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9 Best Crypto Seed Phrase Storage

Losing a crypto seed phrase can be catastrophic. Here are the best crypto phrases metal wallets to keep your seed phrase safe.

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To help keep a mnemonic seed phrase safe, many investors opt for a physical backup storage device. To ensure that the right seed phrase backup product is chosen, HedgewithCrypto has compiled a list of the 9 best seed phrase storage devices currently on the market. We evaluate the weaknesses and strengths and compare each against its competitors to provide an overall rating.

Best Crypto Seed Phrase Storage (Metal Wallets)

  1. Cryptotag Zeus Overall Best Seed Phrase Storage Device
  2. Cryptosteel Capsule Best Portable Seed Storage Unit
  3. Keystone Tablet Plus ‘Indestructible' Metal Recovery Sheet
  4. SafePal Cypher Seed Board Best Metal Backup Device For Small Budget
  5. Privacy Pros Billfodl – 316 Stainless Steel Seed Storage Device
  6. Ellipal Memonic Metal – Recovery Phrase Protection For Beginners
  7. Shieldfolio Stonebook – Stone Notebook For Private Key Storage
  8. Blockplate Reliable Steel Plate To Protect Seed Phrase
  9. Cryptosteel Cassette – Good Metal Cassette For Seed Storage

Metal Seed Phrase Storage Compared

Cryptotag ZeusLength (113mm), Width (68mm), Thickness (6mm)Titanium$1399/10
Cryptosteel CapsuleLength (102mm), Diameter (16mm)303 + 304-grade stainless steel$988/10
Keystone Tablet PlusLength (70mm), Width (105mm), Thickness – 6mm304-grade stainless steel$498/10
SafePal Cypher Seed BoardLength (91mm), Width (58mm), Thickness (6mm)304-grade stainless steel$448/10
Privacy Pros BilfodlLength (104mm), Width (58mm), Thickness (5mm)316-grade stainless steel$998/10
Ellipal Memonic MetalLength (85mm), Width (68mm), Thickness (8mm)Aluminium alloy$497/10
Shieldfolio StonebookLength (140mm), Width (89mm)Artisan-grade stone paper$356/10
BlockplateLength (88mm), Width (155mm), Thickness (2.8mm)304-grade stainless steel$49 (12-word), $79 (24-word)6/10
Cryptosteel CasetteLength (253mm), Width (182mm), Thickness (27mm)304-grade stainless steel$1397/10

Best Methods To Store Seed Phrase Reviewed

1. Cryptotag Zeus

Cryptotag is a company dedicated to the secure storage of private keys, and its flagship product – Zeus – has become a firm favorite among holders. The Cryptotag Zeus is composed of two rectangular metal sheets that are used for the inscription of a seed phrase backup in numerical format. Using the BIP-39 industry-standard list, each word in a mnemonic seed phrase can be converted to a four-digit number. The four-digit number is then inscribed onto the Zeus, which ensures private keys remain safe and private.

Zeus Cryptotag seed storage

To ensure each unit is almost indestructible, Cryptotag developed the Zeus using aerospace-grade titanium which has been battled-tested up to 1665oC and can withstand bullets fired from a Barreta 9mm and Glock 9mm.

However, the enhanced privacy and security offered by Zeus come with the technical complexity of converting a seed phrase into a numerical format. Alongside the higher price tag of $139, this might be the best option for those who are confident with seed phrase entry and are looking for a premium experience. The unit can be purchased from Zeus directly or even from the Ledger Wallet website.

Cryptotag Zeus Pros:

  • Aerospace-grade titanium ensures premium durability
  • Can store both 12 and 24-word seed phrases
  • Numeric inscription ensures backup is both secure and private

Cryptotag Zeus Cons:

  • High price tag in comparison to other products
  • Conversion of phrase into numeric format might be confusing for some

2. Cryptosteel Capsule Solo

The Capsule Solo is a premium storage product offered by one of the leading backup providers – Cryptosteel. The Capsule is cylindrical and composed of an inner core and an outer layer. A seed is stored by sliding lettered tiles onto the inner core. Each word is then held in place using separators. It can be used for both 12 and 24-word seed phrases, however, the secure storage of a 24-word seed phrase backup requires words to be added in an abbreviated form.

Cryptosteel seed storage

Thanks to 303 and 304-grade stainless steel the Capsule is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1400 C and water pressures of 150,000 N, which should be more than enough for most investors' needs.

For $98 the Capsule Solo is on the expensive side of the list but will undoubtedly keep private keys safe. The Capsule’s ease of use and flexibility for reconfiguration might be more than enough to offset the larger upfront cost and inability to read a phrase once stored.

Cryptosteel Capsule Solo Pros:

  • Highly resistant to fire and pressure
  • Can store both 12 and 24-word seed phrase backups
  • Can be reconfigured if necessary
  • Extremely portable

Cryptosteel Capsule Solo Cons:

  • Higher price tag than some competitors
  • 24-word recovery seed needs to be abbreviated
  • Can only store the backup of one crypto wallet

3. Keystone Tablet Plus

Marketed as an indestructible product, the Keystone Tablet Plus is a metal recovery backup device that stores both 12 or 24-word seed phrases in a portrait-orientated cassette form. After the device has been unscrewed, the first four letters of each word in a seed phrase can be input using stainless steel letter tiles. The tiles are then held in place by 13 different screws which ensure that the recovery seed does not move.

Keystone Tablet Plus

After data entry, the device is screwed back together and, for an extra layer of protection, a keyhole allows for a separate padlock to be attached. The capacity to attach a padlock ensures that no one can slide the Tablet Plus open to see the seed phrase stored inside.

Like other seed phrase storage devices in our list, the Tablet Plus is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel which means that it is both fire and corrosion-resistant. The Tablet Plus can be purchased directly from Keystone for a price of $49 and, therefore, competes on the more economic side of the list.

Keystone Tablet Plus Pros:

  • Clear and intuitive design for easy seed entry
  • 304-grade stainless steel is both fire and corrosion-resistant
  • Padlock can be attached for extra security

Keystone Tablet Plus Cons:

  • Can only store one seed phrase at a time
  • Closure of cassette with 13 screws is not the most straightforward

4. SafePal Cypher Seed Board

The SafePal Cypher Seed Board is another metal backup device that is positioned at the more economic end of our list. Based on its cassette form, and its price tag of $44, it is a direct competitor to the Ellipal Mnemonic Metal, Blockplate, and Keystone Tablet Plus.

Seed words are stored on the inside sheets of the Cypher Seed Board, which can be slid out when required. Like other cassette-style products, the Cypher has space for 12 seed words on the front and then a further 12 seed words on the back.

SafePal Cypher Seed Board

Like the Tablet Plus, the Cypher Seed Board incorporates an additional keyhole that can be used for locking the device with a padlock and, therefore, prevent prying eyes.

Although not as high quality as other premium devices, the 304-grade stainless steel can withstand fire up to 815oC, salt, acid, and water. As a result, the Cypher Seed Board remains a serious contender for seed phrase security and could be a great option for those looking for a cassette-style device offered at an economic price.

SafePal Cypher Seed Board Pros:

  • One of the most affordable cassette-style devices
  • 304-grade stainless steel is both fire, salt, acid, and water resistant
  • Padlock can be attached for extra security

SafePal Cypher Seed Board Cons:

  • Can only store one seed phrase at a time
  • Not as sturdy as high-end devices that leverage premium materials

5. Privacy Pros Billfodl

The Billfodl is a storage device offered by Privacy Pros and is the first product that offers protection in the familiar cassette form. Instead of a cylindrical or sheet-like design, the Billfodl is a slim pocket-sized recovery wallet that allows near indestructible protection.

Billfodl storage for recovery seed

Like the Capsule Solo, the Billfodl allows users to enter seed phrase words using a selection of lettered tiles. After unscrewing the device, the first four letters of each word can be pushed into each row. In this regard, the process of storing a backup phrase with the Billfodl is extremely straightforward.

Thanks to the 316-grade stainless steel, the device can never rust and can withstand more than double the average house fire, which should offer enough protection for most investors.

The $99 price tag places it in direct competition with the Capsule Solo but its cassette-style form is entirely different. Once entered, the Billfodl will keep a seed phrase secure and ensure that unauthorized parties cannot gain access to associated cryptocurrencies.

Privacy Pros Billfodl Pros:

  • Stainless steel can handle double the temperatures created by an average house fire
  • Can store both 12 and 24-word seed phrases
  • Straightforward process for seed phrase entry

Privacy Pros Billfodl Cons:

  • Can only store one crypto wallet seed phrase
  • If not locked, the seed phrase could be viewed by anyone holding the device

6. Ellipal Mnemonic Metal

Ellipal’s Mnemomic Metal wallet product is a great economic option for crypto investors. At $49 it can offer offline storage for half the cost of alternatives. The Mnemomic Metal is rectangular and opens up using a clasp mechanism. A 12 or 24-word phrase is then stored on the inside face to ensure words are fully protected. Like the Billfodl, letter tiles are used to insert the first four letters of each word, which makes the device easy for data entry.

ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal

Unfortunately, upfront cost savings likely come at the cost of build quality. While the device’s aluminum alloy can still withstand fire, water, and mold, it will likely not match up to the stainless steel and titanium metals used by other devices.

With that being said, the Mnemonic Metal is pocket-sized, easily transportable, and could be far more appealing for those looking for a solid storage companion at a reasonable price.

Ellipal Mnemonic Metal Pros:

  • An economic alternative to premium models
  • Can store both 12 and 24-word seed phrases
  • Simple process for seed phrase backup entry

Ellipal Mnemonic Metal Cons:

  • Can only store one crypto wallet seed phrase
  • Construction from aluminum alloy may not be as durable as other metals

7. Sheildfolio Stonebook

Stonebook is a crypto seed phrase backup device produced by Shieldfolio. If simplicity is key, this device might be a perfect choice. Unlike premium seed phrase storage products, Stonebook is an artisan-grade paper notebook that is purpose-built for the backup of private keys. One of the best advantages of its form is that it can store over 50 different backups, making it an ideal option for those struggling to keep track of multiple recovery seeds.

Each recovery phrase can be physically written into the notebook and can be accompanied by extra information regarding a wallet’s password and two-factor authentication details. To ensure contents remain secure, the paper used is both water and tear-resistant.

While the notebook form offers many advantages, the downside of using paper is that there is no guarantee the notebook would survive extreme scenarios, such as a house fire. This likely means the notebook would need to be stored within a more durable container or safe.

With that being said, the opportunity to store over 50 different seed phrase backups at an inexpensive price of $35 might make this the optimum solution for many.

Sheildfolio Stonebook Pros:

  • Capacity to store 50+ seed backups
  • Extra room to store wallet passwords and two-factor authentication details
  • Inexpensive storage option

Sheildfolio Stonebook Cons:

  • Paper notebook construction would be at risk from fire
  • Not as lightweight and transportable as others

8. Blockplate

Blockplate is a storage product that allows for the physical representation of a recovery phrase to be imprinted directly onto stainless steel plates. Each fire and corrosion-resistant Blockplate is divided into columns that are used to enter the first four letters of each word in a seed phrase. After aligning Blockplate’s letter template over the steel sheet, letters are punched into it using an automatic center punch, creating a permanent offline storage solution.

Reliable Seed Phrase Storage

Unfortunately, the permanence of the Blockplate means that the product can only be used once. It also means that if a mistake occurs, and the wrong letter is punched into the device, there is no way of reversing the process. However, for those confident with seed phrase entry, investors could sleep easy knowing that a recovery phrase could never be changed.

The Blockplate comes in both a 12-word and 24-word option, which retail at $49 and $79 respectively. However, an automatic center punch, which is needed for data entry, must be purchased separately at an additional cost of $29.

Blockplate Pros:

  • Inscription mechanism provides permanent storage of seed phrases
  • Stainless steel is both fire and corrosion-resistant
  • Seed phrase could not be deciphered by those holding the device

Blockplate Cons:

  • Separate products are required for 12 and 24-word seed phrases
  • Automatic center punch must be purchased separately
  • Center punch mechanism is less forgiving of errors

9. Cryptosteel Cassette

For those who like the Cryptosteel Capsule but would prefer a storage device in cassette form, Cryptosteel’s Cassette might be the perfect combination. The Cassette Solo offers a classic, sleek design, and allows for the durable storage of recovery phrases. Words are entered using accompanying lettered tiles which slot into one of three rows carved into the rectangular body. Like other cassette-style products, this means the device can be used multiple times and edited if incorrect entries occur.

Cryptosteel Cassette Solo

The pocket-sized device is made entirely from 304-grade stainless steel which allows the device to stand up to extreme house fire temperatures and corrosion. Additionally, it’s landscape-orientation makes a recovery phrase easy to read if backup recovery is ever required.

Despite offering similar capabilities to other cassette-form products, at $139, the Cryptosteel Cassette Solo is priced at the higher end of our list. However, for a trustworthy product, the higher price tag could be worth the peace of mind of secure storage.

Cryptosteel Cassette Pros:

  • Seed phrase can be edited if data entry errors occur
  • 304-grade stainless steel is both fire and water-resistant
  • Landscape orientation allows for easier recovery

Cryptosteel Cassette Cons:

  • Expensive when compared to similar products
  • Can only store one seed phrase at a time

What is a Seed Phrase?

A seed phrase is a list of words that allows for the recovery of a cryptocurrency software or hardware wallet. The list is commonly 12 or 24 words in length and is generated in a specific order. Like a master private key, the recovery seed is associated with all private keys stored within a specific cryptocurrency wallet.

If a software or hardware wallet is lost or becomes inaccessible, the list of 12 or 24 words is the only piece of information that allows for the recovery of cryptocurrencies if the wallet is lost or stolen.

Why it is so Important to Safely Store the Seed Phrase?

A seed phrase must be safely stored for two reasons. The first reason involves recovery. The backup recovery phrase is the only piece of data that allows for a crypto software or hardware wallet to be restored. Without it, cryptocurrencies associated with a lost or inaccessible crypto wallet will remain lost.

Secondly, safe storage ensures that privacy is maintained. Anyone that can view a seed phrase can create a copy of the associated crypto wallet and begin signing transactions on an individual's behalf.

What to Look For When Choosing a Seed Phrase Storage Device?

There is a wide variety of seed phrase storage products that now litter the cryptocurrency market. Consequently, it’s important to understand the key factors to look out for to ensure that the right storage device is chosen.

  • Durability. Storage devices must be highly durable and must be able to withstand unexpected events. Although unfortunate, house fires, leaks, or structural problems can occur at any point. Can the material of a device stand up to different scenarios?
  • Seed phrase quantity. Many devices only allow for the backup of one phrase. However, there are a few that allow for multiple backups to be stored. Investors with multiple crypto software and hardware wallets may find these devices more useful.
  • Price. Although there is not a wide price spectrum, there is still a difference when comparing the cheapest storage device to the most expensive one. It is important to evaluate if premium devices are worth the extra cost.
  • Reviews and reputation. The quality and customer support offered by security manufacturers can differ. To understand the reputation of different providers, review websites and socials to ensure that quality is maintained and problems are handled correctly.

Other Ways To Protect The Seed Phrase

Alongside personal storage devices, there are a few other methods that can be employed to keep a seed phrase secure. These include:

  • Fireproof safes. Fireproof safes are small storage units that are manufactured to withstand extremely high temperatures – far beyond the temperatures that would be caused by an average house fire.
  • Safety deposit boxes. A safety deposit box is offered by some financial institutions as a method of secure storage. Boxes are usually kept within a vault that is both indestructible and impregnable.
  • Trusted family members. Although not as secure as the first two in this list, family members provide another option for those looking to store recovery seed phrases. In particular, trusted family members provide a perfect place to store a copy of a recovery seed in case the original is compromised.

Tips on Seed Phrase Storage

  • Keep it offline. It is best practice to keep a seed phrase securely stored offline. By keeping a seed phrase offline, the threat from hackers or malicious online parties is instantly removed.
  • Create multiple copies. Due to the importance of a crypto wallet backup, it can be useful to store multiple copies of a phrase in different locations. Creating a backup of a backup is proactive and ensures that cryptocurrencies can always be recovered.
  • Hide it in a secure location. A seed phrase backup should be stored out of sight. Anyone that can view a recovery seed phrase can sign transactions on a user’s behalf. Therefore, choose a storage location that is away from prying eyes.

Seed Phrase Storage Methods To Avoid

While it is important to know the best practices for seed phrase storage, it can be equally important to know what not to do. So, here are some seed phrase storage methods to avoid.

  • Write it down on a piece of paper. Although an offline solution, paper is not a durable material. It can be burned, and with time or water, can disintegrate.
  • Password manager app. Password manager apps can be connected to the internet at specific times, which means hacking is a risk. There is also the risk of software malfunctioning.
  • Taking a photo of the seed phrase. Devices where digital photos are stored, including smartphones, laptops, and digital cameras can all be hacked and accessed. A physical representation is always best.
  • Portable hard drive/USB. Like a password manager app, a USB or hard drive can also be connected to the internet, which may allow for malicious access. Electronic storage devices can also fail with time.
  • Cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. As the name suggests, data is stored in the ‘Cloud’, which means that it can be easily accessed by those with the knowledge to hack into associated servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store a seed phrase?

The best way to store a seed phrase is offline. Most seed phrases are compromised due to hacking attempts, therefore, offline storage completely removes this threat. Best practice offline storage then commonly involves leveraging a physical storage device.

Is it safe to store my seed phrase on a USB?

No. It is not safe to store a copy of a seed phrase on a USB. Once a USB is connected to a computer it is instantly connected to the internet and could be compromised. USBs can also malfunction which may result in the loss of data.

Should I bury my seed phrase?

While burying a seed phrase would certainly keep it out of sight, it is not a recommended practice. When buried, there is a risk that private keys may get lost, it may suffer corrosion, and if not buried deeply enough, there is still a chance that they might be discovered.


Even though an alarming 550,615 Bitcoins may be lost forever due to incorrect storage of the recovery or lost private keys, individuals have several options to source a secure storage method to back up a crypto wallet seed phrase. Listed in this article are some of the best seed phrase storage products in the market. When choosing your own, remember to consider durability, capacity, ease of use, price, and reputation of the manufacturer.

At the premium end of the spectrum, one of the best seed phrase storage devices is the Cryptotag Zeus. Using near-indestructible materials is one of the most surefire options for protecting a crypto wallet backup. However, for a more economical solution that has the amazing capacity to store over 50 different recovery phrases, Shieldfolio’s Stonebook is hard to beat. To find out the best crypto wallets to accompany the storage device for its seed phrase, read this article next.