Lolli Review: Rewards App To Earn FREE Bitcoin

Lolli is an exciting new app that brings a new twist to the customer loyalty industry that allows everyday shoppers to earn up to 30% back in Bitcoin. It is legit, safe, simple and fun experience for everyone to start owning Bitcoin by shopping at your favorite retailer.

It works by rewarding customers with Bitcoin by simply purchasing from supported stores and retailers. So you don't have to purchase Bitcoin using a traditional fiat-to-crypto exchange. The Lolli app is supported by several well known and popular retailers that refund a percentage of purchased items back in Bitcoin (BTC). 

This review will cover everything you need to know about Lolli and how you can earn Bitcoin using cashback apps by doing what you love, shopping online.  

Lolli App Review: How To Earn Bitcoin

Lolli is a loyalty reward program to encourage customers to continue shopping by offering an attractive incentive such as Bitcoin. Royalty programs has been a trend on the increase and is evident by the number of loyalty cards we carry in our wallets or handbags.

Loyalty programs have now entered into the cryptocurrency realm where loyal customers can be rewarded in Bitcoin. It is possible to even earn interest on your crypto portfolio with platforms such as BlockFi.

Imagine getting paid to shop online. Better yet, what if you could be paid in Bitcoin for shopping online as you normally do? That is what Lolli is, a Bitcoin rewards application that lets people earn and own Bitcoin when they shop online.

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How Does Lolli Work?

Lolli works when you shop on one of the partner sites, Lolli receives a percent of each, sort of like a commission for driving traffic and sales to the merchant.

A portion of the commission that Lolli earns is split with the customer, paid in Bitcoin and sending directly to your Lolli wallet which can then be transferred to a hardware wallet for safe keeping.

The reward (%) of Bitcoin is determined by the participating merchants, not Lolli.

Loyalty reward programs such as Lolli have been around for many years. It is a very successful marketing model that encourages shoppers to keep doing what they love at their favorite retailer.

The founders of Lolli have taken this a step further to show Bitcoin's power as a global alternative currency and universal store of value and want to share it with the world. 

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This is perfect for shoppers to get involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies who don't already own the asset.

It is a win for the consumer who earns a discount by receiving free Bitcoin whilst also achieving the objectives of Lolli to both educate and reward people with the power of Bitcoin using online shopping.

Why Should You Use The Lolli App?

It is a fun and easy way to earn passive Bitcoin using Lolli while shopping online. It will promote and encourage mass adoption of the digital to be potentially used as a better alternative to the current financial system. 

The founders of Lolli appreciate that not all people have the capacity to purchase Bitcoin using a traditional fiat-to-crypto exchange.

To solve this obstacle, Lolli was developed to make it easy to earn, own, and share Bitcoin with as many people as possible. There is no need to sign up to an exchange and provide any verification documents which might sound daunting to beginners.

How Can I Get The Lolli App?

The easiest way to get the Lolli app is to download the Lolli browser extension which is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Simply follow these instructions:

  • Visit the Lolli website or click the button above
  • Click on 'Get Lolli for Chrome'
  • Download and install the Lolli extension
lolli chrome

Once the Lolli Chrome extension has been installed, it will automatically alert you when you visit a partner site and outline the potential Bitcoin back you’ll be eligible for.

How To Use The Lolli App?

To get started with Lollo App, follow these steps: 

  • Download the Lolli browser extension
  • Visit one of the partner stores through the website or browser extension
  • Activate Lolli alerts when you visit a supported online store
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Once Lolli has been activated, you can shop as you normally would. As long as the order is eligible, Lolli will track the purchase and send Bitcoin to your Lolli wallet once Lolli is paid by the merchant, usually after the merchants refund period has expired.

The Lolli wallet allows you to withdraw earned Bitcoin to a bank account or hardware wallet once your balance reaches a minimum of $15.  

Where To Shop Using Lolli?

Lolli is partnered with over 500 top brands which allow you to earn back up to 30% in Bitcoin rewards. This partnership with Lolli includes several of the world's largest retailers that support Bitcoin such as:

  • Walmart: up to 3.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Macy's: up to 5% back in Bitcoin
  • up to 3.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Nike: up to 3% back in Bitcoin
  • Adidas: up to 7% back in Bitcoin
  • Sephora: up to 4.5% back in Bitcoin
  • and many others!

The exciting thing is Lolli are continuously adding new retail partners almost every day. Retailers can get in touch with Lolli to become a partner to help spread support of Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency technology space. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lolli Safe and Secure?

Yes, Lolli appears to take security very seriously by using state of the art software and network security to ensure customer balances are safe in the Lolli wallet.  

Is My Personnel Information Safe With Lolli?

Lolli does NOT track which sites users visit and does NOT sell personally identifiable data or information to any third parties. 

Which Browsers Are Supported By Lolli?

Lolli is currently supported for Chrome and Firefox. The team behind Lolli are looking to support Brave in the future and is currently an unsupported browser.  Safari was previously a supported browser but due to recent changes on Apple’s end, it is no longer being updated.

Does Lolli Have An Affiliate Or Referral Program?

Yes, Lolli has a referral program that allows you to earn Bitcoin by sharing your referral link. Each party is eligible to receive $10 worth of Bitcoin when the referred shopper purchases an item at a supported retailer using Lolli. All you need to do is spread the love to earn free Bitcoin.

Does Lolli Have A Mobile App?

No, Lolli does not have a mobile app. There are plans to launch a mobile app in the near future. In the mean time, shoppers should use the desktop version for the best experience.

Conclusion: Lolli Is A Great Way To Earn Free BTC

To conclude our Lolli review, it is an innovative and legit cryptocurrency loyalty app that allows users to earn back up to 30% in Bitcoin (BTC). It is a sign of the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies that is taking off before our eyes. 

We anticipate a growing number of users will flock to Lolli to get their hands on more Bitcoin in a fun, easy and simple way by shopping at their favorite retailers. Lolli is doing it's part to share Bitcoin with the world. 

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