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From all over the world have decided to learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, DeFi, staking and read exchange reviews on suitable places to buy, trade, sell, earn, spend, store and spend crypto through HedgwithCrypto.

Kevin Groves, the founder behind HedgewithCrypto has been heavily involved in trading the markets since 2013. He has researched and compared the best crypto exchanges and trading platforms to deliver quality, informative guides and unique reviews.

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Are you looking for the best platforms to diversify your crypto portfolio or speculate on the market? HedgewithCrypto's exchange reviews are unbiased, honest and factual so you can make an informed decision. The methodology to assess and evaluate each platform is based on important criteria such as number of supported currencies and markets, fiat deposit methods, trading fees, security and customer support.

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Who We Are?

HedgewithCrypto is an online resource to help individuals learn about the cryptocurrency industry with informative guides, educational content and research. We also offer unbiased reviews and comparisons on various crypto exchanges and platforms. The company was founded in June 2019 by Kevin Groves and has since reached over 1.6 million readers worldwide.

What We Do?

We strive to provide answers on various topics in the industry and to help you choose the right crypto exchange. We have spent thousands of hours reviewing and comparing products to help you make an informed decision about which exchanges are safe and offer value for money with an easy user experience. For more information, learn about our review methodology.

Why We Do It?

We are on a mission to find the best cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms and wallets so you don't have to. We understand getting started in the crypto market can be confusing for beginners, but it doesn't end there. There is a wide variety of products such as lending and borrowing platforms, margin trading, staking platforms and the like to choose from.

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