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    Currency.com is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that is available globally, offering access to 54 cryptocurrencies for buying, selling, and trading. The platform supports multiple fiat currencies, including Euro (EUR), U.S. Dollars (USD), Great British Pounds (GBP), and Swiss Francs (CHF).
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    Posted by: Jacob WadeUpdated May 26th, 2023

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    Currency.com is a popular crypto exchange that offers access to over 2,000 tokenized assets for trading with up to 500x leverage. It also offers access to around 200 cryptocurrency trading pairs as well. While most platforms require selling assets for fiat currency before purchasing another, all of the assets on Currency.com can be swapped for another, such as stocks for crypto, or commodities for bonds.

    This review will cover the details of the Currency.com platform, including security, available crypto (and other assets), fees, trading experience (on desktop and mobile), and customer service. We will walk through how to create a Currency.com account, place a trade, deposit swap assets, and an overview of the advanced trading tools for active traders.

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    Our Take

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    Bottom line:

    Currency.com has a massive amount of tradable assets, with over 2,000 tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies available to trade. It also offers a mobile app, advanced trading terminal, up to 500x leverage, and 24/7 customer support. The downside of Currency.com is its lack of supported crypto. Moreover, its unique tokenized assets can not be transferred off the platform or traded elsewhere. It also does not offer any lending, staking or interest-bearing accounts.

    • Over 2,000 tokenized assets for trading
    • Up to 500x leverage on trades
    • Can swap between asset classes instantly
    • Competitive fees for spot trading crypto
    • Not available to U.S. residents
    • High fees for credit and debit card transactions
    • Only 49 cryptocurrencies available
    • Tokenized assets cannot be traded on other platforms

    Currency.com At A Glance

    Currency.com is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade popular cryptocurrencies, as well as thousands of tokenized assets, such as stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Currency.com was founded in 2019 to allow traders access to digital versions of traditional assets and buy cryptocurrencies.

    Currency.com websiteCurrency.com website

    While there are over 2,000 assets to trade on Currency.com, it is important to note that these assets simply mirror the price of real-world assets, but don’t allow purchasing of the asset directly. For example, when trading stocks or ETFs on the platform, users do not actually own the stock purchased, but simply a tokenized (digital) version of the stock that mirrors the asset’s price.

    Currency.com was founded in Belarus and now is available in over 150 countries but does not offer services to U.S. residents. There is an offshoot of the Currency.com platform that is available to U.S. residents, but it only offers access to trade four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash).

    Exchange NameCurrency.com
    Supported fiat currency5 (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, BYN)
    Supported crypto191 trading pairs
    Tokenized Assets2,000+ (stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, and more)
    Payment TypeCryptocurrency, Instant SEPA, ACH, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card
    Trading Fee0.00% - 2.00%
    Deposit FeeVaries per currency and deposit method
    Withdrawal FeeVaries by withdrawal method and currency
    Mobile AppYes

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    Are US Investors Allowed?

    No, U.S. investors cannot use the Currency.com platform, along with a list of other prohibited jurisdictions. But, there is a sister platform on crypto.currency.com that allows U.S. residents to trade cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, there are only four cryptocurrencies available to trade, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. U.S. residents will need to find a crypto exchange in the USA.

    Currency.com Top Features

    Supports Major Crypto Trading Pairs

    Currency.com supports 191 cryptocurrency trading pairs that can be bought and sold including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE). It also supports some popular altcoins that can be bought, including Cosmos (ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX), and Chainlink (LINK).

    Although, Currency.com is missing a few of the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the market, including Near Protocol (NEAR), FTX Token (FTX), and Ape Coin (APE). It also does not support TerraUSD (UST) and Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoins.

    Over 2,000 Tokenized Assets

    Currency.com markets itself as offering over “2,000 tokenized assets,” which are digital versions of traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities (gold, silver, etc.), and market indices (such as the S&P 500). These assets do not own the underlying asset, but are derivatives of them, trading at similar prices to the asset represented.

    Example trading pair on Currency.comExample trading pair on Currency.com

    One of the unique features of the Currency.com trading platform is that users can trade between asset classes, such as trading stocks for gold, or cryptocurrency for tokenized index funds. This seamless ability to trade across asset classes is not found on most exchanges. This makes Currency.com a compelling platform for advanced traders that want to move across assets quickly.

    Currency.com boasts that all of these tokenized assets are a type of cryptocurrency, simply a derivative product that mirrors the price of the underlying asset. That being said, these assets do not operate on a public blockchain and are not tradable outside of the Currency.com platform.

    Company Tokens

    Currency.com offers access to company token investments, which are a type of tokenized share in a company but do not necessarily imply ownership. The goal of tokenized assets is to invest capital into a company that pays out regular dividend payments. For residents of Belarus, these payments are not taxable, according to the jurisdiction in which Currency.com operates.

    Currency.com company tokensCurrency.com company tokens

    These investments offer a $0 commission on buying and selling, and the companies that issue these tokens are secured by collateral, such as buildings, sureties, and other collateral. As of April 2022, there is only one token advertised on the website, and it is not currently available for purchase.

    Leveraged Trading

    Currency.com offers a decent crypto margin exchange that allows users to trade with up to 500x leverage, depending on the asset, which is much higher than most exchanges that only offer up to 100x leverage. This comes with an inherent risk of loss but can multiply user gains on a large scale, with even slight gains in price turning into large profits. Here’s a breakdown of the available leverage per asset class on Currency.com:

    Asset ClassLeverage Amount
    ETFs1:20 (20x)
    Tokenized Shares1:20 (20x)
    Cryptocurrency1:20 (20x)
    Tokenized Indices1:100 (100x)
    Tokenized Commodities1:200 (200x)
    Tokenized (Fiat) Currency1:500 (500x)

    Users can access leverage directly on the trading interface, selecting the trading pair they wish to trade, then selecting “leveraged trading” to access margin. It is possible to trade up to 100x margin for standard accounts and up to 500x margin on verified accounts. This means that depositing $100 to the platform (plus funds to cover any applicable fees) could gain user access to $50,000 worth of margin for a trade.

    Demo Trading With Virtual Funds

    Currency.com also offers a “demo account” which gives users access to fake funds to test out the leverage platform. This is useful to learn more about how leverage trading works on the platform, and try a few test trades before depositing and trading with real money. For a list of the top demo trading platforms, read this article next.

    Currency.com API

    Advanced traders that want to access Currency.com market data, as well as build their own crypto trading bots and tools can gain access to the Currency.com API. This interface allows users to pull information from the platform into aggregation tools, as well as execute trades using leading crypto portfolio trackers such as CoinStats and Delta. Most large crypto exchanges offer API access, as there are many third-party applications that create trading and monitoring tools with platform APIs. Currency.com utilizes both a REST API and Websocket API. While the API offers access to most of the platform, it does not support tokenized ETFs or shares for trading.

    Currency.com Verification

    Currency.com requires KYC verification on all accounts and any accounts that do not complete KYC within 15 days are suspended (and leveraged positions are immediately terminated). Verification is required to comply with local jurisdictions and prevent money laundering and other illicit activities on the platform.

    To verify an account, users will need to provide a legal name, address, and personal identification number to Currency.com. Users will also need to submit a picture of a government-issued ID. Finally, users will need to submit proof of address (POA), such as a copy of a utility bill, to verify their current address.

    Funding & Limits

    Currency.com supports five different local currencies (as well as crypto), and multiple payment methods to fund an account. Instant SEPA is available in European currency countries (such as GBP), and ACH is available for USD deposits. Wire transfers are available as well. Users can also deposit via debit or credit card (VISA and Mastercard only), but it comes with a 3.5% deposit fee. Crypto deposits are always free.

    There are no deposit limits for deposits, but it is important to note that deposits via a debit or credit card use a third-party Russian payment processor. This processor exchanges currency for Roubles, which may affect the overall amount being transferred, as well as the fee. Deposits have varying minimums by currency, such as 50 USD for bank transfers, but only 20 USD for credit/debit card deposits. Withdrawals are limited by currency as well.

    Volume and Liquidity

    Currency.com is a fairly large exchange, and transacts over $400 million in daily trading volume, with most of the volume being in Ethereum (ETH/USD) trades. Based on CoinMarketCap’s liquidity rating, which measures slippage on various order sizes, Currency.com has an overall 628 rating (out of a potential score of 1,000). While Currency.com offers higher-than-average liquidity, most of the trading volume is based on the ETH/USD trading pair.

    Investors looking to make larger trades of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will want to explore alternate crypto exchanges such as ByBit and Binance with higher liquidity to avoid slippage and order issues. Moreover, Currency.com may not be the best platform for day traders despite a large number of supported trading pairs.

    Currency.com trading volume and liquidityCurrency.com trading volume and liquidity

    Currency.com Trading & Ease of Use

    User Interface

    The user interface at Currency.com gives users access to charting with 50+ cryptocurrency indicators, multiple order types, and watchlists to track a user’s favorite assets. While all these tools are great for advanced traders, they might overwhelm a new user that has not done much trading.

    Screenshot of the Currency.com trading interfaceScreenshot of the Currency.com trading interfaceScreenshot of the Currency.com trading interface.

    With thousands of assets to choose from, Currency.com sorts out the asset classes on the left side of the screen. It also shows the top movers of the day, including top risers, top fallers, most volatile and a list of newly listed assets. Users can also edit their watchlists to customize the view for themselves.

    Currency.com watchlistCurrency.com watchlistExample of the watchlist to add favorite trading pairs on Currency.com

    Currency.com allows advanced traders to customize their charts with different views, as well as add indicators to overlay on the chart. With over 50 to choose from, advanced traders can view their favorite indicators to analyze any trading chart.

    Some of the indicators available are:

    • Accumulation/Distribution
    • MACD
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Relative Strength Index
    • On Balance Volume
    • Moving Average
    • And many more

    Placing Orders

    To place an order on Currency.com, users can choose “Buy” or “Sell” to open an order window on the trading interface. Basic orders on the platform are market orders, and users can add in a “Buy when the price is…” option, which is essentially a limit order.

    Leveraged trading adds in the ability to add a stop-loss order, as well as a take profit order. There is also up to 500x leverage available, depending on the assets. Once the trading parameters are set, the order will be executed.

    Currency.com Fees

    Currency.com offers low trading fees for crypto traders, charging a 0.20% fee for spot trades, and an even-lower 0.075% fee for leveraged trading (0.06% for BTC and ETH trades). Tokenzed asset trading fees vary by asset class, as well as whether they are being swapped across asset classes. Here’s a breakdown of the platform trading fees:

    MarketTrading Fee
    Leveraged BTC or ETH0.06%
    Leveraged Crypto0.075%
    Leveraged tokenized assets & currencies0.00%
    Exchange Crypto/Crypto0.2%
    Exchange Crypto/Tokenized Currency2.0%
    Exchange Tokenized assets (Shares, ETFs, Indices, Commodities)0.05%
    Exchange Tokenized bonds0.03%
    Exchange Tokenized currencies0% (but may vary)
    Company Tokens0% (buy); 1.5% (sell)

    The trading fees are similar to low-cost exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin and Phemex, but swapping between crypto and tokenized currencies charges a high 2.0% trading fee. While the spot trading fees on Currency.com are quite competitive compared to the larger crypto exchanges, there are no token discounts to reduce the crypto fees. In short, Currency.com is not the cheapest exchange for crypto trading.

    ExchangeTrading FeeToken Discounts
    Binance0.1%Yes (25%)
    Huobi0.2%Yes (10% - 65%)

    Currency.com Mobile App

    Currency.com offers a mobile app for trading on the go, and it is available for Android and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). Users can use the app to complete trades, make deposits and withdrawals, and contact customer support. Currency.com’s trading app has an overall 4.8/5 star rating on the Apple marketplace based on more than 2,900 reviews. The operation of the app was quite intuitive and responsive, however, it is not packed with features like some of the best crypto apps for beginners such as Crypto.com and Binance.

    There are a few complaints from users about identity verification and withdrawing funds from the app, but each complaint is responded to by a Currency.com customer service representative, which shows excellent customer service.

    Security of Assets

    Currency.com appears to be a legitimate exchange that offers standard protection features including two-factor authentication (2FA) for account login, deposits, withdrawals, and certain trades. Deposited cryptocurrency is also stored in offline cold storage wallets, preventing cyber-attacks and lost funds. In short, Currency.com has not suffered any hacks or publicized loss of user funds and is a reliable exchange to date. Currency.com also keeps reserves on hand to reimburse users in the case of loss due to crime or theft. The amount of reserves is unknown.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While Currency.com keeps user funds in hot and cold wallets on the platform, Currency.com is not a digital wallet service that connects to other platforms and applications. To transfer funds on and off the platform, users will need to sign up for a digital wallet, or utilize a hardware wallet to take custody of their assets.

    Currency.com employs many security policies, including KYC, two-factor authentication, and keeping most assets in offline cold storage wallets. It also protects user data in encrypted datacenters with actual armed personnel guarding them. There have been no reported hacks on the website, and Currency.com even keeps reserves for user funds in case of theft.

    Final Verdict

    Currency.com is a unique digital exchange that offers over 2,000 tokenized assets for trading. The selection is one of the largest available on any professional trading exchange in the world, and the list of assets continues to grow. That being said, the fact that these tokenized assets are only available to trade on the Currency.com platform means that users cannot take custody of most of them. The cryptocurrency is able to be transferred off the platform, but that only accounts for about 200 of the total assets.

    Currency.com offers decent security and deep liquidity for trading popular assets, and the fees are fairly low compared to other crypto exchanges. Overall, Currency.com is a decent option for advanced traders, but new crypto investors will want to find something easier to use, such as Coinbase.

    CategoryHedgewithCrypto Rating
    Features4.4 / 5
    Supported Fiat Currencies and Deposit Methods3.5 / 5
    Supported Cryptocurrencies and Trading Pairs3.5 / 5
    Fees4.2 / 5
    Ease of Use4.5 / 5
    Customer Support3.6 / 5
    Security Measures4.5 / 5
    Mobile App3.8 / 5
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