World’s 14th Richest Man, Michael Dell, Tweets About Bitcoin

Michael Dell’s Tweets on “Scarcity” Ignite Speculation Among Bitcoin Enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Michael Dell, the CEO of DELL Technologies, sparked a conversation with tweets about “scarcity,” which Bitcoin enthusiasts linked to Bitcoin itself.
  • Dell Technologies previously accepted Bitcoin for purchases, but it didn't last.
  • Nobody knows if Dell's tweets mean anything for Bitcoin, but they got people talking.

The chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, currently ranks as the 14th wealthiest individual globally, recently delved into the Bitcoin (BTC) community, drawing notable attention.

Although not an earth-shattering declaration, his lighthearted tweet has generated considerable speculation regarding his potential interest in cryptocurrency.

Scarcity Tweet Starts the Conversation

The discussion started when Dell posted a tweet on June 20 discussing the value of scarcity. This prompted a reply from Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy emphasizing Bitcoin as “Digital Scarcity.”

It's worth noting that Saylor is a staunch Bitcoin advocate; his company currently possesses 226,331 Bitcoins. His response to Michael Dell's scarcity tweet reiterated that there's a limited supply of Bitcoin, unlike conventional money, which governments can continuously print.

Surprisingly, Michael Dell retweeted the response and even posted a new tweet today featuring a cryptocurrency-related image. Furthermore, he recently conducted a Twitter poll, asking his 713k followers to vote and share their opinions on what they believe will be the next significant technological advancement.

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The options in the poll include Quantum Computing, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Space Tech. Several Bitcoin enthusiasts, such as traders, analysts, and investors, responded by highlighting that Bitcoin is the ultimate blockchain application and suggesting that there would likely be no blockchain without Bitcoin (BTC).

They emphasized that Dell should explore Bitcoin, as it remains the most influential and fascinating development globally, with profound positive effects across society.

Michael Dell Cryptic Tweets Hint at Bitcoin Interest

Dell's retweet of Michael Saylor's Bitcoin post sparked speculation about Dell's potential interest in Bitcoin. Further piquing interest, the tech billionaire shared a humorous meme featuring the beloved blue cookie monster enjoying some Bitcoin.

Despite the buzz generated by Michael Dell's recent tweets, his true motives remain a mystery as he has not made any clear statements about Bitcoin. Nevertheless, his tweets have sparked discussions, especially within the tech and finance communities.

It's possible that Michael Dell found the concept of scarcity intriguing, or perhaps he appreciated the humorous meme.

Notably, Dell Technologies accepted Bitcoin as payment in 2014 but discontinued the practice a few years later due to low usage.

Therefore, Dell might consider revisiting Bitcoin, following the example of companies like MicroStrategy, which recently acquired a significant amount of BTC using proceeds from convertible notes and excess cash at an average price of $65,883 per Bitcoin.

Per an official statement on June 20, 2024, MicroStrategy claims to hold 226,331 BTC acquired for approximately $8.33 billion at an average price of $36,798 per Bitcoin.