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Best Crypto Broker For MT4

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MetaTrader 4 is one of the most powerful platforms for crypto trading, but only some brokers support it. However, the Hedge With Crypto team has extensively researched and tested to determine the best brokers for MT4. Here are our final sections.

Our final picks for the best crypto broker for MT4 are below:

  1. Bybit (overall best crypto broker for MT4)
  2. Eightcap (best MT4 Broker for connectivity)
  3. Hugo's Way FX (best crypto broker for flat trading fees)
  4. IG (best for people with a professional trading account)
  5. Pepperstone (best for people wanting a regulated broker)
  6. FP Markets (best MT4 broker for fiat and crypto deposits)
  7. XBTFX (best for forex traders transitioning to crypto)
  8. NordFX (best for a variety of deposit methods)

Our MT4 Crypto Broker Picks Compared

We've summarized our findings for each MT4 crypto broker:

Crypto BrokerCrypto AssetsTrading FeesRatingWebsite
Bybit4420.1% (spot) and 0.02% / 0.055% (futures)4.8/5Visit Bybit
Eightcap81Variable spread4.2/5Visit Eightcap
Hugo’s Way FX30$5 per lot4.1/5Visit Hugo’s Way FX
IG15Variable spread + overnight financing3.9 /5Visit IG
Pepperstone20Variable spread3.9/5Visit Pepperstone
FP Markets15Variable spread3.8 /5Visit FP Markets
XBTFX7$0.10 per trade (variable)3.5/5Visit XBTFX
Nord FX50.09%3.4/5Visit Nord FX

Top MT4 Crypto Brokers: Reviewed

1. Bybit – Overall Best Crypto Broker for MT4

Why we picked it

Bybit is a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange that offers its customers hundreds of assets and highly competitive trading fees. As a dedicated crypto exchange, Bybit has many tools specific to cryptocurrency trading platforms, making it a great choice for anyone searching for the best crypto broker for MT4.

Unfortunately, Bybit doesn't directly support deposits in fiat currencies, which could be problematic for people wishing to fund their accounts before an opportunity arises. However, you can purchase crypto with fiat through the one-click buy tool or the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) marketplace. Furthermore, Bybit supports crypto deposits, making the platform great for anyone with existing crypto holdings.

Bybit Demo Account MT4
Bybit MT4 Client Terminal.

As Bybit is a crypto exchange, it supports many cryptocurrencies and markets. Users can trade 442 assets on the spot market and 253 derivatives pairs with up to 125x leverage. Furthermore, Bybit supports several instruments not seen on many other brokers, like spot margin pairs, inverse contracts, and crypto options.

One of the most important considerations when deciding whether to use a certain crypto broker is its fees. Bybit uses an easy-to-follow fee structure that charges 0.1% per spot transaction and 0.02% (maker)/0.06% (taker) on derivatives pairs. Furthermore, a small variable fee is levied against withdrawals to cover network costs, and extra fees can be charged for using tools like copy trading.

Its trading interface is one of Bybit's strongest areas. The platform offers propriety and TradingView-provided charting interfaces, meaning customers can access many technical indicators and analysis tools, helping people to enact complex strategies and spot opportunities others would have missed.

Outside of its excellent charting tools, Bybit offers trading bots, copy trading, and recurring purchases to help customers streamline their trading experience. Furthermore, Bybit offers financial products like a crypto debit card, a staking system, and a crypto loan platform, enabling users to temporarily cash out a portion of their holdings on Bybit without triggering a taxable event.

Bybit is an excellent crypto broker offering many tools and features designed to improve the trading experience. With low fees, support for hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and an excellent trading interface, Bybit is the best crypto broker for MT4.


  • Low trading fees
  • Support for many cryptos
  • Lots of crypto-centric tools


  • No direct support for fiat deposits

Read our full review on Bybit.

2. Eightcap – Best Spread-Based Crypto Broker

Why we picked it

Eightcap is a popular broker with thousands of users around the world. The platform lets users trade a myriad of asset classes, including forex, commodities, and crypto CFDs. While the platform itself is fairly basic, users can connect their accounts to several outside sources to attain better information, monitor risk, or utilize automated trading, making Eightcap one of the most customizable crypto brokers.

Customers wishing to fund their Eightcap accounts can use several payment methods. However, available deposit methods vary based on your account currency. For example, people using GBP as their base currency can deposit using Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Wire, and Visa/Mastercard. However, if you set USD as your base currency, you can deposit using BTC or ETH/TRX USDT.

Eightcap MT4 WebTrader
Eightcap MT4 WebTrader Screenshot.

Compared to cryptocurrency brokers like Hugo's Way and XBTFX, Eightcap offers far more tradable crypto assets. The company lets users buy and sell 81 trading pairs, including large, mid, and small-cap projects. Because Eightcap offers assets from different sectors and sizes, the broker is great for people looking for an altcoin trading platform.

With many people considering Eightcap to be the best crypto broker for MT4, it makes sense that the company has tight fees that help users maximize their earnings. Instead of a commission-based structure, Eightcap charges a spread fee that varies from asset to asset. However, for Bitcoin, a minimum spread of $12 is levied.

Eightcap lets customers download its custom MetaTrader terminal to access its full features. However, users can also trade on the EightCap WebTrader platform or link their account to TradingView to attain custom scripting support and an interface more commonly used by crypto exchanges.

Ultimately, Eightcap lacks many additional features outside of the ordinary for a crypto broker. However, the company shines as it lets users connect their accounts to Capitalise.ai to automate trading by creating zero-code scripts using natural language. Furthermore, the company lets users connect to BK Crypto Crusher to quickly scan the market to find the best cryptocurrency trades almost instantly.

Eightcap is a well-designed crypto broker that shines brighter than most brokers we've looked at. The platform boasts excellent outside connectivity, effectively allowing experienced traders to customize their experience. While Bybit is superior if you want to trade crypto solely on a traditional exchange, Eightcap is perfect for anyone wishing to use an interface more familiar to forex brokers.


  • Good selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Lots of payment methods
  • Excellent outside connectivity


  • Certain deposit methods are only available using specific fiat currencies
  • Spread-structure makes it difficult to determine fees

3. Hugo's Way FX – Best for Easy-to-Understand Trading Fees

Why we picked it

Because Hugo's Way FX is a fully featured broker for trading crypto and forex CFDs, the platform will feel familiar to people with experience using a MetaTrader-only broker. Moreover, it's one of the few brokers that lets users fund their accounts using crypto, making it perfect for traders with existing holders. It should be noted you must download the Hugo's Way FX MetaTrader terminal before trading.

Although Hugo's Way cannot compete regarding supported assets with a true crypto exchange, like Bybit, the broker still offers a competitive selection of 30 crypto-based trading pairs. Furthermore, Hugo's Way lets users trade cryptocurrency with up to 100x leverage. However, some asset classes, like stocks, can be traded with lesser leverage (20x), while some, like forex, can be traded with up to 500x.

Hugo's Way FX MT4 Clientside
Hugo’s Way FX MT4 Client Terminal.

In contrast to many platforms, Hugo's Way charges a flat fee of $5 per lot and does not offer volume-based discounts. Because all traders are on a level playing field, regardless of their capital, Hugo's Way is perfect for traders with limited budgets who want an experience envied by exchange-only cryptocurrency traders.

Like all of the brokers on our list, Hugo's Way FX is a specialist MT4 trading platform, meaning you must download the custom Hugo's Way terminal if you wish to trade on the platform using its full features. However, the company also supports MT4 Web Trader, letting users trade without downloading the MT4 clientside charting and analysis software.

One of the largest draws to Hugo's Way FX is the ability to fund your account using Bitcoin, which few other brokers we've looked at offer. On top of supporting crypto payments, Hugo's Way lets users create multiple trading accounts, meaning people can have separate crypto, forex, commodities, and demo trading accounts on a single broker, making it easier to track many trades simultaneously.

Although Hugo's Way FX lacks the number of crypto assets Bybit offers, the trading platform offers hundreds of forex, stock, and commodities pairs, which will help to make up for its lack of cryptos, at least for people trading multiple asset classes. Moreover, the flat $5 per lot fee is easy to understand and helps to ensure that customers won't face a nasty surprise for their trading activities.


  • Easy to understand trading fees
  • Support for MT4 WebTrader
  • Fund your account with crypto


  • Not as many cryptos as others
  • Maximum of 100x leverage on crypto

4. IG – Best for Professional Crypto Traders

Why we picked it

With over 300,000 users worldwide IG is among the world's most popular CFD crypto brokers. The platform offers competitive trading fees, MT4 support, and a custom interface. Unlike other platforms we've looked at, IG is an all-in-one trading and investment broker, meaning the broker is best suited to people looking to access a broad range of financial instruments.

Despite IG boasting hundreds of tradable assets, it's support for crypto trading is limited. Firstly, only professional traders can access the market, limiting accessibility. Furthermore, only 15 crypto assets, including the Crypto 10 Index, can be traded. Therefore, IG may be unsuitable for traders looking to speculate on lesser-known projects.

IG MT4 Demo Account
IG Custom MT4 Trading Terminal Overview.

IG uses a spread-based fee structure, which varies based on the asset class you are trading. Regarding cryptocurrency, spread fees differ from asset to asset, but for Bitcoin, a minimum spread of $36 is applied, but this can increase significantly during times of volatility. Furthermore, IG charges an overnight financing fee of 0.0694% (22.5% per annum) for long positions and 0.0139% for shorts.

To use MetaTrader 4 with IG, you must download the broker's custom trading terminal. Once set up, you can enjoy all the features MT4 offers. However, the broker also has its own online trading platform and provides support for ProRealTime and L2 Dealer, providing greater flexibility than brokers like Nord FX, which only supports client-side desktop MT4.

One of the main advantages of IG is its huge selection of features. The broker covers all areas of the financial markets, including investment products like ISAs and the automated IG Smart Portfolio system that is fully managed. Furthermore, IG offers a vast array of analytical data and news articles created by the IG team, helping customers better understand the current market landscape.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to recommend IG as the best crypto broker for MT4 due to it only supporting 15 cryptocurrencies and mandating that the asset class is only accessible if you've got a professional account. However, the platform is ideal for anyone looking for a platform enabling them to trade CFDs and access complex investment products on a single platform.


  • Support for MT4 and other trading accounts
  • Well-known regulated broker
  • Many investment products


  • Crypto is only accessible to professional traders
  • Only 15 supported crypto assets

5. Pepperstone – Best Regulated Crypto Broker for MT4

Why we picked it

Pepperstone is another mainstream broker regulated by ASIC, CySECm, and the FCA, offering customers crypto CFDs. Unlike IG or Eightcap, Pepperstone offers solely trading capabilities and no other investment products. Therefore, while IG suits everyone, Pepperstone is best for active traders looking for a platform to access multiple markets with a demo account or live funds.

Pepperstone lags behind some of the other crypto brokers we've discussed, as the platform only lets users trade Bitcoin pairs and 19 other trading pairs with 2:1 leverage. However, investors preferring less risky trading strategies may prefer one of Pepperstone's crypto indexes, encompassing 10, 20, and 30 of the largest cryptocurrencies, to provide exposure to the whole market rather than a single asset.

Pepperstone MT4 WebTrader
Pepperstone MT4 Web Trader.

Like IG, Eightcap, and other traditional brokers, Pepperstone has opted for a variable spread-based fee structure and does not charge any commission on trades. While fees vary between assets, BTC/USD has a minimum spread of $15, BTC/EUR has a €31 minimum, and BTC/GBP has £27.

To ensure the platform is accessible to everyone, regardless of their trading preferences, Pepperstone has introduced support for MT4, MT5, TradingView, and cTrader. In contrast to some brokers, like Nord FX, Pepperstone offers support for the mobile and web versions of MT4 plus MT5, meaning the broker is highly accessible to traders worldwide.

Pepperstone's primary draw is its trading capabilities. Through its integration with MetaTrader and TradingView, users can plot complex strategies using a wide range of technical indicators. However, Pepperstone does not offer many tools outside of trading cryptocurrency, although pip, margin, and profit calculators are available natively within the website.

Pepperstone is worthy of consideration if you want to trade crypto CFDs. However, the broker lacks additional features outside of basic calculators, and with only 20 crypto trading pairs, the platform needs more asset variety before it can compete with options like Bybit or Eightcap.


  • Regulated broker
  • Accessible on mobile, desktop, and web
  • Demo and live trading accounts


  • Only 20 crypto pairs
  • Low leverage

6. FP Markets – Best for Selection of Deposit Methods

Why we picked it

FP Markets is a lesser-known crypto broker founded in 2005 and lets users speculate on cryptocurrency prices and traditional financial markets using CFDs. With support for crypto deposits and social trading capabilities, FP Markets is ideal for traders familiar with crypto exchanges wishing to move to a typical broker.

One of the biggest benefits of using FP Markets is the companies supported payment methods. The company lets users deposit with a wire transfer, bank card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Furthermore, users can deposit with SticPay and RapidTransfer. Additionally, native or Finrax crypto deposits are supported. All payment methods on FP Markets have zero fees and a minimum of $10 to $60.

FP Markets MT4 WebTrader
FP Markets MT4 WebTrader Overview.

As is typical for CFD brokers offering crypto products, FP Markets must support more digital assets to compete with Bybit, Eightcap, or Hugo's Way FX. While the broker offers many forex, stock, and commodities CFDs, only 15 cryptocurrencies can be traded, meaning people looking for a day trading platform that supports a wide selection of assets may be disappointed with FP Markets.

FP Markets has implemented a spread-based fee structure for its crypto trading pairs. As usual, the spread charged by FP Markets varies significantly from asset to asset based on the underlying price. For BTC/USD, an average spread of $13.78 is charged, while lower priced asses like XRP and LINK have average spreads of $0.001 and $0.036, respectively.

While some brokers support as many platforms as possible, FP Markets lets its customers use MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader. However, with FP Markets, customers can use MetaTrader 4 on iOS, Android, and online, making it highly accessible, even if you frequently travel. Unfortunately, FP Markets boasts a slow and outdated interface that makes navigation more challenging than needed.

While some brokers solely offer trading capabilities to users, FP Markets has bundled a few extra features into its platform. The social trading system lets users automatically mirror traders' positions to trade passively. Furthermore, advanced traders can register as leaders to earn commissions from their followers. Additionally, Autochartist is supported, so users can receive daily market reports for free.

Although FP Markets is not as popular as some of the other brokers we've looked at, it's one of the most feature-rich. The broker is accessible on desktop, mobile, and online, meaning anyone can use FP Markets, regardless of which device they trade on. However, despite offering competitive fees and social trading capabilities, FP Markets doesn't support enough cryptos, hampering its usability.


  • Competitive trading fees
  • Accessible on every device
  • Social trading capabilities


  • A limited selection of cryptos
  • Outdated interface

7. XBTFX – Best for Forex Traders Getting into Crypto Trading

Why we picked it

XBTFX is an innovative platform blending cryptocurrency and forex to become a crypto broker that resembles traditional forex trading platforms. Due to XBTFX taking this approach, the platform is ideal for people who used to trade forex but would like to begin trading crypto, as it will feel familiar and help users get started in as little time as possible.

Unfortunately, there are not many ways to finance an XBTFX account. You must deposit USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Bitcoin Cash to add funds to your account. You must have existing crypto holdings to use the platform because there is no way to buy crypto on XBTFX.

XBTF MT4 WebTrader
XBTFX MT4 Web Trader Demo Screenshot.

Although XBTFX doesn't let you purchase the underlying asset when trading cryptocurrencies, the trading platform does let users trade 91 crypto CFDs. Additionally, you can access forex, commodity, and stock CFDs, significantly upping the total amount of tradable assets.

XBTFX's fee structure is simple on the surface but is complicated as the broker supports standard, Islamic, and Electronic Communication Network (ECN) accounts, which incur different fee rates. There is zero commission for crypto trading unless you're in the US, where a $0.10 charge is levied per transaction. However, ECN accounts will pay 0.075% per lot, and Islamic accounts pay 0.15% per lot.

XBTFX is a fairly bare-bones trading platform offering only basic features to people wishing to trade crypto. The trading platform lets you link cTrader, MT4, and MT5 accounts, making XBTFX widely accessible. Furthermore, the platform offers an in-built crypto swaps system and an analytics breakdown of your performance for each linked trading account.

XBTFX is a unique platform blending crypto and traditional financial markets. Unfortunately, the platform doesn't support the spot market, which will turn away long-term investors. However, as users can link three of the most popular trading platforms to XBTFX and trade crypto CFDs with minimal verification, the crypto broker is worth considering if you're not a fan of the more popular options we've reviewed.


  • Blends forex and crypto
  • Good range of crypto CFDs
  • Support for multiple popular trading platforms.


  • Confusing fee structure
  • No spot market support

8. Nord FX – Best MT4 Broker for Depositing Crypto and Local Currencies

Why we picked it

Nord FX is another broker that lets novice and experienced traders access crypto pairs. The platform is perfect for people looking for a crypto broker that supports fiat payments and savings products. Nord FX offers savings accounts and support for various investment products, making it far more well-rounded for investors than other brokers, catering more to traders.

Unfortunately, Nord FX only lets users trade a handful of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Dash. However, the exchange lets users fund their accounts using several cryptocurrencies and many fiat currencies using local banking providers, making the trading platform far more accessible to international traders.

Nord FX MT4 Client
NORD FX MT4 Multi-Chart Trading Terminal.

While some brokers use a Basis Point Spread (BPS) or flat fees based on lot size, Nord FX has taken the maker/taker approach, like many top crypto exchanges. Maker and taker fees are both 0.09%, slightly lower than Bybit's spot fees. However, as Nord FX doesn't provide exposure to the underlying asset, it is more comparable to Bybit's derivatives fees of 0.02% (maker) and 0.055% (taker)

Nord FX lets Windows, Android, and iOS users set up a trading account using its custom MT4 terminal. However, the platform doesn't support macOS users. Furthermore, Nord FX doesn't support MT4 WebTrader, meaning users unable to download the terminal software will need to look elsewhere.

Outside of its trading capabilities, the main draw to Nord FX is its investment products and savings accounts. The platform lets users put their money into investment funds, which act as indices and cover an entire market sector, for example, the Pro-Tech Fund. Nord FX also supports copy trading, letting users automatically mirror leaders or share their traders with followers to earn a commission.

Anyone trying to find the best crypto broker for MT4 should consider Nord FX. Although the platform doesn't offer as many cryptocurrencies as others, its support for copy trading and investment products makes it one of the most well-rounded crypto brokers available to traders. Therefore, while not the best choice for traders, Nord FX is a solid option for people wishing to trade and invest on a single platform.


  • Low fees
  • Copy trading support
  • Wide range of investment products


  • Only five cryptos
  • No WebTrader support

What to Look For in a Crypto Broker

When you're trying to find your perfect crypto broker, there are a lot of factors to consider, complicating the process substantially. However, to make it easier for our readers to select the right broker for their needs, we've broken down a few things outside of MetaTrader support to look for and consider before committing to a particular platform.

Competitive Fees

One of the most crucial considerations when selecting a new crypto broker should be its trading fees. For a broker to be worth using, it must offer low-cost cryptocurrency trading. However, it's also important that a broker doesn't charge expensive hidden fees for things like inactivity, withdrawals, or overnight position financing.

Selection of Crypto Assets

While many excellent brokers offer a wide selection of features and low fees, most do not support many crypto assets. Therefore, you should always check which assets your broker supports and whether it offers purely speculative Contract for Difference (CFD) trading or if it also provides customers access to the spot market and underlying assets.

Trading and Analysis Tools

Something often overlooked by new traders looking for the best crypto broker for MT4 is the platform's trading and analysis tools. You should consider which markets a broker supports as well as if they use charting software like TradingView or their own system. Furthermore, you should consider if the broker supports multiple asset classes and order types, plus its technical analysis capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lowest Fee MT4 Broker?

Most of the brokers we've looked at use a variable spread structure, making it difficult to determine the lowest-cost broker. However, Bybit charges a flat fee of 0.02% (maker) and 0.055% (taker) for derivatives trades and 0.1% for transactions on the spot market, making it, on average, the cheapest crypto broker for MT4.

Should I use MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5?

Despite sharing similar names, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are vastly different platforms. Many people say that MT5 is the superior platform as it is faster, more efficient, and supports more markets. However, MT4 is still more popular than MT5 and, as such, has significantly better support. Generally, MT5 is recommended for trading outside of forex, but at present, MT4 offers a better user experience.

What is the Best All-Around MetaTrader Broker?

After extensive research, we have determined that Bybit is the best crypto broker for MT4. It offers the widest range of cryptocurrencies and has some of the industry's lowest spot and derivatives fees. Moreover, unlike other platforms that began life as forex brokers, Bybit is focused solely on the crypto space and, therefore, has more tools relevant to crypto traders.

What MT4 Broker Supports the Most Crypto Assets

Out of all the brokers we've examined, Bybit supports the most crypto assets by a large margin. Since the platform is dedicated to cryptocurrency, it makes sense that Bybit offers the widest selection of assets. Additionally, Bybit offers crypto options and inverse contracts, providing traders with more ways to speculate on the market.