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Ellipal Titan Review

The Ellipal Titan is an air-gapped hardware wallet designed to rival other crypto storage products. However, although the device offers phenomenal security, its mobile-only nature could cause trouble for some investors.

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Our Take

4.0 / 5
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Bottom line:

The Ellipal Titan hardware wallet is well-designed and feels like a premium product. The touchscreen is responsive and bright, making it easy to navigate between features while using the device.

Being an air-gapped wallet, the Ellipal Titan is one of the more secure cold wallets available, and its anti-tamper features are welcomed, considering the rising popularity of supply chain attacks. Overall, the device is easy to use and secure. However, it could benefit from being fully updated out of the box or including a micro SD card to simplify upgrading the firmware.

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Pros and cons

  • Budget-friendly
  • Premium design
  • 100% air-gapped
  • No SD card included
  • Lacks support for popular blockchains

Ellipal Titan Pros Explained

  • Budget-friendly. With the Ellipal Titan Mini priced at $79, it's comparable in cost to the Ledger Nano S Plus, making it a great option for investors looking for a cost-effective way to store their crypto holdings.
  • Premium design. The Ellipal Titan is built using metal and boasts a solid construction, making it worthy of consideration for anyone looking for a robust storage solution.
  • 100% air-gapped. As the Ellipal Titan has no external connectivity, it's far more secure than alternatives requiring an internet connection.

Ellipal Titan Cons Explained

  • No SD card included. The Ellipal Titan immediately needs a firmware update. Unfortunately, this requires a micro SD card which isn't included in the package.
  • Lacks support for popular blockchains. Although Ellipal states that Titan supports over 10,000 assets, it can only be used to store assets from 40 different blockchains, meaning some users could be left unable to secure some of their holdings.

Ellipal Titan At a Glance

The Ellipal Titan is an air-gapped cold wallet created by the company Ellipal. The device lets users send, receive, and store cryptocurrency securely offline. However, while the Titan device is used to sign transactions, a mobile phone is required to unlock most of its functionality.

Wallet NameEllipal Titan
Price$79 (Titan Mini), $139 (Titan)
FeaturesAir-Gapped, In-Built Camera, Auto Self-Destruct, Staking, dApp Browser, Multi-Account Management
Accepted Fiat CurrenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, +91 Others
Deposit MethodsCrypto, Credit/Debit Card
Supported CryptocurrenciesOver 10,000
Customer SupportHelp Center, Live Chat, Email
Security MeasuresHardware Security Module, Anti-Tamper, Trustless Transaction Signing, Air-Gapped
Mobile AppYes (Android and IOS)

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Top Ellipal Wallet Features Reviewed

Air-Gapped Cold Wallet

Security features are arguably the most critical factor when purchasing a hardware crypto wallet, something Ellipal understands well. To ensure that its wallets offer the highest standard of safety, Ellipal has opted for an air-gapped design, meaning that the Titan Wallet has absolutely no external connectivity.

Because there is no way for the Ellipal Titan to be connected directly to the internet, the danger of any form of network or malware attack has been eliminated. However, it's worth noting that while the Ellipal Titan wallet has no external connectivity, the Ellipal mobile app requires an internet connection.

ellipal wallet in box

In-Built Camera (for QR Codes)

One of the unique features of the Ellipal Titan cold wallet is its in-built camera. Rather than verifying transactions by clicking a button, like on a Ledger device, users of a Titan wallet have to scan a QR code. By taking this approach, Ellipal has vastly improved the convenience of signing transactions while eliminating the issue of accidental inputs.

Ellipal titan camera

Auto Self-Destruct

Modern hardware wallet security requires devices to be protected against physical attacks. To achieve this, Ellipal has designed an automated self-destruct mechanism that wipes the wallet and all of its data if a bad actor attempts to compromise the wallet physically.

Furthermore, because the Ellipal Titan has no port for an attacker to install malware to comprise the software, an attacker would need to take the device apart and alter its hardware components to orchestrate a supply chain attack.

Crypto Staking

As the focus on environmentally friendly consensus mechanisms grew, crypto staking became an incredibly popular way for investors to boost their portfolios passively while simultaneously boosting network security.

Ellipal enables users to stake five assets (ADA, DOT, ATOM, XTZ, KSM) at rates ranging from 3.69% to 10%. Although the current range is limited, Ellipal plans to add support for more assets in the future, making the wallet worth considering for anyone that frequently stakes their assets.

dApp Browser

It's common for a hot wallet, like MetaMask, to provide users access to the exciting world of web3 applications through a dApp (decentralized app) browser. Although a hardware wallet is far less likely to offer these services, Ellipal has included a fully-fledged dApp browser in its mobile app. As such, customers can easily connect their Titan wallet to web applications like Curve, OpenSea, and Pancake Swap. Therefore, the Ellipal Titan could be the perfect choice for decentralized finance (DeFi) enthusiasts.

Multi-Account Management

An intriguing feature of the Ellipal Titan is the ability to manage multiple accounts from a single device. Users can create multiple wallets with unique private keys and seamlessly switch between them, making the Ellipal Titan an excellent option for investors looking to organize their portfolios better.

Ellipal Titan switch accounts

Supported Fiat and Payment Methods

To ensure that its devices are accessible to the broadest possible audience, Ellipal has implemented a variety of methods customers can pay for their goods. The Ellipal website supports PayPal, credit/debit cards, and Crypto.com Pay (with a 6% rebate), meaning almost every fiat currency is accepted.

While researching for our Ellipal review, we noticed that users can also buy crypto with 96 fiat currencies using a credit/debit card directly from the Ellipal app, thanks to it integrating with Simplex.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Like all crypto wallets, the range of supported coins is vital when purchasing a hardware wallet. Ellipal users will be happy to learn that the device supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and 40 unique blockchains.

Some of the assets the Ellipal Titan supports include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Hedera, Binance Smart Chain, Avalance, and every ERC-20-based token. As such, customers shouldn't have an issue storing their desired assets. However, to be sure Ellipal supports all the coins desired, it could be worth checking out the complete list on the product page.

Ellipal Titan supported assets

Ellipal Titan Pricing and Fees

As the Ellipal wallet is a physical device, it does come with an initial purchase price that customers must consider. However, the Titan is priced competitively, considering the technology packed in. While the flagship Ellipal Titan hardware wallet costs $139, the Titan Mini, which boasts the same features in a smaller package, is priced more competitively at $79.

Customers looking for a convenient way to store their seed phrase can also opt to purchase a bundle containing a Titan/Titan Mini cryptocurrency wallet and an Ellipal mnemonics metal storage case to get a slight discount versus buying both products separately.

Ellipal Titan vs. Titan Mini Pricing

Two Ellipal hardware wallet devices are available, with the best model likely to vary from user to user. However, despite the two devices being priced $60 apart, both are very similar.

The only real difference is the size and battery capacity of each unit. The Titan Mini is around 50% smaller than the regular Titan and has a 57% smaller battery. However, the according to Ellipal, the Titan Mini can be updated faster than its larger counterpart as it's built using Linux.

Ellipal Titan vs. Hardware Wallet Pricing

To best highlight how Ellipal compares to other competing wallets in terms of price, we've included the below table showing both Ellipal products and a few other popular hardware wallets.

Wallet NamePrice (USD)
Ledger Nano S Plus$79
Ellipal Titan Mini$79
Ellipal Titan$139
Ledger Nano X$149
Trezor Model T$262.80

What's in the Box?

Both the Ellipal Titan and the Ellipal Mini (the model we tested in our Ellipal Titan review) come in white boxes reminiscent of an Apple product, sealed using clear shrink wrap. Since hardware wallets are a common target for supply chain attacks, the sealed package is a nice touch.

Whats in the Box - Ellipal Titan

After opening the Ellipal Titan, the device was secured using semi-rigid packaging foam to prevent damage during transit. In addition to the Ellipal wallet, there is a small adapter with an SD card slot for updating and a USB cable connector charging via the included USB-A to USB-C cable.

On top of the physical hardware, each Ellipal device comes with an instruction manual printed in various languages as well as two cards for writing mnemonic recovery seeds. Overall, the Ellipal Titan was well-packaged and came with all the extras one would expect from a hardware wallet.

Setting Up the Ellipal Titan Cold Wallet

As hardware wallets are physical devices, they require a small amount of setup to get them ready for use. To ensure that our Ellipal Titan review is accurate, we completed the setup process and were impressed by its simplicity.

After turning on the device and making sure its charged, the setup process consists of just a few steps:

  1. Set a name for the account (e.g., long-term savings).
  2. Create a password for the wallet using letters and numbers.
  3. Select SegWit or general address type.
  4. Optionally add an additional passphrase.
  5. Backup and confirm the mnemonic recovery seed.
  6. Decide which coins to add.
  7. Setup complete!

Although the Ellipal Titan wallet is easy to set up, it's worth noting that it requires a firmware update before users can store certain assets like Solana. Unfortunately, this requires a micro SD card which isn't included in the box.

Device Ease of Use

While creating our Ellipal review, we tested the device to see how it performs in real-world situations. We found the Ellipal Titan very simple to use, with only a few quirks. It's possible to receive funds from the mobile phone app or the Ellipal Titan device, making it ideal for using cryptocurrency to transact on the go. However, to send funds, the user must have the Titan present to sign the transaction, something very common among hardware wallets.

Ellipal Titan dashboard

New tokens can be added to the device easily, with users having to click a slider to activate the asset. However, as mentioned above, the Titan only supports 23 unique blockchains and assets created on them (e.g., ERC-20 or AVAX-based assets) out of the box. Therefore, users wishing to store assets like SOL or CRO will need to update the device using a micro SD card.

Ellipal Titan options to send or receive

Users can easily add multiple accounts to a single device, with the Titan also including options to recover a wallet using mnemonics or private keys. However, the battery can run down quickly, making it slightly less effective as an all-in-one storage solution. Overall, the Ellipal Titan is beginner-friendly and surprisingly capable.

Ellipal Titan receive bitcoin

Ellipal Mobile App

As an Ellipal device cannot be used with a PC, the Ellipal app is the lifeblood of the hardware wallet and is used for almost every activity other than to sign transactions. Available on Android and IOS devices, the Ellipal app has attracted rave reviews and is rated 4.8/5 stars on the Apple App Store.

The Ellipal mobile app is responsive and intuitive to use. Vital areas, like the wallet overview, crypto markets, and staking, can be accessed via a conveniently located navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

ellipal titan app screenshot adding account

After completing the initial setup of an Ellipal Titan device, the user must connect their wallet to the Ellipal app by scanning a series of QR codes cycled through automatically. Once the linking process has been completed, the Ellipal app will populate with data from the wallet.

From the Ellipal app, users can monitor their holdings, send/receive transactions, view crypto prices, and even buy cryptocurrency via a third party (Simplex). Additionally, the app enables users to store NFTS, easily swap one asset for another, and access staking on five digital assets; Kusuma, Cardano, Polkadot, Tezos, and Cosmos.

Ellipal wallet app staking and dapps

Although bringing up a wallet address and receiving funds on the Ellipal app without using the physical device is possible, sending assets requires a QR code to be scanned before processing. Sending and receiving crypto with an Ellipal Titan is straightforward and more simplistic than other popular hardware wallets like a Ledger Nano X.

The Ellipal app is well-designed and easy to use. While testing it out, we experienced no bugs, which is good to see, considering it's the central hub for every action related to the wallet. While it would be nice to see a desktop version, the Ellipal mobile app is a treat to use and a solid alternative to the Trezor Suite or Ledger Live apps.

Ellipal Support

To ensure that customers aren't left confused or worried, it's crucial to offer fast support that can provide knowledgeable answers. Ellipal has created a help center with articles on topics, including a beginner setup guide, payment methods, and warranty information to assist its users.

While the help center does an excellent job answering simple questions, Ellipal provides live chat and email support for more complex queries. While some customers have reported long wait times for a reply, we received a response from a customer service representative within minutes of opening a live chat ticket, far faster than most companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ellipal Titan work?

It can be challenging to determine how the device works. However, using the Ellipal Titan is similar to other hardware wallets. First, customers need to charge the device, download the Ellipal mobile app, and then connect the app and device. Afterward, users can freely manage their assets via the app using the wallet to sign transactions with QR codes.

Can You use the Ellipal Titan on PC?

The Ellipal Titan is fully air-gapped, with no Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB connectivity. Because there is no way to connect the device to a PC, customers can only manage the wallet from a mobile device. Investors seeking a PC-friendly wallet should check out an alternative storage solution like the Ledger Nano X.

Where is the Ellipal Titan made?

The company that created the Ellipal Titan, Ellipal Limited, is headquartered in Hong Kong. However, the Ellipal Titan hardware wallet was built in China, like the Ellipal mnemonic metal.

Does the Ellipal Titan support Shiba Inu?

Yes, as the Ellipal hardware wallet supports every cryptocurrency that uses the popular ERC-20 architecture, users can easily store Shiba Inu and a wide range of additional crypto assets on the wallet.

Final Verdict and Scores

The Ellipal Titan is a touchscreen-based hardware wallet with an in-built rear camera to sign transactions. The device feels solid in hand and is easy to set up. In contrast to other wallets, the Ellipal Titan is completely offline and has no external connectors, vastly improving security.

Despite offering excellent features, including an anti-tamper mechanism, an in-built dApp browser, and the ability to manage multiple accounts from a single device, the Ellipal Titan is far more budget-friendly than many competitors. As such, the Ellipal wallet is a top-of-the-range cryptocurrency wallet for investors looking for a low-cost crypto storage solution.

Overall, the Ellipal Titan cold wallet is pleasant to use, simple to set up, and highly secure. However, with the team still working on adding support for new assets and the Ellipal wallet needing to be updated via a micro SD card straight out of the box, it's not as convenient to use as popular wallets like a Ledger or Trezor Model One based on our reviews.

Review CriteriaHedgewithCrypto Rating
Features4.4 / 5
Supported Fiat and Deposit Methods4 / 5
Supported Crypto & Trading Pairs4.8 / 5
Fees3.3 / 5
Ease of Use3.8 / 5
Customer support3.5 / 5
Security Measures4.2 / 5
Mobile App4 / 5