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    Jacob Wade
    Posted by: Jacob WadeUpdated May 26th, 2023

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    This review will examine the top features on the Midas Investments platform, including security, supported assets, DeFi investment options, fees, user experience and customer service. Moreover, it will step through the process of how to create a Midas Investments account.

    UPDATE 12-29-2022: Midas Investments have announced that they are closing down the platform. For a list of alternate options, read this article on the best crypto platforms to earn interest in the industry.

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    Our Take

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    Bottom line:

    Midas Investments offers a very high yield with secure DeFi investing strategies. The platform focuses purely on passive income strategies, making it easy to earn yield automatically. The downside of Midas Investments is the lack of mobile apps and only 12 total crypto assets are supported.

    • Up to 25% interest on deposited crypto (or more)
    • Built-in crypto swap platform
    • Multiple ways to invest (YAPs, CeDeFi strategies, staking, etc.)
    • Additional yield available with MIDAS native token
    • Referral program pays out daily interest on referred user’s earnings
    • Only 12 cryptocurrencies supported
    • No fiat currency support
    • No mobile app available
    • Withdrawal fees can be high (depending on asset)

    Midas Investments Overview

    Midas Investments was founded in 2018 as a crypto masternode service, and it has since evolved into a full-featured custodial Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investment service. The company is headquartered in Singapore and is available in most countries around the globe. Midas Investments is considered a “CeDeFi” platform, as it offers investors yields from DeFi protocols and investment strategies via its centralized services.

    Midas Investments websiteMidas Investments website

    Midas is headed by CEO and founder Iakov “Trevor” Levin, and employs team members from around the world. Midas has undergone exponential growth over the last year following its pivot from a masternode service to a DeFi investment platform. The platform currently boasts more than 10,000 active investors and over $200 million in assets under management (AUM).

    To summarize, the key features and Midas Investment products are:

    • High-yield DeFi investment custodian
    • Liquid investment positions which allow investors to withdraw at any time (no lockups)
    • Supports 12 digital asset strategies
    • Additional yield at 27.4% available with native MIDAS token
    • Two Yield Automated Portfolios (YAPs) which act like exchange-traded funds, supported by baskets of actual digital assets, rebalanced monthly
    • Multiple investment strategies, including fixed and dynamic yield
    • Built-in crypto swap platform for instantly swapping between assets
    • Assets are sent to and secured by Fireblocks prior to deployment
    Platform NameMidas Investments
    Supported Fiat CurrencyNone (crypto only)
    Supported Cryptocurrency12 (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB & 7 others)
    Trading Fees0.3% - 0.6% swap fees (plus spread)
    Withdrawal FeesVary by cryptocurrency
    Mobile AppNo

    What Features Does Midas Investments Offer?

    Crypto Interest Accounts

    Midas Investments offers multiple ways to earn free cryptocurrency through its yield programs. From DeFi and staking to automated portfolio strategies, Midas helps users earn high interest on major crypto assets. The DeFi strategies include providing liquidity and engaging in lending protocols such as Curve Finance and TrueFi. Midas manages the investment in these platforms to generate yield with multiple risk mitigation strategies in place.

    Finally, Midas Investments offers automated portfolios for both stable assets (STABLEYAP) and DeFi assets (DEFIYAP). These are effectively exchange-traded crypto index funds that not only generate yield but are rebalanced monthly to optimize yields (at no cost to the investor).

    The yield on these investing strategies is fixed, except for the staking platform, which changes daily. There is also additional yield available for users that choose to earn their interest in MIDAS tokens. This “boosted” APY varies by investment strategy but can offer up to 5% additional APY. Here is a list of current investment strategies on Midas, including the APY and boosted APY available at the time of writing.

    Crypto AssetsYield TypeInterest Rate (APY)Boosted Rate (APY)
    Binance CoinDeFi7.3%9.1%
    USD CoinDeFi12.6%16%
    Wrapped BitcoinDEFI6.8%8.5%

    All interest-bearing accounts compound daily, meaning that interest is paid out on a daily basis and added to a user’s balance, compounding their returns. Interest is paid in-kind, unless a user selects to turn on “Midas APY Boost” which pays out interest in MIDAS tokens.

    Midas Yield Automated Portfolios (YAPs)

    As a custodian investment service, Midas offers automated crypto portfolios that generate yield with a mixture of tokens. There are two different investment strategies, one for a more stable mix of assets (SYAP), and the other for DeFi coins (DEFIYAP). The idea behind the Yield Automated Portfolio (YAP) is that users can invest in several of the top cryptocurrencies at once, and the investments are automatically rebalanced for them. This can help spread the risk of investing without the need to actively monitor the portfolio. The payout is high as well, averaging over 13.1% APY, with more available when users are paid out in MIDAS token.

    Midas Investments yield auto portfoliosMidas Investments yield auto portfolios

    To invest in YAPs, users can simply swap existing crypto using the built-in swap function. Each portfolio is represented by a token, namely Stable YAP (SYAP) and DeFi YAP (DEFIYAP).

    Here’s how each portfolio is managed:

    Stable Yield Automated Portfolio (SYAP)

    The stable portfolio holds an even mix of Bitcoin, Ether, USDC, and MIDAS tokens. With 25% invested in each token, this portfolio is designed to offer high yield on the underlying assets. When investing in the Stable YAP, users will receive interest payouts in SYAP tokens, which represent the mixture of BTC, ETH, USDC, and MIDAS. Interest earned in SYAP coins are paid daily and compounds over time.

    The portfolio has automatic monthly rebalancing, meaning that as the value of the underlying assets goes up or down, they represent a different percentage of the portfolio. On a monthly basis, tokens are bought or sold to get back to the 25% mix of each token. So if Bitcoin goes up in value and represents more than 25% of the portfolio, some BTC is sold and redistributed into the other 3 coins to get back to a 25% mix.

    DeFi Yield Automated Portfolio (DEFIYAP)

    The DeFi portfolio is a mix of 8 DeFi coins that have an equal share in the portfolio, meaning each coin represents 12.5% of the investment. These DeFi coins are the underlying asset for the DEFIYAP token, which is issued to investors.

    Midas Investments Yield Automated PortfoliosMidas Investments Yield Automated Portfolios

    The 8 tokens included in the DEFIYAP strategy are:

    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Midas Token (MIDAS)
    • Chainlink (LINK)
    • Fantom (FTT)
    • Avalanche (AVAX)
    • Binance Coin (BNB)
    • Dai (DAI)
    • Convex FInance (CVX)

    Interest is paid out on a daily basis and earned in DEFIYAP token, compounding in a user’s account. And like the SYAP strategy, portfolios are rebalanced on a monthly basis to maintain a 12.5% balance of each token within the account.

    MIDAS Token

    Midas Investments offers a native token that comes with a few benefits for users, including higher interest returns on yield strategies, as well as value-add through token burns and reinvestment into the Midas Investments platform.

    Users that choose to earn interest in MIDAS tokens can earn up to 4% APY additional yield on certain crypto assets with the “Midas Boost” feature. The boost funds are collected from MIDAS purchases and liquidity pool fees, and are passed on to users. This feature can be turned on or off at any time for each token. For example, the standard interest rate on USDT is 12.6%, which is then boosted to 16% with MIDAS tokens, which is above the industry standard rate for earning interest on Tether.

    The MIDAS token runs on the Fantom blockchain, and there are only 5,000,000 MIDAS tokens that will ever be minted with a circulating supply of 2.8M. The MIDAS token can be purchased through DeFi exchanges SpiritSwap and SpookySwap. It can also be purchased directly through the Midas swap platform as well.

    Midas Swap (Crypto Trading)

    Midas has a built-in crypto swap platform that allows users to quickly swap between cryptocurrencies with minimal fees. Users can swap between cryptocurrencies with a 0.3% to 0.6% fee, depending on the crypto trading pair selected. There is also a spread fee collected, which varies by the asset. Investors may swap between any supported cryptocurrency on Midas’ platform, including both YAPs.

    Midas Investments SwapMidas Investments Swap

    This instant swap feature makes it a seamless experience for investors to capture gains by swapping to USDC, for example, at a moment’s notice. This way, investors aren’t forced to withdraw from the platform and swap or convert elsewhere. Users can also purchase the Midas YAP tokens directly on the platform.

    The user interface is very simple, reminiscent of Uniswap, offering a basic order form, allowing users to trade between crypto assets. There are no limit or stop-loss orders, as this exchange is simply meant for crypto swapping, and not advanced trading.

    Midas Educational Course

    Midas Investments is founded on the mantra of “Earn. Save. Invest. Repeat.” This concept is the foundation of an online course created to help users understand the investment philosophy used by the Midas Investments team. This basic 4-part course teaches the basics of personal finance and integrates the Midas investment strategy as part of the core teachings. This helps users understand that Midas Investments is not just a short-term “to the moon” strategy, but rather a well-thought-out diversified investment piece of the financial puzzle.

    Midas Investments Learning CourseMidas Investments Learning Course

    Midas Investments Comparisons & Alternatives

    Midas Investments is a digital asset investment platform that specializes in high-yield strategies, and it also offers a basic exchange for trading. Some other highly-rated platforms that are similar to Midas Investments are Nexo, Crypto.com and Binance Earn. Read the reviews below for a detailed overview of each provider for more information.

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    RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
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    Is Midas Investments Safe?

    Midas Investments is a secure platform that offers advanced security measures and off-site managed wallets through Fireblocks. About 97% of all assets on the Midas platform are held with Fireblocks. The Fireblocks partnership also offers secured access to DeFi platforms known as “Permissioned DeFi,” which gives investors institutional-quality connections to popular platforms, with far less risk. All funds in Fireblocks custodial wallets are insured as well.

    As for user accounts, Midas offers the usual protections, including SSL data encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), and requiring KYC for all accounts. Midas has never been hacked, and user funds have not been lost in the history of the company. In addition to account and crypto protections, Midas is in the process of becoming a licensed financial company in Switzerland through FINMA, as well as in Dubai and the Cayman Islands.

    Creating An Account

    To create an account with Midas Investments, users will need to perform the following steps:

    • Create a free account with an email address and password (or sign in with Google or Discord)
    • Verify email address
    • Pass ID verification
    • Deposit cryptocurrency

    Though users can create an account and browse the platform with just an email address, no investing or trading can be performed until identity verification is completed.

    Funding & Limits

    Midas Investments only allows users to deposit supported cryptocurrency on the platform. As such, there are no fees for deposits, though users may pay “gas fees” on the blockchain they are using to transfer crypto to Midas. There is no support for fiat currencies at this time.

    Moreover, there are no crypto withdrawal maximums listed, but Midas does note it keeps limited funds in its hot wallet accounts, and large withdrawals may go “pending” to move funds from cold storage to the hot wallet for withdrawal. This should happen by the next business day, and then funds will be sent instantly.

    There are withdrawal minimums for each crypto individually to be aware of, and these are listed here. There are also minimum balances required to earn interest on each crypto, and those limits are listed here. The amounts are quite low and should not cause alarm.

    Supported Coins

    Midas Investments supports 12 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, AVAX, BNB, USDC and 12 others. There are more than 20 trading pairs available using the Swap feature. Some of the unique coins available are the DEFIYAP and SYAP tokens that represent the investment strategies, and the MIDAS token which is only available on the Midas platform and two other DeFi exchanges.

    Overall, the selection is very limited compared to other crypto exchanges and crypto earning platforms. Those that are looking for a larger selection of crypto for earning interest should consider Binance Earn, Nexo or Crypto.com.

    Midas Investments Supported CoinsMidas Investments Supported Coins

    Customer Support

    Midas offers customer support directly on its website and through its Discord channel, but also offers email support and a decent-sized knowledge base of helpful articles. The Discord community is very active, and, along with community managers, there are announcements directly from the executive team in there as well.

    The most responsive support is available 24/7 via live chat through the website. Upon our initial testing, the chat agent responded within 30 seconds of our request and was able to quickly answer questions in an accurate and polite way. This level of support is outstanding compared to other platforms and helps Midas stand out as a professional investing platform.

    Midas Investments Fees

    Midas Investments does not have deposit fees or management fees for crypto, but there are withdrawal fees. Withdrawal fees vary by currency and there is an additional $5 per withdrawal fee for any Ethereum (ERC-20) coins. A full list of withdrawal fees can be found here. This is quite expensive and most interest and lending platforms will not charge extra withdrawal fees.

    Trading fees are as follows:

    • Alt > BTC = 0.3% fee
    • ETH > USDC/USDT = 0.3% fee
    • Alt > Alt = 0.6% fee

    For swaps, there is also a spread fee, which is the difference between the bid price and ask price of a cryptocurrency. Spread fees are higher for assets with lower liquidity, and the fees range from 0.04% up to about 1.5% on the Midas Swap platform. Compared to our list of the top crypto exchanges, the upper band of the fees on Midas Investment is above industry pricing for trading crypto.

    Midas Referral Program

    Midas offers a generous referral program for users, paying out up to 15% of the referred user’s earnings. The referral program is based on how much your referrals earn. For example, if your referral deposits BTC and earns $10 in daily earnings, the referrer will receive $0.50 in BTC daily (5% reward). If the user instead stakes MIDAS tokens and earns $10 daily, the referrer would earn $1.50 in MIDAS daily (15% reward). There are no additional rewards for referrals activating the MIDAS boost, other than more yield overall, but only MIDAS staking earns the 15% reward. There are no limits on how many referrals can be made, and no caps on earnings.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Not yet. Midas investments are pursuing regulatory licensing in several jurisdictions, including Switzerland, Cayman Islands, and Dubai.

    While the interest rates on MIdas are subject to change, Midas works to maintain high rates by employing several risk management strategies. These strategies include real-time alerts on market activity, low leverage on lending strategies, and a focus on major market cap coins for producing yield. That being said, interest rates on fixed rate strategies can change.

    On the other hand, there are several investments that offer dynamic interest rates due to the nature of the investment, and those typically change on a daily basis. The Provided APYs for those strategies are based on average rates expected, and Midas will list the current 24-hr rates updated daily.

    No, Midas does not offer personal crypto loans at this time. It does, however, join DeFi lending strategies that pay interest on lent-out cryptocurrencies. These loans originated on DeFi platforms, and not through Midas Investments.

    No, Midas Investments does not offer a mobile app at this time. The platform and website are optimized for mobile devices, however, and the design is very user-friendly for mobile users.

    To invest with Midas or use any of the features of the platform, users will need to verify their identity. Identity verification helps protect users and prevent fraud on the platform, as well as helps Midas stay compliant with local regulators. To complete identity verification, users must provide personal details through KYC partner Subsub. Here are the details required for verification:

    • Legal name
    • Residential address
    • Picture of government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license)
    • Selfie picture
    • Proof of Residence (such as recent utility bill from current address)

    Once these documents are submitted, Subsub will verify the documentation, and typically approve verification within a few minutes. If there are any issues with ID verification, Sumsub will provide next steps.

    Midas Investments Review - Final Verdict

    Midas Investments has withstood the major headwinds of recent crypto price declines and has avoided solvency issues of embattled crypto platforms such as Celsius. All while offering extremely high yields that have not wavered much during the ups and downs of the crypto market. Midas Investments is a high-quality platform that should be considered by anyone looking for better yield and unique assets with automated portfolios.

    The crypto selection on the Midas investment platform is smaller than some other top crypto lending exchanges, but this is due to the nature of the investment strategies managed by the Midas team. As a platform that is designed to find the best (low-risk) yield in the crypto market, Midas focuses on top-quality yield-bearing assets, and not simply the most popular cryptocurrencies.

    Overall, Midas Investments is a growing and reputable crypto investment platform that offers a very high yield platform on deposited crypto for passive income steams, as well as diversified investment techniques. For long-term investors that want access to a high yield with less risk than a typically crypto lending platform, Midas is a great option.

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