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Binance Referral Code: Get $50 FREE Bonus Using This Link

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Here is the quick and complete guide to getting the $50 welcome bonus from Binance using a referral code.

  1. Click on this link to get access to the Binance referral code.
  2. Enter the details and register the account on Binance.
  3. During the registration process, the unique referral ID 10360506 will be shown on the form.
  4. Binance recognizes the user as new, and the next step is to verify the information by providing the KYC documents.
  5. To claim the prizes, the users have to perform one of three tasks within seven days of registration. There is no cause to worry, however, as the tasks available are quite simple.

Once the tasks are finished, code users will get info on how to claim the rewards.

Binance Referral Code – At A Glance

Referral Code BonusThree-tier rewards: $5 Cashback, $20 Cashback, $25 Cashback
EligibilityNew Binance customers only
PayoutOnce off bonus
RequirementsReward 1: Depositing up to $100 within 5 days, Reward 2: Spot trading of up to $1,000 within 7 days, Reward 3: Spot trading of up to $20,000 within 7 days
Expiration5 – 7 days depending on the tasks

How Much Is The Bonus Referral Code Worth?

Hedge With Crypto has partnered with Binance to offer new customers who use our exclusive link to sign up on Binance up to a $50 welcome bonus. At the time of writing, the highest reward is up to $25 for performing several tasks. Here is the full referral link to access the rewards.


What Are The Binance Bonus Reward Types?

There are three bonus reward categories that Binance delivers.

  • $5 cashback voucher: Making the first-time deposit of up to $100 within five days of registration makes the user eligible for a $5 cashback.
  • $20 spot cashback voucher: Spot trading of up to $1000 within seven days of registration makes the user eligible for a $5 cashback.
  • $25 spot cashback voucher: Spot trading of up to $20,000 within seven days of registration makes the user eligible for a $5 cashback.
Binance referral bonus

Who is Eligible for the Welcome Bonus on Binance?

The referral code on the website is only applicable to new customers. Those who do not have a current account on Binance can use the link to access the rewards. Claiming the rewards will depend on the performance of the tasks listed in this guide. That said, before getting into the tasks, the users must provide their verification ID, which can take up to 15 minutes to complete the Binance KYC process. For more information on how long it takes to get verified on Binance, read this article.

How to Verify if the Binance Referral Code Is Applied?

After the customer clicks on the sign-up button via our referral link, the code 10360506 will be automatically applied. Users can confirm it on the registration page as it will state, “Promo Code applied” and/or “Referral Code applied.” If first-time users can't see those terms displayed on the sign-up page, they can follow the steps below.

  1. Go backward and click on the Binance referral link again.
  2. Or talk to customer care.

Binance’s customer care is responsive and will readily answer all the queries customers ask.

What is Binance? A Brief Overview

Binance is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, with nearly 100 million users, and has listed over 600 cryptocurrencies worldwide. There is a wide variety of trading options available on the platform. The most noteworthy among them are:

  • Spot Trading: Spot trading is one of the most sought-after features on Binance. It allows investors to interact with the crypto market using advanced tools. It sports a competitive trading view with indicators such as EMA, Fibonacci Retracement Levels, Moving Averages, and more. These indicators allow traders to glance at the market before trading.
  • Margin Trading: For traders, there is another option built right into the spot trading feature: margin trading on leverage. It benefits those looking to invest heavily and are willing to leverage their crypto assets for trade. Investors can trade using a wide array of isolated 10x margin pairs or crossed 3x pairs on the platform.
  • P2P: Those looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a Peer-to-Peer trading functionality – allowing trades without the involvement of a central entity – would find Binance a good fit. Binance is one of the most feature-packed P2P platforms in the market. It allows users to trade in cryptocurrencies, including USDT. BUSD, BTC, BNB, ETC, MATIC, WRX. The process of buying and selling is quite simple. Users just select the seller or buyer, providing a desirable rate on cryptocurrencies, and the next step is to trade using the applicable payment method. It is a great way to trade for those apprehensive about the market's volatility.

Other than these standard trading options, advanced traders can also use “Strategy Trading”. With strategy trading, users can create their own buying strategies or select from a strategy pool based on the Return on Investment, Profit & Loss, or popularity. These tools allow a trader to engage with Binance's automated trading feature. That said, even investors can learn about it through the available tutorials on the platform.

For active users, the platform's Swap Farming utility provides more options to earn. Investors can become liquidity providers or swap traders to earn rewards through BNB. The amount of BNB reward earned is calculated based on the amount of swapping done. The higher the swaps, the higher the rewards.

Other than trading features, Binance is also home to multiple Fan tokens. Fan tokens are the new genre of cryptocurrencies that allows fans to own cryptos about their favorite sports teams. Depending upon the type of fan token, these cryptos can be used for governance or as tools to engage with the favorite sportsman. The perks of fan tokens include:

  1. Governance
  2. Fan badge
  3. Access to limited edition NFT

That said, the fan token utility is for fans and the teams. That is, sports teams can use the platform’s launch pad to launch their fan tokens on the platform. Also, Binance understands that not all crypto traders have complete insight into the market. To assist these customers, Binance implements a special feature known as OTC and Execution solutions. Users can contact the team directly for trading, execution, and risk management needs. It is a distinct feature among crypto exchanges because no one other than Binance provides it at the time of writing.

While the above-listed features are for the more active traders, passive traders also have much to gain through Binance Earn. Binance Earn is a one-stop investment solution offering services such as savings accounts, launchpad, BNB vault, liquidity farming, auto-invest, dual investment, staking, and more. These tools allow users of all levels to earn tokens by staking in the liquidity pool or opening a savings account. Investors can earn as high as 96% Annual Percentage Returns (APR) depending on their staking assets.

Over the years, Binance has diversified into other domains, including NFTs. The platform has an active NFT marketplace that lets users buy Non-Fungible Tokens using fiat methods. It features a wide array of artworks from the leading artists in the NFT arena. In addition to these features, Binance is also a derivatives platform offering multiple perpetual futures contracts for various cryptocurrencies.

Underpinning these features is a semi-complex UI that users must take time to engage with properly. It is because Binance was originally envisioned for institutional investors when such entities didn’t take cryptocurrencies seriously. However, the tutorial on the platform is quite robust – letting users learn the platform's nuances as quickly as possible.

For more information, read the full Binance review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share the Binance referral code?

Yes, the exclusive welcome bonus link we have shown can be copied and sent to family and friends through email or social media. However, it would only work if they don’t have an existing account on the trading platform.

Does the Binance code rewards stack with each other?

One question that's often asked about the code is if they stack with each other. Yes, they do. With each task the investor completes, they get cash back. The up to $50 bonus is the sum of all completed tasks.

How long do you have to earn the welcome bonus?

After clicking on the welcome link, users have five to seven days to take advantage of the welcome bonus. If the user can perform all the tasks within seven days, he will get access to a $50 spot cashback from Binance.

What if the Binance referral code doesn’t work?

In case the user is not able to see the referral code appear during the registration process. They can either reload the page. If the issue isn't solved, they can contact Binance customer care. The professionals there are quick about giving solutions.

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