How To Delete A Binance Account

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    If you're looking to remove personal details from Binance permanently, the most effective option is to close and delete the Binance account. This article explains how to delete a Binance account step-by-step. We will also discuss situations in which a Binance account may not be deleted and how to reinstate a disabled account.

    Short on time? Here are the quick steps on how to delete a Binance account in less than 10 minutes.

    1. Visit the Binance website. Go to the website and tap the 'Login' button. Proceed to fill in an email or mobile number as well as a password and tap on 'Continue.'
    2. Go to the account Security settings. Click on ‘Security’ beneath the ‘Dashboard’ tab to access the security settings.
    3. Disable the Binance account. Binance Web does not offer account deletion services. Hence, scroll down to 'Devices And Activities' and tap on the 'Disable Account' button to open the next page. Click on 'Disable Account' after a list of warnings and click on 'Confirm' in the next popup window.

    How to Close and Delete a Binance Account

    The process to close and delete a Binance account varies slightly between the desktop and mobile app. This section will first describe how to remove a Binance account from a desktop client.

    1. Login to a Binance account

    The initial step is to head over to the Binance exchange site. Once there, click ‘Login’ on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Fill in a verified email address and password and tap ‘Login’ to access the account.

    2. Head to the Security settings

    Once the Binance platform becomes accessible, the next step is to head to the 'Security' settings. To do this, click 'Security' on the left-hand side of the screen immediately beneath 'Dashboard' to access the security page.

    Binance security pageBinance security pageNavigate to the Binance security page.

    3. Disable the account

    Binance does not allow you to delete their account on the desktop version outrightly. Instead, it allows investors to disable it temporarily (permanently deleting is available using the app, refer to instructions in the next section).

    To proceed with disabling a Binance account, scroll down the 'Security' page to 'Devices And Activities'. Then locate 'Account Activity' and click on the 'Disable Account' icon after the 'Suspicious Activity' phrase.

    Binance Disable account link Binance Disable account link Click on the Binance Disable account link.

    This will automatically redirect the user to the 'Disable Account' page. Once there, a list highlighting what disabling an account entails will be shown. Activities that will no longer be available once the account is disabled include:

    • Ability to log in to the account
    • Perform any trading activity
    • Withdraw pending transactions
    • Open orders will be canceled

    Once you're comfortable with this, tap on the ‘Disable Account’ button at the base of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

    Binance account disable confirmationBinance account disable confirmationBinance account disable confirmation screen.

    A popup window will then be shown. Tap on ‘Confirm’ to immediately disable the Binance account Disabling the account offers a way to retrieve the account at a later stage if you want to continue using the Binance exchange. However, reactivation is only possible after at least two hours have elapsed.

    Binance confirmation screenBinance confirmation screen

    How To Delete A Binance Account Using The App

    Deleting a Binance account is only offered on the Binance mobile application. The process is lengthier, but it is also a seamless and stress-free activity. To delete a Binance account on the Binance app, follow these detailed steps:

    1. Login to the Binance exchange app

    The first step is to sign in to the Binance account again. To do this, open the Binance app and tap the ‘Login’ icon on your device. Fill in either a verified email address or mobile number and the account’s password. Once done, the Binance app will open automatically.

    2. Go to the Security settings

    The next step is to visit the ‘Security’ page. This is only accessible via the profile icon. To do this, tap on the 'avatar-like profile icon'. This is on the left as against the site’s right-hand arrangement as shown below.

    Click on the profile iconClick on the profile iconClick on the profile icon within the Binance app.

    Once in, locate the ‘Security’ tab that is situated between the ‘Pay’ and 'Notification' icons. Tap on the 'Security' icon with the shield to open up the next configuration settings.

    Binance app security pageBinance app security pageBinance app security page.

    3. Head to account management

    Once the security page is accessible, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the 'Manage Account' icon. Once in, you will be presented with two options. One is designated 'Disable Account' and the other 'Delete Account.'

    Binance manage account settingsBinance manage account settingsManage account settings on Binance app.

    4. Provide a reason to delete the Binance account

    Once in the ‘Manage Account’ tab, click on the ‘Delete Account’ option to access the ‘Deletion Reason’ page. The screen will show three options to choose from:

    • No longer want to use this account
    • Merge multiple accounts
    • Others

    Select any of the top two options and click on the ‘Continue’ button. Then to finalize the deletion of the account, tap on the 'Agree & Continue' button on the Terms And Conditions page to access the final step.

    Binance app delete reasonBinance app delete reasonSelect the reason to delete the Binance app account.

    5. Delete the account

    The last step is to delete the Binance account. To do this, check the ‘I agree and accept to lose all my assets’ box immediately above the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Delete Account’ buttons to activate both icons. Then, tap on ‘Delete Account’ to complete the process. Once done, the account will be deleted a few seconds later.

    Deleting a Binance account permanently is irreversible and should only be considered in extreme circumstances. Due to this, you should only consider this option if you no longer wish to use the Binance exchange, have found a better exchange, or wish to discontinue crypto trading.

    Binance app delete confirmation screenBinance app delete confirmation screenVerify assets and confirm account deletion.

    How To Temporarily Disable A Binance Account

    It's only in some cases that permanently deleting an exchange account will be the solution. If the user only wants to stop using the account due to suspicious activities with the intent to reclaim it later, disabling it might be the better option. To disable a Binance account, follow these detailed steps:

    1. Login to a Binance account

    The initial step is to navigate to the Binance exchange platform. Once there, tap ‘Login’ and select one of the email or mobile number sign-in options. Fill these details in with a password linked to the account. Click ‘Login’ and proceed with the captcha challenge. This verifies whether a user is a human. Once the captcha is solved, the Binance exchange will automatically load up.

    2. Head to security

    Similar to the previous sections, tap on the 'Security' icon on the left-hand side of the screen beneath the 'Dashboard' button. This will take the user to the 'Security' page which will give the option to temporarily close a Binance account.

    3. Disable the account

    Once on the security page, scroll down to locate the ‘Account Activity’ icon at the base of the page under 'Devices And Activities.' Then tap on the ‘Disable Account’ orange button beside the ‘Suspicious Activity?’ phrase. This will open the ‘Disable Account’ option.

    To proceed, tap 'Disable Account' at the base of the screen and click 'Confirm' once the popup appears.

    Once this is done correctly, the account will be disabled by the Binance exchange. It will take at least two hours before the account is deactivated. If you want to reuse the account, then you will need to contact the Binance Support team to reactivate the account.

    What Happens If You Accidentally Delete a Binance Account?

    Deleting an account is a permanent task. However, you can contact the Binance team to help them reactivate the account. You must provide proof of ownership, including scanned IDs, a selfie, and answers to a series of security questions. These are the criteria to regain access to their account. However, funds in such accounts might be irretrievable. This is because the private keys may already be lost with the deleted account and locked away in the blockchain network forever.

    How to Reactivate a Deleted Binance Account?

    Is it possible to reactivate a deleted Binance account? From our investigation, that is impossible. However, you can easily retrieve their Binance account if it was previously disabled. Follow these quick steps to reactivate a disabled Binance account:

    1. Step 1. Create a support ticket by visiting the Binance Support Center
    2. Step 2. Fill out the entire form and state the intention to reactivate the account
    3. Step 3. Fill in the full name and address previously attached to the old verified Binance account
    4. Step 4. Attach a selfie image holding an ID and a handwritten note. The note must state the day, month, and year in the following other - Binance (day/month/year) reactivate my account alongside the email address attached to that account.
    5. Step 5. The reactivation request will be formally filled out, and the Binance team will notify the user once the account is reinstated.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can easily delete a Binance account by tapping on the profile icon and selecting ‘Security’ from the options. From there, proceed to ‘Manage Account,’ select ‘Delete Account,’ then click on ‘OK’ to erase the account activity on the exchange permanently.

    Once an account is disabled, the user cannot access it until a formal request is made to the Binance support team. However, this can only be done two hours after the account is disabled. After 2 hours, the account details are permanently lost.

    Users can easily head to the Binance Support website or use the online chat option available on the exchange. There are steps to follow to go down the path or reinstating a disabled account.

    Yes, you can create another account on Binance using previous information if the old account has been permanently deleted. Personal details are permanently erased from the Binance database once an account is closed and permanently deleted according to the website's policies.


    The decision to delete your Binance account is largely subjective and based on your needs. A good reason to delete an account is due to suspicious activity on the account or if it is hacked. More commonly, if you've found a better alternative to Binance then it's good security practice to remove personal information from unused exchanges and apps. If you're still not sure whether to continue using Binance, read our full review on Binance to see its full features, pros, and cons before making the decision to close your Binance app permanently.

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