Best Crypto Platforms For Leverage Trading

Posted: Nov 12th, 2019Updated: Dec 1st, 2021
best crypto exchange for leverage trading
The last 12 months the cryptocurrency market has seen a surge in demand for cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer margin, derivatives and futures markets to use leverage. Trading with leverage can be a great way for advanced traders to increase their potential profits by controlling a larger position size by borrowing funds. In this article, we compare and review the best exchanges to trade crypto using leverage.
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Best Exchanges To Trade Crypto With Leverage

Based on our reviews, these are the best places to trade crypto with leverage:
  1. FTX (best for leveraged tokens)
  2. Bybit (best for charting features)
  3. Binance Futures (best for reputation)
  4. Huobi (best for Ethereum trading)
  5. Prime XBT (best for traditional markets)
  6. Plus500 (best for CFD trading)
  7. BitMEX (best for ease of use)
  8. StormGain (best for USDT contracts)
  9. Deribit (best for Bitcoin margin trading)

What Is Crypto Leverage Trading?

Crypto leverage trading is a tool for investors to open a long or short position that is much larger than their own capital by leveraging borrowed funds in a transaction. This allows the person to maximise potential profits by increasing their buying power using a small amount of money. For example, a trader that enters a trade with 100:1 leverage can hypothetically trade a $10,000 position size with $100.

Where To Margin Trade Crypto: Comparisons

We have assessed and compared each of the top margin platforms for crypto and ranked them based on important aspects such as user interface, trading pairs, leverage amount, fees, security and customer support.
ExchangeCrypto AssetsTrading FeesRatingPromotionWebsiteReview


2580.02% / 0.07%
Overall 4.7/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
5% off trading feesVisit FTXFTX Review
Bybit LogoBybit Logo


81-0.025% / 0.075%
Overall 4.7/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
3.5% deposit bonus up to $3,500Visit BybitBybit Review
binance futures

Binance Futures

100+0.02% / 0.04%
Overall 4.6/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
20% off trading feesVisit Binance Fu...Binance Futures Review
huobi logohuobi logo


348+0.2% / 0.2%
Overall 4.5/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit HuobiHuobi Review
Prime XBT LogoPrime XBT Logo

Prime XBT

Overall 4.3/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit Prime XBTPrime XBT Review
Plus500 logoPlus500 logo


9Spread only
Overall 4.2/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit Plus500Plus500 Review
bitmex logobitmex logo


8-0.025% / 0.075%
Overall 4.1/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit BitMEXBitMEX Review
stormgain logostormgain logo


80.095% (BTC)
Overall 4.1/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Up to 20% Bonus for depositsVisit StormgainStormgain Review
deribit logoderibit logo


Bitcoin0.00% / 0.05%
Overall 4/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit Deribit

Margin Trading Platforms For Crypto: Reviews 2022

Our review and assessment of the best leverage exchanges to trade cryptocurrency is based on important factors such as ease of use, reputation, charting features, leverage amount, margin trading fees, deposit methods, security and customer support.

1. FTX

FTX is a well-established and reputable cryptocurrency trading platform for leverage trading. The exchange has surged in popularity in recent years and differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a wide variety of indices and leveraged tokens that can be traded on the futures or options market.
Overall 4.7/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Trading Fees:0.02% / 0.07%
Country:Global (USA allowed)
Currency:Crypto only
Promotion:5% off trading fees
Ease of useStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Deposit methodsStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
FeesStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Visit FTXRead our full FTX Review
Led by CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, the team behind FTX have built a professional derivatives and leveraged products exchange that is designed for professional trading firms, intermediate traders and beginners alike. Ranked 3rd in the world based on trading volumes which exceed 21 Billion every 24 hours, FTX is our #1 rated exchange for margin traders.
FTX is known for creating the world’s first cryptocurrency index futures that allows its users to capitalize on the rise or fall of a particular index in the form of a future contract. Index futures can be traded directly from within the FTX exchange platform. 
ftx tradingftx trading
FTX is well regarded for being innovative with their features, markets and listing new coins to trade. The current range of trading products offered on FTX include:
  • Futures – users on the platform can trade futures on coins such as BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, and USDT. Each coin has three futures contracts: a contract that expire this quarter, a contract that expires next quarter and a perpetual future.
  • Leveraged Tokens – tokens that can be bought and sold with up to 3X leverage that requires no margin requirements.
  • Options – contracts that gives the holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell at a future strike prices. Often referred to as 'calls' and 'puts'. Advanced traders can use options to hedge their open positions against price volatility.
  • MOVE – contracts that represent the absolute value of the amount the price of a coin moves over a time period. 
  • Spot – trades that follow the underlining price of the asset without margin or collateral
ftx top featuresftx top features
FTX has been designed for beginners and professional cryptocurrency traders on the platform by offering a simple, easy to navigate and intuitive user interface. The user interface is outstanding when it comes to browsing trading pairs, entering positions, managing trades and reviewing trade history.
The selection of order types on FTX is excellent and will suit a variety of traders. The available orders include limit order, market order, stop market, stop limit, trailing stop, take profit and take profit limit.
The FTX mobile app is second to none that is feature-rich and includes the majority of services available on the desktop version. The app is fast and easy to navigate and excellent for monitoring derivative positions and overall portfolio performance.
ftx margin trading feesftx margin trading feesUpdated as of Jan 4, 2021
The trading fees on FTX use a taker and maker structure that are 0.02% and 0.07% respectively. In comparison to other platforms, the trading fees are competitive and can be reduced by staking the platform's native token FTT. Staking FFT tokens will provide a maker fee rebate (i.e. using limit orders) as low as -0.0030%. The barrier for entry to receive the fee discount is 25 FTT to effectively reduce FTX maker fees to zero.
Overall, taking into accounts the features, supported markets, trading fees and mobile app, FTX is our best rated trading platform for crypto leverage trading.

2. Bybit

Bybit is a top rated margin platform for trading cryptocurrency with leverage due to its seamless user experience. Traders can long or short coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and XRP with up to 100x leverage. The mobile app is by far one of the best on the market with its highly intuitive navigation and charting. The popular platform offers 4 main markets to trade which include a spot exchange, inverse perpetuals, USDT perpetuals and inverse futures.
Overall 4.7/5StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Trading Fees:-0.025% / 0.075%
Country:Global (USA not allowed)
Currency:Crypto only
Promotion:3.5% deposit bonus up to $3,500
Ease of useStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
ReputationStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Deposit methodsStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
FeesStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Founded in 2018 and registered in the British Virgin Islands, the Singapore based trading exchange is currently not regulated in any country and does not require KYC to begin trading. Since its inception to the market, Bybit has amassed over 3 million users worldwide in a relatively short period of time.
At the time of writing, Bybit has a 24hour trading volume of 18 Billion. Based on traffic and reported trading volume, Bybit is a serious trading platform that is currently ranked #4 in the world according to coinmarketcap.
bybit trading volume comparisonsbybit trading volume comparisons
Aside from the variety of trading products on offer, the best feature on Bybit is the trading platform. Notable features include:
  • Seamless trading experience with Tradingview charts
  • Advanced matching engine for rapid trade execution speeds
  • Take profit and stop loss orders attached to positions
  • Dual price mechanism to reduce price manipulation by whales
  • Competitive trading fees with rebates for market makers
bybit tradingbybit trading
A significant advantage with using Bybit as opposed to FTX, Huobi and Binance Futures is the trading fee rebates without having to stake any coins. Traders that provide liquidity to the exchange (i.e. limit orders) will earn a 0.025% rebate. This is beneficial for individuals that want to reduce account trading fees. The fee rebate encourages traders to provide liquidity to the exchange which increases market depth and benefits all participants on the exchange.
In short, Bybit is a world-class platform for trading cryptocurrency pairs with leverage. For serious crypto traders at the top of their game that want to trade on an advanced platform with an intuitive mobile app, Bybit is an excellent choice.

3. Binance Futures

Binance is the largest digital currency exchange services in the world that provides a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform has seen a meteoric rise since being founded in 2017 and has launched Binance Futures that specializes in margin, derivatives and Futures trading. Binance supports on highest number of trading pairs with 90 contracts including USDT and Coin-margined assets to speculate on. At the time of writing, Binance Futures has a recorded trading volume over 100 Billion within the last 24 hour period and 20 Billion in open interests.
Binance Futures is accessible through the main Binance website. For existing Binance users, funds can be transferred from a spot wallet to a margin account. The available markets to trade include:
  • Perpetual or Quarterly Contracts settled in USDT or BUSD.
  • Perpetual or Quarterly Contracts settled in Cryptocurrency.
  • Binance Leveraged Tokens
  • Binance Cryptocurrency Options
The trading interface includes all the advanced trading tools and charting features offered by Tradingview. The backend system is based on a powerful matching engine can process up to 100,000 orders per second. This allows traders to execute order rapidly with minimal latency. Other benefits with using Binance Futures include the variety of order types that can be used to manage risk and entries such as market, limit and stop limit orders.
binance futures chartingbinance futures charting
Binance has a mobile trading app for iOS and Android devices which is highly intuitive, easy to use, runs smooth and performs all the basic functions expected of a trading app. The app include live Bitcoin and crypto prices, ability to execute orders, manage each digital asset, view P&L and search trade history.
Overall, Binance is a good option for leverage trading as it's a highly reputable exchange that is secure and offers the deep liquidity across 90 trading pairs. Combined with 24/7 global customer support and excellent charting features, Binance is one of the best places to trade crypto with margin.

4. Huobi

Huobi Global has been providing a safe and trustworthy place to buy, trade, store, earn and sell 348 digital currencies. The exchange services tens of millions of users in more than 195 countries worldwide and is currently ranked #5 for the top cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges based on trading volumes behind Binance, OKEx and Bybit.
Huobi offers a variety of cryptocurrency markets that can be traded using the same user account. Individuals can speculate on digital currencies using the Spot Exchange, Margin Exchange, Futures Market, Options and USDT-Swaps with leverage up to 125x. The emergence of leverage crypto trading allows customers to hedge spot their positions by short-selling Bitcoin to balance a portfolio and exposure to market conditions.
The benefit of using Huobi for margin trading is the ability to access other features, products and services on the same exchange such as staking and earning interest on cryptocurrencies. Funds can be seamlessly transferred between wallets to take advantage of other services in between margin trading.
huobi tradinghuobi trading
The trading fees on Huobi leveraged pairs are based on a maker and taker model that start from 0.2% and 0.2% respectively. Compared to its biggest competitors such as FTX, Bybit and Binance Futures, the trading fees on Huobi are reasonable. Overall, Huobi is a reputable and secure exchange that will suit intermediate to advanced traders that can manage leveraged positions.

5. PrimeXBT

Prime XBT is a popular Bitcoin-based trading exchange that allows speculating on traditional financial products. Traders are able to trade a broad spectrum of markets including Forex (FX), cryptocurrency, commodities and indices using Bitcoin as collateral – a feature that not many cryptocurrency exchanges offer, combined with high leverage up to 100x.
PrimeXBT offers a feature called Covesting that allows users to copy-trade other traders. The software can be useful for beginners on the platform to search for and follow the trades of the most successful and profitable investors. Similar to social trading platforms such as eToro, profitable traders can benefit from the social trading module by earning a passive income from the followers trading fees.
Aside from this, PrimeXBT is best-known for its advanced trading engine and charting platform. Powered by Tradingview, traders can access all the leveraged trading tools such as drawing lines, rectangles, horizontal, Fibonacci retracement, arrows, text and so on. The platform allows multiple charts to display one asset across multiple time frames, or keep an eye on a few different assets at the same time.
primexbt chartingprimexbt charting
The trading fees on PrimeXBT are a flat 0.5% per transaction for buy and sell orders. There is also an overnight finance fee which varies for the different cryptocurrencies based on the liquidity providers. The overnight fee is not ideal for margin traders that hold long term positions. The flat rate of 0.5% is also quite high when compared to FTX, Bybit and Binance Futures.
Overall, PrimeXBT provides a world-class platform that is suited to a wide range of investors and traders. The exchange is recommended for traditional traders that want to gain exposure to a variety of markets using Bitcoin as the base asset. The only downside is the fees which are not very competitive against the top margin exchanges listed above.

6. Plus500

Plus500 is an online platform that specializes in Contract For Difference (CFD) products. Founded in 2008, the company has developed into a well known global brokerage. While U.S traders are not accepted, Plus500 is available in more than 50 jurisdictions around. Plus500 offers a variety of trading products that includes forex, stock indices, individual shares, commodities, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies (availability subject to regulation).
Investors on Plus500 can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto 10 Index, Litecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, NEO, EOS and IOTA. Each CFD can be traded with 1:2 leverage which has been significantly reduced due to strict regulations and controls within the supported countries.
Trading crypto CFD's are well suited to the newer traders that are not familiar with crypto. There is no requirement to use a special wallet as the account is denominated in fiat currency. There is also a demo trading account to practise trading crypto's on Plus500.
plus500 tradingplus500 trading
Plus500 cryptocurrency CFD trading platform includes all of the risk management tools expected for a margin trading platform. These include stop loss orders, trailing stops and guaranteed stop loss orders to put an absolute limit on potential losses. Even if the price of the instrument moves significantly against you, your position will automatically be closed at the specified price, with no risk of slippage.
In summary, Plus500 is a viable option for new traders that want to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market by speculating on CFD products. There is no need to understand how crypto works and where to store digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

7. BitMEX

BitMEX is a peer-to-peer trading platform that offers high leverage contracts that are bought and sold in Bitcoin. Since their inception in 2016, the XBTUSD perpetual swap contract on BitMEX has been one of the most heavily traded products in recent years.
Beginner and advanced users can buy and sell contracts for cryptocurrencies (not the actual coins themselves) combined with leverage up to 100:1. The exchange refers to itself as an advanced trading platform, however the user interface is quite dated. Regardless, professional traders are equipped with adequate trading tools, indicators and order types such as market, limit and stop-limit to execute and manage positions.
bitmex tradingbitmex trading
BitMEX offers inverse perpetual swap contracts against USDT on on 24 which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS and Bitcoin Cash. The amount of leverage varies for each trading pair.
BitMEX is currently ranked 13th in the world in terms of trading volume, with a reported 2.2 Billion being transacted within the last 24 hours. This is a significant fall from grace over the last 12 months. BitMEX was the largest market maker and most widely used derivatives exchange for crypto contracts. Unfortunately, BitMEX however has been caught up with illegal trading, anti-money laundering violationswith US regulators. While a settlement has been agreed, a large portion of traders have moved across to platforms such as FTX and Bybit.

8. StormGain

StormGain is a cryptocurrency trading and investing platform that comes with high leverage contracts and cutting-edge trading tools. All margin trades are settled in the stablecoin Tether (USDT) which will appeal to traders that want to limit portfolio exposure when investing into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
StormGain is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the UK that is available in over 100 countries worldwide with more than 120,000 customers. The platform offers up to 200x leveraged trading on digital currencies. The cryptocurrency trading and investing platform features cutting-edge charting and trading tools. An excellent feature is leveraged contract settlement in the stablecoin Tether (USDT). The USDT settlement can be useful for experienced traders that understand how to hedge their portfolio and limit their risk during a correction or bear market.
stormgain tradingstormgain trading
The StormGain platform is particularily strong with its trading functionality. The user interface is surprisingly simple yet packed with advanced features to analyse the price charts. The charting system is packed with advanced crypto trading software, indicators and a full-screen mode. The elegant and responsive trading experience has been carefully design to suit beginners and experience traders.

9. Deribit

Deribit is a popular trading platform that has done a lot of things right to make our list for best margin trading platform. The exchange allows traders to take advantage of up to 100x on Bitcoin and Ethereum futures that can be traded with leverage. The CEO of Deribit is a former options trader since the late 90’s and a Bitcoin enthusiast who has created the platform Deribit, which comes from the words derivative and Bitcoin.
Trading Fees:0.00% / 0.05%
Country:Global (USA not allowed)
Currency:Bitcoin only
Promotion:None available at this time
Ease of useStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
ReputationStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Deposit methodsStarStarStarEmpty StarEmpty Star
FeesStarStarStarStarEmpty Star
Deribit offers one of the lowest fees when compared to other margin exchanges. The trading fees are 0% and 0.05% based on a maker and taker model. This means traders the provide liquidity to Deribit do not pay any fees for BTC and ETH perpetual futures contracts. While there are no fee rebates available, 0% fee when using a limit order is great value for money.
Similar to BitMEX, the trading experience on Deribit is quite dated and could use a refresh. Traders are well equipped with modern day tools to perform technical analysis, however Deribit does not have any glam offered by its larger competitors such as FTX and Bybit. For serious crypto traders, this won't matter too much to access deep liquidity and low trading fees.
deribit tradingderibit trading

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency margin trading refers to the practise of borrowing funds from a broker or exchange. The borrowed money is used as collateral to increase the capital amount to trade a larger position size. Using leverage can compound the outcome of the trade in either direction and potentially result in losses greater than the initial account balance.
Binance Futures, OKEx, FTX and Bybit are the largest derivatives exchanges in the world that offer Bitcoin products that can be traded with margin. Within the last 24 hours, users on these platforms have have traded over $100 Billion at the time of writing.
Due to strict financial regulations within most states in the United States, US retail investors and traders are currently forbidden from trading crypto Futures, perpetual, derivatives and CFD products. It is illegal to trade with leverage within most States in the USA. Exchanges based in the USA do not hold a licence for derivative crypto products.
Bitcoin inverse perpetual contracts against Tether (USDT) is the most popular and widely traded margin product in the world. BTC/USDT is offered on the most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges with the highest reported daily trading volumes and liquidity.


Using a crypto trading exchange with margin is a fantastic way to earn money online. Users should also be very aware that crypto exchanges have been hacked as these sites store huge volumes of money. For beginner traders, we would recommend avoiding margin platforms and learning how to trade with no leverage. Losses can be compounded very quickly and result in account liquidations. Traders that are easily influenced by social media and FOMO into trades are most at risk.
If you plan to trade on a leveraged exchange, remember to not hold you money on these exchanges for the long term and withdraw profits to a reputable crypto hardware wallet for safe keeping.
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