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Lolli Review

Lolli is an innovative Bitcoin cashback app that lets you earn up to 30% rewards for shopping with over 25,000 stores. However, it’s currently only available in the US, limiting the platform’s accessibility.

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Our Take

4.3 / 5
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Bottom line:

Lolli is an easy-to-use service that seamlessly integrates with your everyday purchasing. Although some companies pay relatively low rewards, over 25,000 retailers support Lolli, meaning your earnings can quickly increase. Considering the platform is free (other than withdrawals), there's no real downside to using Lolli to supplement your BTC or USD holdings.

  • Trading Fees:


  • Currency:

    USD and Bitcoin (payouts)

  • Country:

    United States

  • Promotion:

    None available at this time

Pros and cons

  • Web, Mobile, and Chrome Extension Support
  • Earn In-Store Rewards
  • Refer Friends to Earn a Bonus
  • Only Available in the US
  • Cannot Change Payout Method

How We Rated The Lolli App

Trezor Model One Review CategoryHedge With Crypto Rating
Features4.5 / 5
Fees4.25 / 5
Ease of Use4.75 / 5
Customer Support3.8 / 5
Security Measures4 / 5
Mobile App4.5 / 5

Pros Explained

  • Web, Mobile, and Extension Support. Because Lolli is available in many forms, the platform is highly accessible and available to almost anyone, regardless of device preferences.
  • Earn In-Store Rewards. Not everyone shops online, especially for everyday items like food and drinks. However, by linking a card, you can also earn rewards when shopping in-store, significantly improving the flexibility of Lolli's service.
  • Refer Friends to Earn a Bonus. On top of Lolli offering cashback rewards on purchases, you can earn bonus income by referring your friends to the platform. What's more, any referees will also receive a $5 bonus after completing their first purchase.

Cons Explained

  • Only Available in the US. When writing our Lolli app review, the platform was only available in the US. Although international customers can register for the waitlist, it may be worth considering alternative cashback platforms in the meantime.
  • Cannot Change Payout Method. Unfortunately, there is no way to alter your payout method after registration, which could turn away flexibility-focused users from the platform.

Lolli At A Glance

Founded in 2018, Lolli is a US-based platform that lets you earn rewards paid in cash or BTC for shopping with thousands of partner merchants. The company is privately run and is not available on any stock exchange.

Platform NameLolli
FeaturesRecurring Investments, Bitcoin Gifts, Referral Program, Swan Private
Payout CurrenciesUSD and Bitcoin
Withdrawal Fees$0.25 (USD), Network Fees (BTC)
Customer SupportFAQ Page, Ticket System, Live Chat
Security MeasuresSSL Encryption, Minimal Data Retention, Email Log-ins
Mobile AppYes (Android and IOS)

Top Lolli Features Reviewed

Earn Cashback Rewards Online

The main draw to Lolli is the ability to earn Bitcoin or cash rewards by shopping with 25,00+ retailers, including everyday stores like Nike, Macy's, and Booking.com. Rewards are typically percentage based, ranging from 0.5% to 30%, but some companies denominate their cashback in USD. For example, CheapOair offers up to $16 back on purchases.

Lolli Cashback Rewards
Lolli list of cashback rewards offered.

When you create an account, Lolli lets you decide whether to receive rewards in cash or BTC. However, you cannot change this after creating an account, so it's worth putting some thought into it before committing to a payout method.

On the web platform or browser extension, Lolli includes potential rewards and a link to each retailer, making it easy to ensure you're at the right place before making a purchase. In addition, This will significantly help ensure that anyone new to the platform receives their rewards.

Earn In-Store Cashback

While you may think earning rewards with Lolli would be limited to online shopping, you can link a card to the platform to earn in-store rewards at all Lolli partners. Considering that many people do grocery shopping in person, Lolli could offer an excellent way to receive a rebate on your everyday essentials, as well as one-off online purchases, like clothes or tech.

Although the convenience of earning free Bitcoin while using your regular debit card is already alluring, Lolli even offers bonus rewards for shopping in-store or online using a linked card. The retailer determines bonuses, but some of the most beneficial include an extra 2% back at Walmart and another 2% back for shopping with Costco.

With Lolli able to be used online and in-store at no additional cost, the service offers exceptional value that alternatives like Bitcoin debit cards cannot rival. Whether you're a crypto enthusiast or not, Lolli is a great tool that provides worthwhile discounts.

Lolli Browser Extension

Although the web platform is already simple, the Lolli extension makes earning rewards even more seamless. In addition, the extension on the Chrome Web Store supports any Chromium-based browser, including Brave Browser, making it immediately accessible to the vast majority of people.

To ensure you never miss a deal, Lolli alerts you that a site offers cashback rewards when the extension icon turns green. Furthermore, after clicking the icon, Lolli will show you the potential cashback rewards and any conditions, for example, the maximum cashback you can earn from a single transaction.

On top of alerting you to deals, you can use the Lolli extension to browse available offers from retailers and view your accrued earnings. It's ideal for quickly checking new deals or viewing your rewards without logging into the website, which could be a substantial benefit if you've not got much spare time.

Lolli Browser Extension
Lolli Browser Extension screenshot.

Lolli Referral Program

The referral program is the most cost-effective way to earn rewards with Lolli. The Bitcoin rewards company provides a unique link you can send to your friends. Then when they sign up and complete a purchase using Lolli, you'll both receive a $5 kickback. Unfortunately, this figure has decreased from $10, effectively halving the value offered by this program.

Lolli also provides a pre-crafted post to share with your audience on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to gain extra withdrawals. Although Lolli doesn't offer a massive reward per referral, the platform is free and provides excellent value, so getting your friends or family to sign up should be pretty straightforward.

Setting Up The Lolli App

Creating an account on the Lolli website couldn't be simpler. You can register for an account by entering and confirming your email address. You don't even have to create a password; you can choose to receive email login links instead. However, if you prefer, creating an account using a password instead is possible. Once your account has been created, it's ready to go. There is no Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or ID verification process.

What Banks Are Supported?

Lolli lets you earn Bitcoin and cash rewards while shopping in-store by linking your bank card to the app. Approximately 50 supported banks exist, including Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, American Express, and Ally Bank. To connect a card, click ‘Link Card,' select an institution, and then Lolli will redirect you to the banking provider's website.

Where to Shop Using Lolli App

Lolli is partnered with over 25,000 of your favorite retailers, allowing you to earn back up to 30% in Bitcoin rewards. Lolli's partner sites include several of the world's largest companies that accept Bitcoin, such as:

  • Walmart: up to 2.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Macy's: up to 3.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Booking.com: up to 2.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Nike: up to 2% back in Bitcoin
  • Adidas: up to 7.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Sephora: up to 3% back in Bitcoin

The exciting thing is that Lolli continuously adds new retail partners almost daily. Retailers can contact Lolli to become a partner to help spread support for Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency technology space while rewarding their customers with cashback.

Lolli Fees

Lolli is mainly free to use. There is no monthly subscription or purchase cost. However, withdrawing your earnings does incur a small charge. You'll need to cover the current network fee to withdraw earned Bitcoin. However, you'll be charged a flat $0.25 fee to withdraw cash. For both methods, there is a $15 minimum.

Ease of Use

Lolli is designed to be used seamlessly within your everyday life, so ease of use is crucial. Thankfully, the development team understands this well, as the platform couldn't be simpler to get to grips with. You can use Lolli through the web platform or browser extension, making the service highly accessible, regardless of your device preferences.

Lolli Available Rewards
Browsing the Lolli cashback reward offers.

Under the ‘Earn' tab, you can view all available online shopping offers, including the company and how much cash or Bitcoin rewards you can earn from shopping with them in a percentage format. Additionally, quick links to each store mean you can navigate to partner stores in seconds, which anyone who values their time will appreciate.

The browser extension is equally as easy to use. After installing it via the Chrome Web Store, the extension will turn green whenever your own a store supporting Lolli. Then, by clicking the extension, you can double-check that the deal is active and view its terms and conditions.

Lolli Chrome Web Store
Downloading Lolli from Chrome Web Store.

Because Lolli lets you choose whether to earn free Bitcoin or cash rewards (this cannot be changed after creating an account), the platform will likely appeal to crypto enthusiasts and those just looking for cashback sites equally. In combination with its simplicity, there's no real reason not to use Lolli (unless you live outside the US).

Mobile App

The Lolli app is available on Android and IOS devices. But to access it, you must set your App Store or Google Play Store to the US. When writing our Lolli App review, it was rated 4.8/5 on the app store based on over 17,500 ratings, indicating that most people have no issues using the platform, but some stated they had been waiting too long for rewards to be paid.

The app works very similarly to the web platform or browser extension. After logging in, you can view available offers and any merchant partners offering boosted rewards for using a card linked to Lolli for in-store purchases. Furthermore, a search bar with a category filter makes checking whether particular retail partners are supported near-effortless.

lolli app screenshots
lolli app screenshots on dashboard and offers.

Using the conveniently located bottom navigation bar, you can head to the Lolli wallet section to view your accrued rewards and the current price of Bitcoin. Additionally, an activity overview with search functionally is available, along with a section containing your profile information and linked cards, which makes managing your Lolli account a breeze.

With a significant portion of online shopping conducted on mobiles, the Lolli app is an excellent addition to the tools ecosystem. It makes earning rewards without a laptop or desktop PC simple and easily manageable. As a result, the Lolli app is ideal for anyone who frequently purchases goods using a mobile phone or tablet.

Customer Support

To assist customers facing issues, Lolli has created a help center containing 15+ answers to common questions. Unfortunately, these articles lack depth which could cause confusion if you're unsure whether an answer applies to your problem.

The company has also implemented live chat and a ticket system. However, live support is only available during regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm). If you have a question outside these times, you'll need to create an email ticket and wait for a response, which tends to come when support is active again. However, once operational, you can expect a response within 10 minutes.

Security Measures

Lolli has not disclosed many of the ways it protects customers. However, the platform uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your data safe while it travels to the Lolli servers. Additionally, Lolli requires the minimum amount of information possible when linking a card to the platform, meaning your data is safe.

The company also takes an unusual approach to account security. You're not required to create a password to use the platform. Instead, you can link Lolli to your email address and login using that method. However, you can use a password instead, so long as it's over nine characters long. To date, the platform has not been hacked, indicating a high level of security.

Although you can accrue as many rewards as you want directly within the Lolli wallet, it's recommended to withdraw your earnings to a safe cryptocurrency wallet or bank account once you've earned a decent amount, as doing so will afford you far greater security.