Swyftx vs Digital Surge Compared

    Swyftx and Digital Surge are reputable crypto providers in Australia. But they have several differences that should be understood before choosing which one to use.
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    Posted by: Kevin GrovesUpdated May 19th, 2023

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    In this comparison article between Swyftx and Digital Surge, we compare two cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia that have taken the industry by storm. Each platform offers exceptional features, low fees, and a beginner-friendly trading experience.

    Quick Verdict - Swyftx vs Digital Surge

    Swyftx and Digital Surge are well-known crypto exchanges that are very suitable for beginners that want to buy and sell digital assets with both having a selection of more than 320 coins. Swyftx is a fast-growing exchange that has surged in popularity with 600,000 customers and boasts a wide variety of products and services, including an excellent mobile app. Digital Surge is a great alternative with an equally impressive user experience that is simple to use and has 24/7 customer support.

    Based on our comparison, we found that Swyftx is the better option overall. There are plentiful features from earning interest, staking, crypto bundles and integrations with useful tools such as Tradingview and tax reports that make it a standout. Digital Surge on the other hand has slightly lower fees of 0.5% versus 0.6% on Swyftx. But it lacks the features that experienced investors will be looking for to maximize their investment.

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    Swyftx vs. Digital Surge Compared

    SwyftxDigital Surge
    Promotion$20 Bitcoin for creating a verified account$10 Bitcoin for creating a verified account
    Fiat CurrencyAUD, USDAUD
    Supported Cryptocurrency320+300+
    Deposit MethodBank transfer, POLi, PayID, credit/debit card & cryptoBank transfer, POLI, PayID & BPAY
    Max. Trading Fee0.6%0.5%
    Recurring OrdersYesYes
    Instant fiat withdrawalsYesYes
    Live Chat SupportYesYes
    Mobile AppYesYes
    Overall Rating
    HedgewithCrypto Score
    HedgewithCrypto Score
    4.8/5Our ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
    Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
    Visit Swyftx
    HedgewithCrypto Score
    HedgewithCrypto Score
    4.7/5Our ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
    Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
    Visit Digital Surge
    ReviewRead our full Swyftx reviewRead our full Digital Surge review

    Swyftx Overview

    Swyftx is a cryptocurrency exchange in Brisbane that was established in 2019 and has fast become a leading provider of digital currencies within Australia. The rapid surge in popularity is attributed to providing a simple and transparent way for individuals to buy, trade and sell over 310 cryptocurrency projects using their website or mobile app.

    Some of the top features on Swyftx include rapid AUD deposits and withdrawals, portfolio tracking, recurring orders, competitive fees, low spreads, demo mode and price alerts, a responsive app, excellent customer service and engaging social communities for their members. The platform also offers free $20 worth of Bitcoin for signing up with an exclusive referral code for Swyftx. To claim the bonus, click on this link.

    Swyftx Pros
    • Popular exchange with strong community support
    • Rapid verification, advanced trading tools and charts
    • Maximum 0.6% trading fee with low spreads
    • Full-featured mobile trading app
    Swyftx Cons
    • Takes a while to become familiar with

    Digital Surge Overview

    Digital Surge is a crypto exchange that provides Australians with direct access to buy Bitcoin with AUD or 300+ altcoins. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a uniquely easy way to buy, sell and store crypto in Australia. The team behind Digital Surge have taken extreme care to ensure their platform is suited for beginners. The user interface is streamlined to make it easy to understand with little complexity.

    The platform is packed with features including visual portfolio management, low trading fees of 0.5%, instant AUD deposits and withdrawals, and a responsive application for mobile devices.

    Digital Surge Pros
    • Simple interface layout tailored for beginners
    • SMSF investors supported
    • Maximum trading fee of 0.5% with low spreads
    • Trading fee discounts on volume
    Digital Surge Cons
    • Limited order types

    Which Is Easier To Get Started With?

    Swyftx and Digital Surge are both registered with the Australian government body AUSTRAC, which regulates financial institutions to mitigate against risks associated with terrorism funding, money laundering and cybercrimes. Therefore, both exchanges are required to adhere to AML/CTF laws which means that customers will need to complete an identity verification process known as Know-Your-Customer (KYC). 

    swyftx verificationswyftx verification

    The KYC process for both exchanges is streamlined and can be completed within a few minutes, however, there are some differences in what is required. Swyftx will prompt the user to provide an email address, mobile phone number and ID document number only. There is no need to provide copies of a government-issued document such as a driver's licence or passport.

    An email and mobile phone number are also required for Digital Surge. RapidID and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) are used to verify the user's identity. Users verifying their identity will need to submit a copy of a drivers licence or passport. Overall, both the Swyftx and Digital Surge verification process is simple and can be completed without hassles.

    Which Has Better Deposit Methods?

    Swyftx and Digital offer commonly available methods to deposit AUD to fund the wallet. Both exchanges will support fiat deposits to be made via PayID, OSKO and POLi which are near-instant transfers. The main point of difference between Swyftx and Digital Surge is the support for credit/debit cards.

    Digital Surge does not allow credit and debit card purchases. Customers that use the Swyftx platform can use a credit card to buy crypto with supported Australian banks. For this reason, Swyftx wins this category for deposit methods as it provides greater options for consumers. However, credit card purchases do come with a hefty 4% fee.

    Deposit MethodSwyftxDigital Surge
    Bank transferYesYes
    OSKO (BPAY)YesYes
    Credit / debit cardYesNo

    Which Exchange Is Cheaper?

    Trading fees are an important consideration for value investors and traders that are looking to select Swyftx or Digital Surge. We have assessed the fees charged by both platforms which include deposit fees, trading fees, spreads and the cost to withdraw AUD to a bank account or cryptocurrencies to a wallet.

    Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

    Swyftx and Digital Surge fees are similar to deposit and withdraw AUD or transfer crypto to an external wallet. Both exchanges offer zero AUD deposit fees using PayID as the payment method. However, Digital Surge charges a POLi deposit fee that starts at $2 and is capped at $3.30. In short, Swyftx is the cheaper option to deposit AUD with a greater selection of payment methods with zero charges compared to Digital Surge.

    Trading Fees

    Swyftx has a flat fee of 0.6% per transaction for buy and sell orders which is quite competitive in the Australian market. The high liquidity providers enable Swyftx to reduce slippage on its trading pairs and keep spreads as low as 0.45% per trade.

    digital surge feesdigital surge fees

    Compared to Swyftx, Digital Surge offer a slightly more attractive trading fee of 0.5%. Additionally, Digital Surge trading fees are structured in a tiered system where larger trades will be charged a different fee based on a rolling 30 day trade volume. The trading volume is calculated every 1 hour and the trading fees can be reduced to 0.1% if the volume exceeds 1 Million AUD.

    Overall, Digital Surge represents better value for money when comparing trading fees which can be up to 50% cheaper compared to Swyftx when taking into consideration the trading fees and spreads.

    Which Has A Better User Experience?

    The Swyftx user interface is well laid out with a simple navigational bar along the left side with quick options to trade, deposit funds, withdraw AUD, configure recurring orders and view the asset list. The Swyftx layout can be customised to the needs of the user including toggling of dark-mode, and the hiding or presenting of widgets. A significant advantage of Swyftx is the availability of a demo account that is unique in the Australian market.

    swyftx user interfaceswyftx user interface

    Similarly, the Digital Surge interface is intuitive and easy for beginners to get accustomed to. Instead of a sidebar, navigation on the interface is done using four main tabs: dashboard, wallets, buy & sell and markets. The dashboard tab will show the performance of your portfolio over selectable periods. Crypto can easily be purchased or sold in a few easy steps, and currently held assets can be seen in the wallets tab. The user navigation is quite easy to follow however can not be customized like on Swyftx which applies to the mobile application as well. This is a useful feature for regular users.

    Which interface is better comes down to personal preference. Swyftx offers more functionality and options to choose from, whereas Digital Surge has a cleaner and more simplistic arrangement and is a better alternative to Swyftx for beginners.

    digital surge buying interfacedigital surge buying interface

    Swyftx or Digital Surge For Trading?

    Features and ease of use underpin the Swyftx and Digital Surge platforms making both suitable for beginners. In terms of buying cryptocurrencies, there was no significant difference between the two platforms, with assets able to be bought through 'quick buy' features. Users will be able to easily find the buy function, enter in the amount of asset to buy or the amount of AUD to spend, and confirm the transaction.

    swyftx buy orderswyftx buy order

    The similarities end where advanced trading begins. Digital Surge offers the ability for investors to set up trigger orders (stop loss or take profit orders) and recurring buys, otherwise known as Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA). In comparison, the Swyftx platform is has greater flexibility to choose a trigger order based on the direction on the market. The available orders types include:

    • Market order
    • Limit order
    • Stop order (not offered on Digital Surge)
    • Recurring orders

    Customers can quickly enter the size of trade using the percentage auto-fill options (e.g. 25%, 50% or 75%) of available trading capital. Advanced trading charts and tools such as candlestick charts are available for intermediate and advanced traders to maximise the performance of their trading strategy.

    For intermediate to advanced traders that use conditional orders such as stop-orders to buy at a higher price in a bull market (e.g. break out traders), Swyftx is the better option in our opinion.

    swyftx full chart modeswyftx full chart mode

    Which App Is Better: Digital Surge v Swyftx?

    Swyftx has a mobile trading app that has an overall user rating of 4.5/5 on the Android Play store based on 5,767 reviews. The vast majority of the features on the desktop site are available on the app which makes it easy to monitor balances, places trades or view charts while on the go.

    Digital Surge has released a mobile platform that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Rather than entering in login details, the Android app supports biometric login which streamlines the process. The interface performs seamlessly and almost all of the desktop features are accessible, including the ability to set trigger orders and the 24/7 live chat.

    Are There Any Differences In Security?

    Swyftx and Digital Surge are both registered with AUSTRAC and adhere to AML/KYC requirements. Both exchanges appear to be safe and secure crypto wallets that implement industry-standard security measures which include 2FA verification, hot storage and multi-layered security processes.

    In addition to this, Digital Surge store users' digital assets in a combination of hot and offline cold wallets. This means that in the unlikely event that a security breach occurs, assets held in cold storage will be inaccessible and kept safe. Since the exchanges were established, there have been no reported hacks of loss, damage or theft of funds on Swyftx or Digital Surge.

    Who Has Better Customer Support?

    Swyftx has a 24/7 service desk with at least 29 members in the customer support team. The level of commitment to customer service is second to none and is reflected with a 4.7/5 star rating according to Trust Pilot reviews based on 2,900 user reviews and comments.

    Approximately 88% of customer feedback on the trading platform, mobile app and customer service has been rated as excellent, which is outstanding for crypto platform with over 350,000 users. The website also provides a comprehensive section with over 100 articles on how-to guides, tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    swyftx support teamswyftx support team

    The customer support team at Digital Surge can be contacted through a live chat app or via email. The response time of the live chat app is very quick and within 1 minute on average. The exchange provides an extensive FAQ section that answers the most commonly asked questions. The feedback on the customer support service is positive on TrustPilot and Reviews.io which is a good sign.

    In short, Swyftx provides a dedicated customer service team that is active on all their social media channels to provide rapid responses to queries. Given their much larger customer base compared to Digital Surge, it is apparent Swyftx is leading the industry by providing first-class customer service. The only downside is there have been reports of extended delays of up to 3 days for some customers.

    Final Verdict: Swyftx or Digital Surge

    To assist investors and traders in making an informed decision between Swyftx and Digital Surge, we have created a simple scoring system for each of the evaluation criteria as shown below. Based on our comparison review, we have chosen Swyftx as the better option in most of our categories. Furthermore, a clear distinction between the two exchanges is the ability to stake crypto on Swyftx to earn passive rewards.  

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    Comparison CriteriaResult
    Account creation & ID verificationDraw
    Deposit methodsSwyftx
    FeesDigital Surge
    User experienceDraw
    Trading cryptoSwyftx
    Customer supportSwyftx

    Based on our comparison review, the two key differences between Swyftx and Digital Surge are the trading fees and the availability of advanced trading features and charts. Digital Surge's slightly lower trading fee of 0.5% will appeal to individuals that want to buy and hold assets. However, the simplistic design and lack of advanced trading features and charting on Digital Surge may deter experienced traders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The fees on Swyftx start from 0.6% per trade versus 0.5% on Digital Surge. There are volume discounts available for both exchanges, however, the starting fees on Digital Surge are 0.1% cheaper for buy and sell trades.

    Swyftx and Digital Surge are two of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia. Both are AUSTRAC and ASIC registered companies that focus on providing a safe platform for Australians to buy and sell digital assets.


    Swyftx and Digital Surge are both reputable exchanges in Australia and offer excellent platforms for individuals looking to buy cryptocurrencies. The charting features and overall trading experience on Swyftx will also appeal to experienced investors and this holds an advantage over the beginner-friendly interface of Digital Surge. Swyftx has a large user base and has established itself as a leader in the Australian crypto market and is our top-rated exchange in Australia.

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