BasedBrett, A PEPE-Inspired Meme Coin, Surges 70% in 4 Days

BasedBrett Meme Coin Skyrockets 70% in Four Days, Driven by Pepe-Inspired Hype and Exchange Listings.

Key Takeaways:

  • The BRETT Token has surged by almost 70% in just four days. Meme coins rally as retail investors pour in money, hoping to attain significant returns.
  • The BasedBrett character is inspired by a comic series created by Matt Furie. Furie is also the creator of the now-infamous Pepe The Frog, the mascot for the Pepe crypto project.

Due to its marketing efforts and listings on popular altcoin exchanges, the BasedBrett meme coin token has enjoyed a 7000% rally since its launch in February of this year. The asset has risen from around $0.0013 to $0.091, with ten cents seemingly on the horizon. As such, many investors have begun to consider adding BRETT to their portfolios as a wild card.

BasedBrett, launched in February 2024, is a newly launched meme coin powered by the BRETT Token. It aims to take market share from established projects like Pepe and Dogecoin. Built on the rapidly growing Base network, BRETT transactions benefit from low fees, fast settlement times, and good security.

Despite being created as a fan tribute to Matt Furie's character, BasedBrett has built a life of its own. The project has captured the attention of investors and meme coin enthusiasts worldwide through its unique character, engaging social media campaigns, and a string of listings on well-known exchanges, including Bybit,, BitMart, and Bitget.

BasedBrett Tokenomics

While BasedBrett is rapidly approaching a $1 billion market cap, the project could be more transparent regarding its tokenomics. The BasedBrett website shows it has allocated 85% of its supply to liquidity pools, reserved 10% for the treasury, and will use 5% for the Centralised Exchange (CEX) wallet.

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Currently, 9.1 billion BRETT tokens are circulating and stored among 190,000 holders. Moreover, BRETT's market cap has fluctuated between $850 and $900 million, likely trying to gather steam ahead of a push toward $1 billion.

Despite enjoying impressive demand, BasedBrett has little utility. The project conducts regular token burns, which bolster the price of BRETT. However, the project's main selling points are a strong community and strategic partnerships.

Where Is The Price of the BRETT Meme Coin Headed?

Meme coins are notoriously volatile and difficult to predict. Moreover, their value is typically driven by community support rather than intrinsic value. As such, it's challenging to determine how a new meme coin will perform over the medium or long term.

That said, BasedBrett has a highly engaged community, an excellent marketing team, and a fun mascot, all of which drive attention to the project. Therefore, if it can maintain its current momentum, we could see impressive movements from BRETT.

As the price of BRETT continues to increase, some investors predict that the asset will soon hit a market cap of over $1 billion, making it one of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies worldwide.