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10 Best Bitcoin Mining Software

Comparison list of the best mining software to install and start mining Bitcoin.

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Here's a summary of the best Bitcoin mining software based on features, including ease of use, fees, reputation, and asset support.

  1. CGMiner – Overall Best Bitcoin Mining Software
  2. EasyMiner – Top Bitcoin Mining Software with User-Friendly GUI
  3. MultiMiner – Desktop Application Mining Software
  4. Awesome Miner – Large-Scale Cryptocurrency Mining Software
  5. BFGMiner – Modular ASIC/FPGA Mining Software
  6. Cudo Miner – Excellent Crypto Mining Farm Hardware Provider
  7. Kryptex Miner – GPU Mining for Windows Desktop
  8. BeMine Miner – Cloud Hosting Bitcoin Software
  9. DiabloMiner – Software for Accessing Large Mining Pools
  10. Hashing24 – Top Bitcoin Cloud Mining Provider

Bitcoin Mining Software Compared

Mining SoftwareSupported Operating SystemCosts
CGMinerWindows, Linux, macOSFree
EasyMinerWindows, Android and Ubuntu (Linux OS)Free
MultiMinerWindows, Linux, and macOSFree
Awesome MinerWindows, Linux OSFree ($4/month paid plan)
Cudo MinerWindows, Linux (Ubuntu), CudoOSCommission-based fees between 1.5% and 6.5%
KryptexWindows3% plus $6 on withdrawals
BeMineWindows, Linux, macOSFrom $391
Hashing24Windows, Linux, macOSFrom $43.6/year

Why We Picked These Best Bitcoin Mining Software

This section reviews each mining software, its features, how they work, and their pros and cons.

1. CGMiner

CGMiner is our top choice of mining software, based on our rating methodology. The software was launched in 2011 by Australian programmer Con Kolivas. It's open-source software originally designed to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin. With a simple command line interface, the software works on some of the best Bitcoin mining pools and is targeted at increasing the efficiency of GPU devices to mine Bitcoin and other accompanying assets.

The CG Miner is a cross-platform software. This means users can start mining once the software is installed on any device that runs on Windows, Linux, or macOS. It is also compatible with field programming gate array (FPGA) and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), and graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware miners.

CGMiner user interface
Screenshot of the CGMiner user interface.

In addition to the software's ability to mine Bitcoin, this mining program also comes equipped with many advanced features that allow customers to maximize their equipment's performance. Features like its ability to adjust settings for overclocking.

Overclocking enables the miner to squeeze out enough hash power from GPU devices to boost efficiency. Also, miners can monitor fan speed and remotely interact with the platform. The software comes with a self-detection feature that allows miners to identify new blocks within a mini-database and caters to the binary loading of kernels.

CGMiner is free to download and use. However, the program's lack of a graphic user interface (GUI) makes CGMiner more suited for advanced users and not beginners. Besides this drawback, the mining software is built for performance and is extremely flexible in design.

CGMiner Pros:

  • Efficient and reliable mining software
  • Cross-platform support
  • Free to download and use
  • Well-maintained open source code

CGMiner Cons:

  • Configuration can be complicated

2. EasyMiner

EasyMiner is another top choice industry experts are turning to and the best alternative to CGMiner. The software launched in March 2018 and is free to download and use. EasyMiner is another open-source miner software. It is essentially a more feature-rich and simpler version of the CGMiner. The software has a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) layout, making it ideal for beginners with zero technical experience to get started with mining Bitcoins. It can also be used as the front end for CGMiner and CPUMiner.

This popular mining software caters to both solo and pool mining, making it a flexible cross-pooling platform for all varieties of miners. The Bitcoin software runs smoothly with ASIC, CPU, and GPU miners.

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EasyMiner website

EasyMiner supports the mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero. It's one of the few software that allows for the simultaneous mining of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Users can also mine other cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. While EasyMiner is straightforward to use, we noticed a particular default. The Bitcoin mining software seems to have issues working with Windows 10 OS.

There were reported issues of certain antivirus programs flagging the software as a malicious program. This software runs on Windows, Android, and Ubuntu (Linux OS). Despite its cross-platform functionality, the software seems to have several reported faults on Windows 10 OS. Many customers complained about their antivirus software flagging the program. EasyMiner debunked these allegations, describing the issues as a “false positive” alert.

EasyMiner Pros:

  • Easy to set up and free to use
  • Intuitive GUI that simplifies the mining operation
  • Integrates with other mining software

EasyMiner Cons:

  • Concerns running on Windows OS

3. MultiMiner

Launched in 2013 by developer Nate Woolls, MultiMiner is one of the best crypto mining software in the space. It is known for its user-friendliness, intuitive GUI, and quick setup mining process. With top-notch GUI functionality, users can begin mining with little to no technical skills. This is largely due to the installation wizard tool, which provides an easy setup process.

MultiMiner user interface

Multi Miner is equipped to switch to the most profitable cryptocurrency via a process called ‘coin switchin'. Coin switching identifies and redirects the Bitcoin mining hardware to mine the most profitable asset at the time. The Bitcoin mining program also supports mobile monitoring software applications for remote tracking of Bitcoin mining using a phone.

This Bitcoin mining software runs on multiple mining algorithms, including SHA-256, CryptoNight, Scrypt, Pascal, Keccak, and others. Miners can easily begin getting block rewards for validating transactions on the Bitcoin network and other assets, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, Linux and Mac users will need to install additional software for smooth operation. It also supports GPU, ASIC, and FPGA miners. The crypto mining program has direct access to engine arguments and API settings, which can automatically resume crashed miners and modify mining settings based on a computer's idle time.

The software is free to download and use. Although Multi Miner is user-agnostic, it is targeted at pooled mining against a solo enterprise and should be considered before using this software.

MultiMiner Pros:

  • User-agnostic with cross-platform functionality
  • Compatible with SHA-256, Scrypto and many mining algorithms
  • Can mine several cryptocurrencies

MultiMiner Cons:

  • Only suited for pooled mining
  • Mac and Linux need additional software to function properly

4. Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner was launched in 2014 by Swedish software company IntelliBreeze as a full-on web-based Bitcoin miner focused on the enterprise end-user. The platform is an all-inclusive mining solution that aims to optimize performance while reducing downtimes. Large-scale operations often have malfunctioning mining hardware or rigs that require retooling or reconfiguration. This software can identify such issues and fix them automatically.

AwesomeMiner features

Bitcoin mining pools like Slush Pool and NiceHash integrate nicely with Awesome Miner. The Awesome Miner software supports GPU, ASIC, and CPU mining. Moreover, the software supports overclocking on GPU devices. Overclocking allows crypto miners to optimize their hash power to increase production. This feature is built into the software, which means it can be simultaneously applied across all linked GPU miners for efficient mining.

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Awesome Miner also offers a cloud service where users can monitor and manage their operations on multiple devices. However, for those looking for installable software, the application runs on both Windows and Linux OS. This cloud mining provider also provides multi-user access and push notifications via SMS and Telegram to keep its customers in the loop.

Awesome Miner comes free with limited access options for only two miner accounts or mining rigs. Crypto customers are billed $4 to access more features of the mining software, which may be seen as a disadvantage to other Bitcoin software for mining on this list.

Awesome Miner Pros:

  • 50+ supported assets to mine
  • Best for large-scale mining operations
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Self-optimizes mining operations

Awesome Miner Cons:

  • Charges a fee for the software

5. BFGMiner

BFG Miner was launched in 2012 by developer Luke Dashjr. The mining program runs on the age-old command-line interface. It was created for the FPGA line of circuits. However, it has since been optimized to work well with ASIC miners. BFG Miner has powerful features that allow it to monitor hardware temperature, detect and start idle threads, and remotely manage mining rigs. This makes it one of the best mining software for customization.

BFGMiner user interface
Screenshot of the BFGMiner user interface.

BFG Miner is hard-coded using the C programming language and comes with multi-blockchain and algorithm support. This allows users to mine, hedge, and redistribute their risks across multiple cryptocurrencies. Users can easily mine another asset if the one they are working on has high difficulty levels.

The software has dynamic clocking, monitoring, and remote interface capabilities. It runs on Windows only, with an option to run on the Raspberry Pi. The obvious lack of a GUI layout means BFG Miner is much more suited for advanced users. The platform is free to use and download, and only donations are accepted.

BFG Miner permits the mining of multiple digital assets, including Bitcoin, and runs on the time-tested SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. The software is suitable for solo mining. Moreover, BFG Miner is free for download and use.

BFG Miner Pros:

  • Feature rich mining software
  • Able to mine multiple coins
  • Supports solo Bitcoin mining

BFG Miner Cons:

  • Software supports Windows only

6. Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a new generation of cryptocurrency mining software launched in 2013. This Bitcoin miner software comes with auto-adjusted overclocking settings, real-time mining stats, automated mining, and reporting and pooling integrations with its Cudo Farm feature. The platform prioritizes automation and reduces manual intervention exercises by up to 95%, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability.

Cudo Miner website

Cudo Miner runs smoothly on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and CudoOS. It uses GPU, CPU, and ASIC machines to validate transactions on the network. Other platform functionalities include the Cudo Farm, an elite solution that combines the complete management tools in one platform, allowing users to increase efficiency and profit.

Cudo Miner uses an intelligent algorithm and coin-switching strategy that automatically switches the software to a more profitable cryptocurrency. The program also features a powerful web console and remote management system and allows users to earn while their PC is dormant.

Supported coins include ETC, BTG, ETH, Ravencoin, and XMR. At the same time, the payout coins include BTC, ALGO, ETH, and XMR. This Bitcoin miner app doesn't come cheap. Commission-based fees range from 1.5% to 6.5%, and miners are grouped according to how many coins they mine in a particular month. in short, Cudo Miner is both suitable for solo and pooled mining.

Cudo Miner Pros:

  • Suitable for solo and pooled mining
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Optimizes for best performance

Cudo Miner Cons:

  • Fees for the software

7. Kryptex

Kryptex is another top software application that allows users to mine Bitcoin and other popular on their personal computers. The software employs its users' computer graphics processing unit (GPU) to mine cryptocurrency. The desktop app comes with a GUI layout, which suits beginners well. Kryptex only works with the Windows operating system. The software also only supports solo mining.

Kryptex website

Kryptex automatically redirects the user's graphics cards to mine the most profitable coins. The mining software gives miners an overview of their devices' hash rate, temperature, fan speed, and power usage.

Kryptex offers a convenient payout system, including payout in Bitcoin, bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, and e-wallet solutions like MasterCard and Visa. Although the Bitcoin mining program offers an inclusive service, it still comes with several fees. Kryptex charges 3% plus $6 on most of its withdrawals.

Kryptex Pros:

  • Offers cryptocurrency mining via PC
  • Coin switching capability
  • Detailed real-time statistics
  • Multiple payout methods

Kryptex Cons:

  • Multiple withdrawal fees to be aware of
  • Operates on Windows OS only

8. BeMine

BeMine leases its cloud computing power to users to mine Bitcoin and other altcoins at competitive rates. This means a Bitcoin miner won't have to worry about buying mining rigs or paying for electricity. A new user can start mining on BeMine once they pay for the equipment and the energy. The crypto mining software even promises 3 days of mining Bitcoin on their Antminer S19 rig.

BeMine website

BeMine works solely with ASIC mining hardware miners and runs on the SHA-256 Algorithm. Some of the Antminer's on display on BeMine include the Antminer T17+ and the Antminer S19.

Crypto software can be used by both beginners and professional miners alike. BeMine offers multiple withdrawal options, but they are not free. The platform's cloud mining contract starts at $391. The standard mining contract runs for 48 months which is also expensive compared to other cloud mining sites we've reviewed.

Read our full review on BeMine.

BeMine Pros:

  • Bitcoin cloud mining with lease agreement
  • Offers multiple options for bitcoin and altcoin miners
  • Ideal for both solo and pooled mining

BeMine Cons:

  • Contract mining contracts for lease is expensive

9. DiabloMiner

DiabloMiner is open-source software that utilizes a video card to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The crypto miner uses the command line framework to perform complex distributed cryptocurrency computations. Using the text-based interface means this mining program will require knowledge.

DiableMiner user interface

DiabloMiner is compatible with only GPUs. This is quite limiting as Bitcoin mining using GPUs is not as profitable as ASIC mining – this is especially important for crypto investors who plan to mine only Bitcoin. On the flip side, this crypto software is notable for its ability to integrate an infinite number of mining pools. Investors can either DiabloMiner for solo or group mining. They can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin, and many more with DiabloMiner, which is a great feature.

In terms of platforms, DiabloMiner runs on macOS only. However, it can pair with other operating systems like Windows if it runs the latest Nvidia drivers or the ATI Stream SDK 2.1. This mining software is free to download and use.

DiabloMiner Pros:

  • Large mining pool access
  • Free to use
  • No withdrawal fees

DiabloMiner Cons:

  • Only compatible with GPU mining

10. Hashing24

Rounding up our best Bitcoin mining software list is Hashing24. Hashing24 is one of the world’s best cloud mining websites. The platform leases its hash power for users to instantly mine Bitcoin online. The advantage of Hashing24 is that it cuts out the need for a physical space for mining and the accompanying power costs. Moreover, there are no upfront expensive costs required to start mining which is getting more expensive. The cloud mining software provides Bitcoin mining to customers for as low as 1 Total Hash Rate (TH/s).

Hashing24 website

To run its operations, Hashing2 employs specialized data centers across Iceland, Canada, Norway, and Georgia for its mining activities. This ensures that miners can enjoy 100% uptime all year round. Hashing24's mining activities are possible thanks to its partnership with BitFury, one of the largest blockchain companies with interests in crypto data centers, mining software, and hardware design.

This impressive suite of services doesn't come cheap. 1TH/s costs $43.6/year. At the current difficulty level and BTC's market price, the platform's return on investment calculator estimates about $39.3 in returns.

Given its automated mining experience, Hashing24 is suitable for novice and advanced users. The platform’s hands-off approach means users are not bothered about energy costs or maintenance of their mining hardware devices. However, since the company is a third-party provider, the customer has as much leeway as the cloud mining contract allows which may be seen as a negative.

DiabloMiner Pros:

  • Leases mining equipment to avoid upfront costs
  • Removes the need for physical space and maintenance

DiabloMiner Cons:

  • On-going costs involved
  • Less control over the BTC mining process

Bitcoin Mining Software Explained

Mining Bitcoin refers to the process of digitally verifying and recording Bitcoin transactions across the Bitcoin network. To authenticate these transactions, the validators are incentivized to solve a series of complex mathematical puzzles. The first miner to complete this difficult process is rewarded with 6.25 BTC block rewards.

Bitcoin mining software is a specialized program that connects hardware miners to the Bitcoin network. It is also useful for obtaining an overview of the overall hash rate generated by all connected GPU devices, power consumption, fan speed, overclocking for GPU devices, and earnings generated from the exercise. Bitcoin mining software can also be employed to manage mining rigs remotely.

The best Bitcoin mining software requires a level of technical coding skill to run smoothly. However, a few, like Hashing24 and EasyMiner, can be operated by first-time miners with zero technical experience.

What To Look For When Picking Bitcoin Mining Software

When deciding on which software is best to mine Bitcoin, there are several features to take into account. These include:

  • Monitoring Solutions. The best Bitcoin mining software comes with a management and tracking option. This allows users to easily manage their hashrate, configurations, errors, power consumed, and the number of coins created per session. Enterprise mining software like Awesome Miner allows users to manage and remotely control the operation of multiple mining rigs.
  • Remote Platform Interaction. The remote feature pushes further the hands-off approach that Bitcoin mining software engenders. Users can remotely monitor their operations without needing to be there physically. This is a crucial feature for joining Bitcoin mining pools.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility. Another huge feature of mining software is that it works across multiple platforms. While some may prefer a particular operating system, the best Bitcoin software can function across multiple devices. It can use the same program and monitor your operations across multiple platforms. Since the user experience remains constant, there's a shorter learning curve, if any at all.
  • Powerful Tools. Mining programs are well-known for the variety of features it provides. For instance, the coin switching feature allows the mining software to prioritize mining the least difficult or profitable cryptocurrency automatically. The overclocking feature monitors the fan speed and power consumption and ensures the miner continues operating without interference. Also, they can continue operating even when the computer is dormant.
  • User-specific. Mining cryptocurrency software has specific target audiences that their programs are built for. However, the best mining program should appeal to both beginner and advanced users. Miners that generally rely on command-line interfaces tend to be more expert-focused. On the other hand, GUI platforms require little to no technical ability before mining can be done. There's a third category of bitcoin miner software that combines both – they have a GUI component and can also be integrated with text-based programs like the EasyMiner software, which also serves as a front-end program for our overall pick CGMiner.

You Can Find Bitcoin Mining Software For Free

Several Bitcoin mining software programs are free to use. Our overall best-pick CGMiner is free to download and use. The same goes for EasyMiner – the next best alternative on our list. However, many mining programs are paid options. Some programs charge a fee for setup, software maintenance and add-ons like the Hashing24 option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free Bitcoin miner?

EasyMiner is the best free Bitcoin mining software. The platform charges zero fees for running and withdrawing coins from the software.

Which software is best for GPU mining?

The best GPU mining software is DiabloMiner. The software is compatible with GPU mining and offers large access to group pools, which is rare in the market. The only snag here is that DiabloMiner uses a command line interface, which is not appealing and might be difficult for users without technical experience. An alternative to DiabloMiner is the Kryptex software which has a GUI and is more flexible to use, but the software doesn't come cheap.

What is the most profitable Bitcoin mining machine?

The most profitable Bitcoin mining machine is the Antminer S19 Pro. The machine comes with a 29.7 J/TH and is built using a second-generation chip called 5nm chip. This allows it to generate as much as $12 per day.

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