Joseph Alalade

Joseph has been actively involved in crypto for over half a decade, focusing on Web3 education for both technical and non-technical audiences. He is particularly interested in writing about trending Web3 updates, regulatory developments, and other exciting stories. He loves trading and analyzing crypto charts, and delving into technical documentations.

More About Joseph Alalade

Joseph Alalade is one of Hedge With Crypto’s staff writers. He is a Web3 enthusiast who has been engaged in the crypto space for several years. He has collaborated with well-known cryptocurrency news platforms, Web3 projects, top-tier marketing agencies, and crypto exchanges, contributing his research, writing, and editing expertise to their endeavors. As such, his articles have reached millions of readers worldwide. Although his main focus is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Joseph is passionate about environmental issues and has significant experience writing about green technology and sustainability.

What makes Joseph Alalade a cryptocurrency expert?

Joseph’s expertise in the crypto industry is based on his experience as a trader and investor and his ability to simplify complex concepts for different audiences.  Since 2017, he has been refining his market insights, not just through trading but also through his writing. In addition to writing numerous articles, he has authored several technical whitepapers for various Web3 projects. His continuous commitment to learning and collaboration with industry founders highlights his dedication to advancing the crypto and Web3 space.

Joseph Alalade is currently a final-year Law Student.

Joseph in the press

Joseph has been featured in several finance and Web3 publications including Crypto Economy, Bankless Times, The Coin Republic, and The Crypto Post, etc.

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