Quadency Review – Is It Really The BEST Crypto Platform?

Gone are the days of logging into multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to trade a particular altcoin or having coins on different exchanges without a way to efficiently execute trades across all of your holdings. 

Quadency is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange that solves this pain by offering a a simple and powerful trading tool to help you manage your crypto investments. 

The platform allows users to to the most popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges and trade that markets via a unified and beginner friendly user interface. You will benefit from reading this Quadency review if:

  • You are looking for an all-in-one crypto trading platform
  • You are tired of having multiple exchange accounts and wallets 
  • You like an exchange that lets you track and manage your entire portfolio
  • You currently reside in the US and are looking for a crypto trading platform

While we aim to provide you with accurate and the latest information on its features, user interface and trading fees and more in this review, we strongly suggest that you visit their site to keep updated with any changes that may occur afterward. 

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What Is Quadency?

Quadency is a crypto asset management platform that allows users to connect multiple exchange accounts into a single interface to seamlessly trade any of your crypto assets with a single click. It provides an effortless trading experience, beginner friendly user interface and secure platform.  

Quadency is well suited to professional traders that need powerful technical analysis tools and advanced crypto charting software & tools with insight-driven visualization portfolio management.

How Does Quadency Work?

Quadency works as a multi-exchange crypto asset management platform that connects several crypto exchanges into the one platform. This providers a holistic overview of your crypto holdings and investments.

Exchange accounts are connected to Quadency using API keys which can be configured to 'read only' or 'read and trade'. Data from the exchange account such as balance, transactions and orders are automatically synced once the account is connected.  

register with quadency

Which Cryptocurrency Exchanges Does Quadency Support?

Quadency provides support to the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world such as Poloniex, CoinbaseBitfinex, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex and Gemini. The list of Quadency official partners continues to grow with premium exchanges like KuCoin, Liquid and OkEX recently being integrated to the platform.   

quadency supported exchange

Quadency Trading Assets

Quadency allows users to trade any asset on any of the connected exchanges. Based on the current supported exchanges and coins listed, users are able to access over 800 cryptocurrency pairs to trade using a single platform.

The 'Market Overview' page provides a summary of all the top coins, total market cap (USD), circulating supply, 24hr volume and a graph. The integrated market screener and charts are coupled with high quality live streaming data to provide a powerful all-in-one crypto charting package.

quadency market

Quadency Trading Interface 

Quadency trading interface is a simple, clean and easy to navigate. The dark colour theme looks great and easy on the eye. Each of the windows are fully customization and can be shuffled around to suit your preference. Along the top bar, you can navigate to the different menus within Quadency such as 'Trade', 'Bots', 'Dashboard', 'Portfolio', 'Market' and 'News'.

quadency interface

Once you have connected to an exchange and integrated the API code in Quadency, click on 'Trade' are you are ready to begin with real-time market data streaming directly from the connected exchanges. On the left window, the account balance will be shown for the selected exchange. To buy or sell cryptocurrency, there is a simple order-entry form which gives an estimate conversion and lists the connected exchanges fee to carry out the trade. There are no additional Quadency fee's

This platform has a comprehensive set of trading tools that you can use like advanced trading charts and order management that is very easy to use. Like most professional cryptocurrency trading exchanges, users can execute a trade using 'Market order', 'Limit order' and 'Stop order'.

The advanced order execution types are perfect for traders looking for an exchange and trading interface into the one platform to allow easier risk management faster order execution. The trading interface includes features like cancel-all, click-to-fill from chart and trade visualizations. The charts are powered by TradingView with over 100 technical indicators and drawing tools.

Quadency Dashboard

The 'Dashboard' menu is undoubtedly one of the best features of Quadency. It centralizes all of your crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges in a single dashboard.

quadency dashboard

From a single page, you can track the overall performance of your overall holdings, analyse statistics (e.g. total number of assets, available balance, total trades, most traded pair), chart crypto coin allocations, display balances by account, view recent trades, open orders and the list goes on.

Overall, the dashboard provides an insight-driven visualization to manage your overall cryptocurrency portfolio which is highly beneficial to cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Quadency Portfolio

If you have your exchange accounts connected to Quadency, your balances, transactions and orders are display (and always up-to-date). Clicking on the 'Portfolio' page allows you to monitor all of your crypto assets (including offline hardware wallets and connected exchanges) and track their performance over time as you trade.

The visual representation of your entire crypto portfolio in the one screen is such a powerful tool to properly manage trades, risk and balance changes. 

quadency portfolio

Quadency Automated Bots

Quadency comes with a powerful tool to automate trading of your exchange crypto portfolio using trading bots which are available on most trading exchanges. You can execute a variety of automated trading strategies or algorithms on your connected exchange accounts. Crypto traders that find arbitrage opportunities will benefit from using a bot to automate and execute trades quickly.

Quadency has 10 pre-built strategies available to choose from such as: 

  • Grid Trader
  • Market Maker
  • Market Maker Plus
  • MACD
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Multi-level RSI
quadency bots

How To Use An Automated Crypto Bot

The pre-built cryptocurrency trading bots on Quadency can be used to learn how to trade crypto and back test a crypto strategy. The free plan includes 5 bot tests per day which is suitable for beginners to experiment with the different automated crypto trading strategies. 

Experienced traders can use the platform to back-test a custom trading strategy to ensure a consistently profitable outcome without the worry of acquiring historical data and plugging into exchange APIs. The back-testing engine allows traders to fully customize and simulate pre-built technical analysis strategies.

Quadency Pricing

Quadency pricing model includes free and paid plans that will suit traders of various skill levels. Beginners can register a free account with Quadency to become familiar with the platforms features on offer before upgrading to the Pro account. Traders that trade more than $10,000 in volume per month will need to upgrade to the PRO Plan which costs $39/month billed annually. 

quadency pricing

Quadency Security

Quadency includes several security features to keep users personnel information and funds safe from unauthorized access. The list of safety measures on the platform include:

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on all user accounts
  • All sensitive user information is encrypted  
  • User Passwords are stored encrypted  
  • Exchange API keys are stored encrypted  
  • Protected with multiple layers of 256-bit encryption  
  • Amazon Web Services to mitigate potential DDoS
  • Rate limits and ReCaptcha are in place to thwart brute-force and automated scripting attacks
  • Admin panels are not exposed to public and only few authorized people have access to it

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Quadency Have A Mobile App?

Quadency does not have an mobile trading app for iOS or Android devices. The web version of the site is fully responsive and allows you to perform most actions with ease from mobile devices and tablets.

What Countries Does Quadency Support?

Quadency is not an exchange that provides direct liquidity or custody of user funds and there supported in all countries worldwide. It does not have to jump the same regulatory hoops as an actual exchange would and are fully compliant with US regulatory authorities in all 50 states.

Is Quadency Safe?

Quadency is a a safe cryptocurrency platform that does not have the ability to access client funds on the connected exchanges to deposit or withdraw funds. 

What Are The Trading Fees?

Quadency does not charge transaction fees or commissions of any kind. If your selected exchange charges fees for the type of order executed, those fees will be applied directly by the exchange within your exchange account.

Quadency Alternatives

Shrimpy logo


Shrimpy is a portfolio management website that allows cryptocurrency traders to manage their entire balance across several exchanges all in the one platform and manually or automatically adjust the percentage allocation of each asset.


Wunderbit Trading

Wunderbit Trading is a cryptocurrency exchange and social trading network that allows you to trade yourself on the platform, copy-trade the best crypto traders with a transparent track record or, create a fully automated crypto trading bot.



Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest trading services providers for blockchain ecosystem. The exchnage has become the premium crypto trading platform. 


To conclude our Quadency review, in our opinion the platform is one of the best cryptocurrency services on the market. It is a legit trading terminal that separates itself from traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

Being able to connect multiple cryptocurrency accounts and trade from a single website allow you to efficiently execute trades for an entire portfolio. This solves the pain of managing multiple exchange wallets. Simple and powerful is the best way to describe Quadency. The advanced trading tools to manage your crypto investments and automated cryptocurrency trading bots will benefit all types of crypto traders and investors.



Ease of use


User interface






Customer support



  • All-in-one crypto trading platform
  • Automated trading bots
  • Visual portfolio manager
  • US customers allowed
  • Free version available


  • No mobile trading app
  • Might be confusing for beginners
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