ByBit Referral Code 2023: Claim Up to $5,000 USDT In Deposit Bonuses

    Updated: Jan 16th, 2023
    Kevin Groves
    Kevin Groves
    ByBit Referral Code 2023: Claim Up to $5,000 USDT In Deposit Bonuses

    Looking for the best ByBit referral code to join one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms? This guide will show you how to use a ByBit referral code to claim the ByBit Blast-off reward and get up to a 5,000 USDT bonus.

    ByBit Referral Code For 2023 – How To Claim

    There are multiple portions of the 5,000 USDT rewards that users can access by following the steps below

    1. Click this link to get access to the Bybit promo code.
    2. Register a new account by entering a valid email address and password
    3. Complete the ID verification process and upload KYC documents
    4. Deposit funds and begin trading to start earning the limited-time blast-off rewards
    Claim The ByBit 5,000 USDT Bonus

    ByBit Referral Code 2023 - At A Glance

    ByBit Referral Campaign5,030 USDT blast off rewards
    Referral AmountUp to 5,030 USDT
    EligibilityNew ByBit customers only
    Payout TermsOne-Off Payment. Will be rewarded after the 14-day calculation period
    RequirementsAccount creation, submitting the KYC documents, and completing the trade and deposit tasks
    Expiration10th February 2023

    What Is The ByBit Referral Code?

    ByBit Exchange has multiple offers to attract new traders to its platform. The referral code is one way for those on the fence to join the platform and access the promotions. New traders that create an account, deposit funds, and place trades within 14 days are entitled to a 5,000 USDT blast-off reward bonus. There are multiple tiers as follows:

    • Deposit at least $100 and trade worth at least $500 will receive a 3 USDT bonus
    • Deposit at least $500 and trade worth at least $1,000 will receive a 20 USDT bonus
    • Deposit at least $1,000 and trade worth at least $3,000 will receive a 50 USDT bonus
    • Deposit at least $3,000 and trade worth at least $10,000 will receive a 100 USDT bonus
    • Deposit at least $10,000 and trade worth at least $50,000 will receive a 350 USDT bonus
    • Deposit at least $50,000 and trade worth at least $200,000 will receive a 800 USDT bonus
    • Users that deposit at least $100,000 and trade worth at least $15 million will receive a 5,000 USDT bonus

    How Much Is The ByBit Referral Worth?

    First-time ByBit users can access the 5,000 USDT blast-off bonus. In order to claim the maximum bonus, users must deposit at least $100,000 and trade at least $15 million in volume. There are lower-tier bonus rewards available such as depositing $100 and trading at least $500 to get a 3 USDT bonus

    Who Is Eligible For The ByBit Referral Link?

    Only those who are new customers are eligible for the referral link. Those with an existing account aren't qualified to claim the ByBit bonus. To gain access to the referral bonus, new users must click on a referral link and complete the identification process. It is critical for the users to know that the sign-up process must be completed thoroughly. If the users don't provide the KYC details, the sign-up process won't be completed, and the referral link can't be fully benefited from.

    The ByBit rewards page states that users must fulfill the requirements we are listing below to get the full benefit of the latest, limited-time 5,030 USDT blast-off bonus.

    • Must be first-time users and must not have put in their first deposits
    • There is a time limit within which users must meet the requirements – 14 days. Users who make the deposit after this time frame is finished would find that ByBit does not consider the deposits to calculate the rewards.
    • Users must not withdraw any deposits within three days after the 14-day deposit calculation period. That would lead to ByBit disqualifying the bonus for users. That means that users must wait for 17 days (about 2 and a half weeks) at least before withdrawing their rewards.
    • The bonus won’t be accrued – users will only get the bonus depending on the total of how much they have deposited and traded on ByBit.
    • ByBit will distribute the rewards three days after the 14-day bonus calculation period. Those three days are meant for risk monitoring.
    • This bonus is only valid for derivatives trading – spot trades and fiat deposits are not part of the campaign
    • Users must at least complete the Level-1 KYC verification process to get rewards.

    How To Verify The Referral Code Is Working?

    Clicking the referral link will automatically take the user to the login page where they will see the referral code right above the sign-up form. ByBit has automatically applied the referral and promo code for users who use our referral link – there would be no need to enter the referral code manually. That said, once a user applies our referral link and successfully signs up, they will see an alert stating that “referral code applied”.

    While the promo code works instantly, investors would only see the effect of the referral code after entering their first deposit. They will finally see the rewards 17 days after ByBit completes the calculation of blast-off rewards.

    How To Claim The ByBit Referral Code – Full Tutorial

    Users must first click on the Bybit referral link to see the referral and promo code. There is no need to apply them, however, as clicking on the link will already apply the codes.

    2. Register a new account with ByBit

    The next step is to complete the registration process, which would entail entering details including the name of the country, the first and last name of the user, and the email address. Then the users must create a password and complete the remaining three steps to get access to the referral codes.

    3. Complete the ByBit ID verification process

    The referral code will only be applied to users that at least have a level –1 KYC requirement fulfilled. Completing the level-1 verification process will also reward users with the Lucky Task reward – a 1 USDT bonus. Completing the level 1 verification process will automatically apply the promo code and referral code to the user's account.

    4. Deposit funds and start trading

    Deposit funds and begin trading to get the blast-off rewards. It is a limited-time reward that must be claimed within that period. The rewards will be calculated for 14 days (about 2 weeks) after the users make the first deposit.

    During calculation, only derivatives trading will be considered and not fiat and spot trading. Beginners who are not yet attuned to derivatives trading must therefore go through ByBit’s learning section quickly to get the full benefit of the referral link.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To get a referral bonus from Bybit, create a new account using a referral link, complete the ID verification process, deposit funds and start trading. The ByBit reward paid out will depend on the amount deposited and trade volume.

    Users can use the referral link to sign up and get the referral bonus. Also, investors can create their own referral codes on the platform and earn a bonus by inviting their friends and family to the platform.

    If you experience trouble using the referral link and the referral bonus isn’t automatically transferred to the Bybit account, please get in touch with ByBit customer support. Provide our referral code to them, and they will provide assistance.

    ByBit always comes up with new offers and referral codes to make it easy for new users to interact with the crypto ecosystem and trade on the platform. The latest blast-off bonus, however, is more suitable for veteran traders that trade with higher volumes. The trade and deposit requirements to extract the full bonus are high, and the code will only apply to those to trade crypto derivatives.

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