should have access to a easy to understand and useful source of information for anyone looking to start their cryptocurrency journey.  

How We Started

hedgewithcrypto was formed based on our own frustrations in search of exchanges to buy, trade and sell cryptocurrency. Through our experiences using several crypto platforms, we decided to publish a few basic exchange reviews and guides to help others. We have since branched out to cover broader topics in the blockchain industry and reviewed exchanges across several countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA and Singapore. Today, we have published over 70 articles and continue to grow our presence as a source of information for crypto beginners.  

Our Editorial Process

hedgewithcrypto aims to provide accurate and factual content in our posts. Each article is fact checked to ensure it's relevant and up to date before publishing. We also encourage the exchange to check our reviews to ensure we have the latest data, statistics and information.

Our content may rate or rank certain crypto exchanges, services and products. These ratings are based on our own real-life experiences using the product and in-depth thorough research. The views and opinions expressed on this site are therefore purely our own. We are not in any way compensated by these providers to alter our ratings, ranking, or any comments.

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Australia, WA

“Hi... I'm Kevin, the Editor In-Chief and founder of hedgewithcrypto. My journey with cryptocurrency started back in 2013 when I first heard about making money online through trading platforms. At this time, it was the Forex market and began learning how to trade using several platforms such as IG Markets and Pepperstone. 

After blowing several accounts and several years later, I eventually found a trading plan that suited me and the discipline to become consistently profitable. At this time, I also began sharing my trade ideas on Tradingview. 

In 2016, a friend introduced me to Bitcoin and I started researching. Being a technology lover, my interest grew for learning about blockchain technology and decided to invest and trade in cryptocurrency exclusively using platforms such as Bitfinex and BitMEX.

I started hedgewithcrypto to share my love for blockchain technology and to spread awareness of decentralized finance. Here, you will find a number of useful resources, guides and reviews that will help you start your journey into cryptocurrencies. 

Today, we are a fast-growing community with 9000+ visitors every month comprising of like minding individuals from across the globe - I welcome you to join our community and help increase the spread of adoption in your local community. 

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