Toncoin In-App Advertising System Causes TON Demand to Surge

TON Surges 7.38%, Overtakes Dogecoin as Adsgram Prepares to Bring In-App Advertising Revenue to Telegram Mini-Apps

Key Takeaways:

  • The advertising system for the Toncoin ecosystem has not yet been fully implemented, but it will enable mini-app developers to earn TON from in-app ads.
  • Adsgram, unlike the Telegram Ads Program, is available to mini-apps, not just channel owners.
  • Ton Foundation supported Adsgram with $50,000 in grants and stayed in touch throughout development.
  • Despite a falling crypto market, TON rose 7.38% in seven days, surpassing Dogecoin to become the eighth-largest cryptocurrency.

Adsgram is an innovative tool created by Vadim Sterlin, Fanton's (a Telegram mini-app) COO. The tool empowers Telegram mini-app developers with new monetization opportunities. The advertising system will integrate directly into the Toncoin ecosystem, making it straightforward for developers to implement in their mini-apps.

Adsgram benefits developers by allowing them to earn money for their traffic, which is challenging for mini-apps. Moreover, advertisers (mainly consisting of tier-1 crypto exchanges, Telegram mini-apps, and crypto projects) have the advantage of transparent pricing and the ability to connect directly with a crypto-savvy audience.

The Adsgram Toncoin advertising system will introduce video, banner, reward-based, and inline advertising spots. Developers can choose how they want ads displayed on their apps. The company unveiled it would offer a minimum CPM (price per 1000 impressions) of 0.5 TON, currently around $3.75.

Based on initial testing, the Adsgram network enjoys around 8 million daily impressions. However, the advertising system has only been implemented on a handful of Telegram bots, indicating that the network's reach could be even more extensive.

Why Toncoin Is Performing Well

Toncoin has performed well over the past week, staying firmly in the green while the broader market struggled. Since USDT launched on the Ton network, Tether has issued around $550 million worth of the stablecoin, highlighting the demand for the network. Most of this inflow results from mini-apps' popularity and the ease of sending USDT transitions with Toncoin.

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With Toncoin hitting record user numbers and generating millions of impressions, the Adsgram announcement caused a lot of hype amongst developers. With mini-app owners gaining an effective way to earn revenue from their traffic, there is an increased incentive to participate in the Toncoin ecosystem.

Toncoin has also been working on strategic partnerships with companies like Keystone Wallet. Ton has also been enjoying massive inflows of $5 to $10 billion daily. Moreover, the project's holder count has steadily increased, rising from around 27 million to 34 million in under a month.

How Adsgram Could Impact Toncoin Going Forward

Toncoin mini-apps generate millions of impressions, but developers lack useful monetization tools. As a result, it can be difficult for a mini-app project to remain viable for extended periods.

Adsgram introduces vital revenue generation opportunities, which will help bring developers to the Toncoin ecosystem. As more money flows into Toncoin projects through advertising revenue, there will be additional incentives for innovation, potentially pushing the Toncoin ecosystem to new heights.