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Coin Market Manager Review

Coin Market Manager is a crypto portfolio management tool that offers detailed analytics and can gather information from multiple platforms. However, its lack of support for popular exchanges will turn away some traders.

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Coin Market Manager Review – Quick Verdict

Coin Market Manager is a valuable tool for frequent crypto traders aiming to improve their strategies and keep track of their earnings from a single hub. Although the tool is primarily suited to active traders, users will also appreciate its intuitive interface and time-saving capabilities. Unfortunately, Coin Market Manager doesn't support many exchanges compared to the top crypto portfolio tracking apps but could be worth considering for those on Binance, Bybit, or Deribit.

Coin Market Manager Pros:

  • Free access is available
  • Pulls information from multiple platforms
  • Offers detailed analytics

Coin Market Manager Cons:

  • No charting capabilities
  • Needs to support more exchanges

Pros Explained

  • Free access is available. While the paid Coin Market Manager plans are expensive, users can gain access for free by registering for an exchange using the company's referral code.
  • Pulls information from multiple platforms. Because Coin Market Manage collates data from multiple exchanges, it's an excellent tool to streamline the process of tracking portfolios that span several platforms.
  • Offers detailed analytics. One of the most significant benefits of Coin Market Manager is the depth of its analytics. Users can check on their performance spanning years and use the provided insights to fine-tune their strategies to boost their overall win rate.

Cons Explained

  • No charting capabilities. Coin Market Manager does not offer any charting tools, making it difficult to determine how a particular asset has performed over extended periods.
  • Needs to support more exchanges. Coin Market Manager currently only supports three exchanges; Binance, Bybit, and Deribit. As such, users that trade on alternative platforms won't be able to utilize the automation tools offered by the platform.

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We provide an overall weighted average rating out of 5 stars. Our ratings are based on objective criteria like the ease of use, fees, deposit methods, customer support and availability. Our reviews are not influenced by 3rd parties. Click here for further information about our rating methodology and a full list of categories we review against.
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We provide an overall weighted average rating out of 5 stars. Our ratings are based on objective criteria like the ease of use, fees, deposit methods, customer support and availability. Our reviews are not influenced by 3rd parties. Click here for further information about our rating methodology and a full list of categories we review against.
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Coin Market Manager At a Glance

Coin Market Manager is a trade and crypto portfolio tracker designed to make monitoring performance and keeping track of open and closed positions a breeze. Founded in 2018, Coin Market Manager connects directly to a crypto exchange via a read-only API, meaning it has no control over customer funds and isn't subject to regulations. This also means multiple exchanges can be viewed and traded within the Coin Market Manager platform.

Platform NameCoin Market Manager
FeaturesPortfolio Tracking, Performance Verification, Trading Analytics, Trading Journal
Supported Fiat CurrenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, + 130 Others
Payment MethodsCredit/Debit Card, PayPal, Crypto
Supported CryptocurrenciesVaries Based on Exchange
Price$0 to $89.99 Monthly
Customer SupportFAQ Section, Email, Contact Form
Security MeasuresRead-Only API, SSL Encryption
Mobile AppNo

Coin Market Manager Features Reviewed

Crypto Portfolio Tracking

Crypto investors often keep their holdings on multiple platforms to decrease risk or store assets that may only be available on certain exchanges. Unfortunately, this can create a lot of confusion and vastly increase the time needed to manage a portfolio successfully.

However, Coin Market Manager lets users view their entire crypto portfolio market value from a single hub, even if it's spread across several platforms. Customers need only link an exchange to Coin Market Manager using a read-only API. Then the platform will automatically pull their data, displaying their portfolio composition on a modern, easy-to-read dashboard.

Coin Market Manager portfolio dashboard

Furthermore, it's possible to manually add crypto holdings that are in an unsupported exchange or a hardware wallet to ensure accuracy when tracking their portfolios.

With Coin Market Manager able to auto-sync crypto prices to display real-time balances on an innovative dashboard, the automated tool is excellent for active traders who would rather spend their time finding new opportunities than logging into several accounts to keep track of their investments.

Advanced Account Analytics

On top of providing a way for crypto investors to keep track of their holdings, Coin Market Manager offers intriguing analytics related to the user's investing and trading activities.

The HedgeWithCrypto team tested the service for our Coin Market Manager review, and we were impressed to see that users can alter the period to analyze and view their total deposits and withdrawals to find their profits/losses. Furthermore, users can view total trading profits, average profits/losses, win ratios, and cumulative earnings from long/short positions.

Coin Market Manager Analytics

Although the list of supported exchanges needs to increase, Coin Market Manager does provide interesting analytics that can be used to improve trading habits and strategies., making it a valuable tool for active traders.

Trading Journal

Another exciting feature Coin Market Manager offers is the automated trading journal designed to gather and collate users' trades in an easy-to-reference hub. The automated tool will sync with an exchange to gather position size, order type, entry/exit points, and duration. Alternatively, users can manually input their trades to keep track of positions on unsupported platforms. Additionally, users can add custom notes to each trade to help build a winning strategy based on tangible evidence.

Coin Market Manager Journal

With a Coin Market Manager premium plan offering unlimited trade uploads, users can input their full trade history in seconds, potentially saving hours of tedious work. Furthermore, combined with advanced analytics provided by Coin Market Manager, traders can use the journal to improve their strategies to help offset the subscription cost. Although, there are specialist trade journal apps like EdgeWonk, Tradervue, and TraderSync that have more in-depth features that could be considered an alternative to Coin Market Manager for serious crypto traders.

Verification Pages

It's common for traders to share their profits and losses on social media platforms like Twitter. However, there is little way to verify whether performance shared online is legitimate. To combat this issue, Coin Market Manager has verification pages.

After connecting an exchange to the platform, users can request verification, and a Coin Market Manager team member will check to ensure transactions appear legitimate. After doing so, the user will receive a unique link with a dashboard displaying their trading performance.

Considering the prevalence of fake crypto gurus that create illegitimate results to build a following they can use to sell products or services, it's great to see a company take a stand and improve transparency within the industry.

Coin Market Manager verification screenshot

Account Creation and Verification Requirements

Creating an account with Coin Market Manager is simple. As the platform doesn't directly handle client funds, there is no need to complete any form of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification. As such, crypto traders must only input and confirm an email address and password before accessing Coin Market Manager's crypto portfolio tracking features.

Supported Fiat Currencies and Deposit Methods

While no payment information is initially required, users wishing to upgrade their account to access additional features and increased limits must purchase a premium Coin Market Manager plan.

Thankfully, users who want to upgrade their accounts have plenty of payment options. Customers can pay for Coin Market Manager using PayPal, a debit/credit card via Stripe, or crypto through CoinPayments. Due to its PayPal and Stripe integrations, users looking for a crypto portfolio tracker can pay for Coin Market Manager with 135+ fiat currencies.

Payment methods for coin market manager subscription

Supported Cryptocurrencies and Trading Pairs

Coin Market Manager doesn't directly handle client funds or place trades. As such, the cryptocurrencies the platform supports will vary based on which exchange is linked to the portfolio tracker.

Users can link Binance, ByBit, and Deribit to Coin Market Manager, providing access to 2,254 spot trading pairs and 482 derivates markets. However, users can request a new exchange for Coin Market Manager to implement, which could exponentially increase the range of assets supported by the platform over the coming months.

Coin Market Manager Pricing

Anyone can create an account with Coin Market Manager to enjoy 14 days of full access to the platform for free and monitor their crypto trading activities, after which their account will be downgraded to a basic plan. Customers must upgrade their accounts to access the full range of features Coin Market Manager offers after the 14-day trial ends.

Alternatively, users can gain unlimited lifetime access to Coin Market Manager by signing up for one of their partner exchanges using the company's referral link.

Pricing PlanLimitsExtra Features
Free1 API Per ExchangeBasic Overview, Real-Time Data Refresh, Manual Trade Journal
Professional ($69.99 monthly or $699.99 yearly)1 API Per ExchangeAutomated Trade Journal, In-Depth Analytics, Unlimited Trade Uploads, Trade History
Enterprise ($89.99 monthly or $899.99 yearly)21 APIs Per ExchangeEverything in Previous Plans

Coin Market Manager Ease of Use

Since Coin Market Manager is a tool designed to simplify the process of keeping track of a user's entire trade history and streamline managing a portfolio spread across multiple exchanges, ease of use is crucial. Thankfully, Coin Market Manager boasts an intuitive interface that can be easily navigated using the sidebar menu.

Coin Market Manager analytics dashboard

Before accessing the portfolio management features, users must link an exchange to their Coin Market Manager account. This simple process can be completed in seconds, with users having only to navigate to their preferred trading platform, create a new API key, and input it to the API Manager section of their Coin Market Manager account.

Selecting an Exchange to link to Coin Market Manager

After linking an account to Coin Market Manager, the tool will automatically pull their trade data and entire crypto portfolio, displaying it clearly on the dashboard and highlighting the weighting of each asset within the user's holdings. Additionally, the customer's trade history can be viewed via the Journal.

While Coin Market Manager is primarily an automated management tool, users can manually enter their trades and holdings, making tracking activities on unsupported exchanges possible and improving accessibility. As such, Coin Market Manager is versatile and easy to use, making it an excellent tool for beginners and active derivative traders alike.

Coin Market Manager Mobile App

For our Coin Market Manager review, we researched whether the platform was accessible from a mobile device. Unfortunately, the company hasn't released a dedicated app and doesn't have any plans to do so. Users who need to check their portfolios while on the go can access the platform from their mobile phone browser. However, we found the interface to display poorly, with vital information like asset weighting being bunched together.

coin market manager app

Customer Support Team

Nobody wants to be left waiting for a response to a pressing question. As such, a company needs to offer quick and helpful customer support. To achieve this, the Coin Market Manager team has created a FAQ section containing basic operational information like how Coin Market Manager works and its supported exchanges.

As the FAQ section is relatively sparse, with just 16 topics covered in minimal detail, users can also contact the company via a form or by emailing them directly. While no set time frame for a response was provided, we found support could have been more responsive, with most customers stating they waited around 24 hours for a reply.

Security Measures

Coin Market Manager has implemented several security techniques to assist in its users being protected. The company utilizes SLL encryption for any traffic running through the Coin Market Manager website and states that it will never ask for a user's private keys. Furthermore, customers must only provide an email address and no extra personal data.

Another way Coin Market Manager protects its users is by restricting its API access. Since the platform only acts as a portfolio/trade management tool, it requires read-only API keys, which means the company cannot move user funds or place traders on their accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Coin Market Manager do?

Coin Market Manager is a web-based leading automated journaling platform that offers accurate portfolio accounting and in-depth account analytics. Crypto traders can utilize the tool to monitor their portfolios across multiple exchanges and view critical information related to their trading habits, like win rate, trade duration, and risk.

How does Coin Market Manager work?

Users must link a crypto exchange to Coin Market Manager using a read-only API key. After doing so, the platform will automatically import the user's trade history, active positions, and holdings to create a dynamic dashboard with actionable insights.

Is Coin Market Manager free to use?

Traders wishing to test our Coin Market Manager can do so for free using the 14-day trial, after which a premium account is required to continue accessing the platform's services. However, users can gain free unlimited access to Coin Market Manager by using the company's referral code to register to one of its partner exchanges.

Is Coin Market Manager safe?

Coin Market Manager utilizes encryption to secure the data it stores, preventing a bad actor from accessing users' personal information. Furthermore, the platform requires read-only API access, meaning Coin Market Manager cannot access user funds.

How We Rated Coin Market Manager

Review CriteriaHedge With Crypto Rating
Features4 / 5
Supported Fiat Currencies and Deposit Methods4.2 / 5
Supported Cryptocurrencies and Trading Pairs3.1 / 5
Pricing3.6 / 5
Ease of Use3.7 / 5
Customer support3.3 / 5
Security Measures3.6 / 5
Mobile App2.5 / 5