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    Posted by: Kevin GrovesUpdated Mar 13th, 2023

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    Cointiger is a leveraged crypto trading platform that has become popular in South East Asia in recent years. In this Cointiger review, we will analyze the derivatives exchange and compare its features, deposit methods, trading fees, security and customer support to other reputable platforms.

    Trading Fees:0.15% / 0.08%
    Country:Global (USA not allowed)
    Promotion:None available at this time
    Key Features
    • Basic, advanced and convert user interfaces to suit individuals of varying experience levels
    • Fiat-to-crypto gateway to fund an account using traditional money
    • High liquidity for its leveraged trading products
    • Tradingview charting and tools available
    • Reasonable trading fees of 0.15% and 0.08% for makers and takers
    • Cointiger Pool to stake the popular cryptocurrency assets and earn rewards

    Cointiger is a derivatives trading platform with 61 trading pairs available to speculate on crypto with leverage. The exchange provides a one-stop platform to buy, trade and manage an active portfolio. Based in Singapore, Cointiger is a trusted and secure platform with an advanced trading terminal and intuitive mobile app.

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    What Is Cointiger?

    Cointiger is a futures cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in November 2017 and is currently based in Singapore. The Singaporean crypto exchange has gained widespread popularity across South East Asia and Europe for its spot and derivatives trading platform. Cointiger is currently the 4th largest margin platform in the world based on reported trading volume and liquidity.

    Some of the most important features on Cointiger are instant trading using 42 supported fiat currencies, a beginner-friendly user interface with advanced order types. There is also a fully-responsive mobile app that is supported on iOS and Android devices.

    Cointiger websiteCointiger website

    Quick Overview

    Exchange NameCointiger
    MarketsSpot and Futures
    Fiat CurrencyUSD, HKD, AUD, SGD & 38 others
    Trading Fees0.15% / 0.08%
    Advanced OrdersLimit, market, stop limit & stop market
    Mobile AppYes (Android and iOS)

    Is Cointiger Allowed In The US?

    According to the Cointiger Terms and Conditions, residents from the USA are not allowed to trade crypto on the platform due to strict regulations. Therefore, individuals from the United States are strictly prohibited from creating an account and will not be able to open any trades.

    Is Cointiger A Legit Exchange?

    Cointiger appears to be a legitimate crypto exchange with over 1 million users that adheres to strict international laws on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and counter-terrorist financing. However, the Singaporean exchange is not regulated or licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The Government has recently issued a warning against CoinTiger alerting investors to be careful when using the platform. Although, this applies to the vast majority of crypto exchanges that are not regulated in any country.

    Is Cointiger Safe To Use?

    Cointiger employs Factor Authentication (2FA) for login, API's and withdrawal requests to secure accounts. There do not appear to be any hacking incidents either, although there are several complaints on funds deposited to the platform. There are multiple comments on Reddit and Trustpilot that warn of lost or missing deposits. There is also limited information on the website detailing how customer funds are protected. Overall, it's difficult to trust Cointiger given the serious nature of recent customer reviews.

    Cointiger Compared

    Cointiger offers a Futures market with deep liquidity that is suited for high net-worth individuals and serious crypto traders. The exchange supports 61 leveraged pairs that can be traded using an advanced user interface and intuitive mobile app. Cointiger is the complete package that stacks up well when compared against the most popular margin exchanges.

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    331 (608 trading pairs)0% (spot), 0.06% / 0.01% (futures)
    RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
    StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
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    Features & Benefits

    Cointiger is a serious crypto trading platform for leverage trading with its advanced and easy-to-use trading terminal. Users can speculate on a wide variety of assets, monitor the market, stake their crypto or join the Cointiger forum to discuss the latest news. The most popular features on Cointiger are listed below.

    Buy Crypto With Fiat Currency

    Cointiger has introduced the ability for users on the platform to buy and sell crypto using traditional fiat currencies. The crypto exchange has an OTC desk that supports 42 fiat currencies which can be deposited from countries all over the world such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

    Beginner-Friendly User Interface

    The leverage trading platform has been designed to cater to a range of investors from beginners to advanced traders. The basic trading interface allows new traders to experience trading with margin with little distractions. The charting is powered by TradingView, the order entry boxes are well laid out and positions can be easily and quickly monitored.

    Cointiger simple user interfaceCointiger simple user interface

    Wide Selection of Trading Pairs

    Cointiger offers a wide selection of coins that can be bought and sold on the spot exchange. There are in total 310 supported coins which can be traded against USD, TCH, sUSDT, BTC and Altcoins. In addition to the spot exchange, the Cointiger Futures platform has more than 60 trading pairs up to 20x leverage.

    Cointiger Staking

    Like most centralized exchanges, Cointiger offers cryptocurrency staking for its users to store tokens on the platform to earn staking rewards. The selection of coins is unique to Cointiger which can offer high staking rewards under fixed terms. The range of annualized returns can be as high as 400%, however, these projects are relatively unknown and come with increased risk. The top staking coins by market capitalization such as Solana, Binance Coin and Ethereum 2.0 are not available on Cointiger.

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    Cointiger Staking PoolCointiger Staking Pool

    Cointiger ID Verification

    Users that create an account on Cointiger can deposit crypto and begin trading immediately without completing a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process. Unverified accounts can trade on the spot or Futures exchange, however, there is a 2 Bitcoin limit on daily withdrawals. To increase the withdrawal limit to 10 Bitcoin, the users will need to obtain KYC approval.

    Depositing Funds

    Cointiger can be funded with traditional fiat currency to buy crypto. The supported currencies include USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, HKD, AUD and 46 others which can be deposited via bank cards, AliPay and WeChat Payment Pay. The most popular method to is transfer crypto which can be converted to altcoins on the exchange.

    Trading With Cointiger

    Selecting a cryptocurrency platform depends on the trading interface for many investors and traders. This is where the majority of time will be spent analyzing the charts and looking for trading opportunities. Cointiger features one of the better charting platforms for crypto trading in the industry.

    Cointiger advanced trading modeCointiger advanced trading mode

    Cointiger features a beginner and experienced charting interface. Both modes are easy to use, modern and responsive on mobile app. The charts are integrated with Tradingview for the full trading experience with advanced tools and indicators. There isn't much difference between the modes apart from the layout and positioning of the order book.

    To enter a position, Cointiger offers limit, market and stop-limit orders which are suitable for breakout traders. On the futures exchange, there is a stop-market order which can be useful, as well as the ability to switch between cross and isolate margin to manage liquidation risk on individual positions or the available funds.

    Cointiger liquidation calculatorCointiger liquidation calculator

    A beneficial feature available to users on Cointiger is the Profit and Loss Calculator. Before entering a trade, users can calculate the potential profit and loss of a trade based on the open price, closing price and amount of leverage used. This tool is extremely useful for beginners that are learning how to size trades to manage risk. Similarly, the calculator can determine the estimated liquidation price.

    Trading Volume & Liquidity

    According to Coinmarketcap, the trading volume on the derivatives platform is currently the 4th highest in the world with a 24-hour volume of 12 Billion. The reported trading volume and liquidity are comparable with top leverage exchanges such as OKEx, FTX, Huobi and Bybit.

    While these numbers are difficult to verify with wash trading tactics, this translates to reduced slippage when trading with size. By comparison, the spot exchange is ranked 146 with a 24-hour trading volume of $265,048 which is very low.

    Cointiger trading volume and liquidityCointiger trading volume and liquidity

    Fees & Costs

    There is no cost involved to create an account with Cointiger or maintain a crypto wallet. However, there are some fees involved such as purchasing crypto with fiat, trading between assets and withdrawing to an external wallet.

    Deposit Fees

    There are zero deposit fees for cryptocurrency deposits. Users can deposit or transfer funds to a Cointiger wallet without any cost to begin leveraged trading.

    Trading Fees

    Cointiger uses a maker and taker structure to calculate the trading fees while maximizing liquidity and reducing spreads. The trading fees on Cointiger start from 0.15% and 0.08% for makers and takers respectively. Compared to platforms such as FTX and Bybit, the fees on Cointiger are quite high. Furthermore, there are no fee discounts or rebates for trading higher volumes which offers zero incentive for professional traders to use Cointiger.

    PlatformTrading Fees
    Bybit-0.025% / 0.075%
    FTX0.02% / 0.07%
    Huobi Futures0.02% / 0.04%
    Binance Futures0.02% / 0.04%
    Cointiger0.15% / 0.08%

    Withdrawal Fees

    There are withdrawal fees to transfer a cryptocurrency from the trading platform to an external wallet. The fees vary on each coin and the blockchain network congestion at the time of the request. The fee to withdraw Bitcoin is 0.0005BTC which is standard. However, there is a 0.01ETH fee are double the industry average which is the equivalent of $45 at the time of writing. For example, the Ethereum withdrawal fee on Binance is 0.005ETH.

    Overall, the withdrawal fees are expensive on Cointiger, in particular when withdrawing the lesser-known altcoins. Traders should first check the withdrawal fees or simply avoid using the platform.

    Mobile App

    Cointiger offers its users a full-featured mobile app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. The feedback on the App has a 4.7/5 rating based on 11,321 comments in the Android marketplace. However, the vast majority of the most recent comments are extremely negative and raise questions on the authenticity of the reviews.

    Customer Support

    Cointiger offers a 24/7 customer support feature through a live-chat bot. The service appears to be operated using bots and not an actual person which is not useful. There are how-to guides and support articles in the Help Section with the most frequently asked questions.

    An overall assessment of customer service is reflected on reputable websites such as Trustpilot. Cointiger has an overall star rating of 1.7/5 based on 65 comments. The most recent comments relate to missing deposits, poor customer service, scam exchange and frozen funds. Approximately 86% of the feedback with Cointiger is 'BAD' which raises a serious red flag. In short, it is best to avoid using Cointiger and stick to reputable platforms.

    Cointiger customer reviewCointiger customer review


    To conclude our review on Cointiger, there are too many red flags on the legitimacy and safety of funds of the trading platform. While the platform features an advanced trading platform, there are real concerns about several users losing their deposits and encountering poor customer service.

    Not to mention, the withdrawal fees for the majority of the listed coins and tokens are above the industry average. The reported trading volume on its Futures platform also does not seem legitimate given the lack of liquidity on its spot exchange, which is more suspicious given the poor reviews on the Internet.

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