E Money Network (EMYC) Partners with Gala Games

E Money Network Partners with Gala Games to Enhance Security and Compliance in Crypto Gaming.

Key Takeaways:

  • E Money Network announced a partnership with Gala Games today, June 7th. Gala will integrate the E Money Wallet into its ecosystem to facilitate secure transactions.
  • The E Money Wallet is secure, MiCA-compliant, and offers multi-chain support. It will help Gala with its compliance/identity checks, allowing the project to continue operating legally.

Despite E Money Network being in its testnet phase, the project has already announced a partnership with Gala, one of the biggest names in Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming. This strategic collaboration will see the E Money Wallet, one of E Money Network's core products, integrated into the Gala ecosystem.

The P2E gaming sector is worth $15 billion and is steadily growing amidst increased demand for Telegram-based crypto games powered by Toncoin. Investors predict P2E gaming could be one of the bull run's hottest trends. Moreover, as Gala operates one of the largest crypto-gaming ecosystems, competitors could begin integrating E Money Wallet into their projects to keep up.

What is E Money Network (EMYC)?

E Money Network (EMYC) is an innovative crypto project building a modular, MiCA-compliant blockchain. The project aims to empower Web3 projects and create an ecosystem of tokenized Real World Assets (RWAs). One of the network's core offerings is the multi-chain E Money Wallet, which Gala recently implemented.

Although its crypto wallet is ready to be implemented, E Money Network is in its early stages, with its blockchain in the testnet phase. Despite this, the E Money team has been working hard, generating over $3.3 million in a bridge round. Moreover, the project has announced several lower-profile partnerships, including with Redbelly Network.

Could EMYC be the Next Big Crypto?

A significant advantage of the E Money Wallet is its compliance with the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation. Regulators will fully enforce the framework starting in December of this year. As such, Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs) and projects issuing tokens have been rushing toward compliance solutions to avoid disruptions.

If the E Money Network Gala partnership succeeds, we could see the technology implemented in more projects. While the partnership will likely generate attention from other gaming coins, crypto exchanges could also implement the E Money Wallet. If the company can work out a deal with other projects, the EMYC token could see massive demand upon its launch.