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Coinmarketcap Alternatives

Coinmarketcap is a powerful hub for all things crypto, but may not suit everyone’s needs, particularly those that prioritize decentralization. There are several excellent alternatives to Coinmarketcap like CoinGecko and CoinCap that come with unique benefits and disadvantages.

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Coinmarketcap (CMC) is revered among the crypto ecosystem as the one-stop cryptocurrency tool for all things crypto. Although CMC is the clear industry leader, it has occasionally received criticism for misrepresenting trading volume on exchanges and for specific coins. The platform is also owned by Binance Capital, which may not fit with some investors’ decentralization philosophies. Fortunately, many Coinmarketcap alternatives can be considered as a crypto research tool.

Here's our short list of the best alternatives to Coinmarketcap:

  1. CoinGecko — Best all-round alternative to Coinmarketcap
  2. CoinCap — Best for quick and simple price data
  3. CoinCodex — Best for finding ICOs
  4. TradingView — Best for charting cryptocurrencies
  5. Messari — Best for in-depth data
  6. CryptoCompare — Best for reviewing blockchain services
  7. CoinRanking — Best for sorting specific crypto types
  8. Live Coin Watch — Best for filtering trading data
  9. CoinCheckup — Best for price predictions
  10. Coinlib — Best for trading signals

Alternatives To Coinmarketcap Compared

PlatformPricingNumber of coins trackedExchange volume dataPortfolio trackerCharting
CoinGeckoFree9,000+YesYesYes (TradingView integration)
CoinCapFree2,000+YesNoYes (very basic)
TradingViewFree accounts are available. Tiered plans between $12.95 and $49.95 per month.1,000+YesNoYes (industry-leading)
MessariFree accounts are available. Pro accounts are $24.99 per month.2,000+YesYesYes
CoinRankingFree25,000+YesNo (Although they are partnered with Coinhodler)Yes
Live Coin WatchFree20,000+YesYesYes

Our Review Of The Top Alternatives To Coinmarketcap

1. CoinGecko – Best All-Round Alternative To Coinmarketcap

CoinGecko is the leading alternative to Coinmarketcap when it comes to crypto market tracking websites. The website boasts data from over 9,000 coins, pulling trading information from 700+ of the most popular crypto exchanges and decentralized platforms. The big tick for CoinGecko is its independence – while CMC is owned by Binance MGMT Capital, CoinGecko operates entirely under its own thumb. This is a huge positive for investors that are wary of Binance’s monopoly over the crypto industry and how that may slightly skew the figures of Coinmarketcap.

coingecko prices screenshot

CoinGecko doesn’t quite have all the same features as CMC, but it has more than enough function to keep investors of all skill levels coming back. For starters, the platform has real-time price data crypto screener with thousands of crypto assets and exchanges. The user interface is clean and easy to filter through, making it easy to find those obscure altcoins.

There is an accurate cryptocurrency portfolio tracker which can be a good way for traders to keep an eye on their day-to-day performance. Other features include a mobile app for Android and iOS, NFT price data, a Crypto learn hub, a DEX tracker (via GeckoTerminal), and Integration with TradingView for advanced charting.


  • Renowned for accurate and independent price data on thousands of digital assets
  • Fully customizable charting
  • Easy-to-use portfolio tracker


  • Not quite as aesthetically pleasing as some competitors
  • Fewer products than Coinmarketcap
  • Doesn’t have data for every coin

2. CoinCap – Best For Quick & Simple Price Data

CoinCap is next on our list of alternatives to CMC that hangs its hat on a basic philosophy – make finding price data simple. The website provides accurate data for thousands of digital currencies, including a live price feed, 24hr VWAP, and supply details. The design of CoinCap makes life extremely easy for investors.

It's very easy to navigate the site and quickly find useful information for any of the top 100 coins by market cap. If they need a specific asset, they can simply search for it out of the 2,000+ available on the platform. What might appeal most to investors is CoinCap’s integration with Shapeshift, a popular crypto swap platform.

CoinCap coin list

By connecting a reliable cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, platform users can seamlessly trade assets without needing to mess around with complex decentralized exchanges. CoinCap can be downloaded and installed on both iOS and Android devices.

CoinCap is, by design, quite light on features. For example, the charting system has very little customization built-in, and there aren’t any portfolio trackers for customers. This may suit some investors looking for a de-cluttered experience, but those wanting an in-depth data platform should look elsewhere.


  • Clean, intuitive UI perfect for beginners wanting to find data quickly
  • Very few advertisements
  • In-built DEX functionality to swap crypto assets
  • 24h Exchange data


  • Data is very basic
  • Light on features
  • Fewer coins are listed than other platforms

3. CoinCodex – Best For ICOs

CoinCodex is a relatively popular Coinmarketcap alternative that scrapes data from 100+ exchanges to provide live price information on 25,000+ coins. We found the platform to be a heavy-duty crypto tracker that provides a range of useful features, a clean user interface, and reliable data.

CoinCodex coin information

CoinCodex is quite similar to Coinmarketcap in its design. The platform’s homepage shows the most popular coins from the past day, those that are performing well, and some potential buying opportunities for “undervalued” assets. Like CMC, CoinCodex is stuffed with features perfectly suited to more advanced crypto investors.

The platform hosts an intuitive portfolio tracker, a currency converter calculator, and a mobile app for most smartphones. Perhaps its biggest drawcard is the ICO calendar, which shows customers a list of all upcoming coin drops from across the DeFi ecosystem which is not always provided on the leading IDO platforms to find tokens.

Coincodex IDO tracker


  • Many useful features including a portfolio tracker and currency converter
  • ICO calendar so investors can stay up-to-date on new coin drops
  • Lots of in-depth market data, such as top 50 gainers/losers in certain timeframes


  • Large ad placement on the home screen
  • A large number of features may be off-putting to newer investors
  • The dashboard is a little cluttered

4. TradingView– Best For Charting Cryptocurrencies

TradingView is a little different from the other alternatives on the list in that it isn’t designed primarily as a crypto price tracker. Rather, TV is perhaps the world’s most popular charting software for crypto used by traders of all experience levels. The platform has been around for over a decade and has built a reputation for being the industry standard of technical analysis and graphing.

TradingView pulls price data from all over the crypto sphere which can then be plugged onto a live-updating graph. Regardless of whether the investors are using TradingView for tracking crypto prices or performing technical analysis, it is software that every experienced trader should use at some point along their journey.

charting on Tradingview

TradingView is a platform for professionals, so does have a somewhat pricey subscription plan for more prolific users. However, free accounts can still access most indicators and price points for the thousands of crypto trading pairs hosted on the site. So, there is no requirement for payment to use TradingView effectively. While the platform is no doubt best for advanced traders, newcomers should also strongly consider using TradingView to get their feet wet in the world of technical analysis.

Of course, being more of a charting platform than a crypto market analysis tool, TradingView does lack quite a few features some traders might be looking for that are offered on CoinMarketCap. That’s why the platform is most effective when used in confluence with another industry data company like CoinGecko.


  • Extremely powerful charting software that provides a range of information including price and volume data
  • Free accounts can be used effectively, especially for small-time investors
  • Thousands of trading pairs with data from different exchanges


  • No portfolio tracker
  • Unlocking all features costs $24.99 a month
  • Can be confusing to use for the inexperienced

5. Messari – Best For In-Depth Data

Messari is a relative newcomer to the crypto price tracking scene – founded in 2018 – but has quickly become the leader in advanced data for professional traders and institutions. The platform includes live price data for 2,000+ crypto assets, on top of detailed information on all sorts of metrics including trading volume, on-chain activity, governance, upcoming projects, and in-depth tokenomics.

Messari market data

Perhaps the biggest pro of using Messari is the platform’s data algorithm attempts to account for wash trading – meaning its trading volume data is typically more accurate than most of its competitors.

Unlike CoinMarketCap, we found that Messari is geared toward professionals and thus has a tiered pricing system. Pro accounts will set investors back $24.99 a month, which is about the industry standard (but costly for beginners). However, the free, basic account, provides users with access to plenty of useful data that can help inform their trading strategies. The free account has price, volume, and supply data for 2,000+ digital assets, as well as free research reports delivered weekly.


  • Perhaps the most data provided of any platform on this list
  • A rather clean user interface despite the wealth of features and options
  • Advanced research reports accessible to free users
  • Exchange volume data accounts for wash trading to provide accurate numbers


  • Less suitable for inexperienced investors
  • For all features (like advanced DAO metrics and charting) users will need to pay
  • Does not have a mobile app

6. CryptoCompare – Best For Reviewing Blockchain Services

CryptoCompare has been around for a decade and has become one of the premier crypto price-tracking websites on the market. Investors can find trading volume, market cap, and the live price of over 5,700+ digital currencies on CryptoCompare, among plenty more useful data. A good feature we tested is to actively track the ongoing performance of assets. Additionally, the platform offers customizable charting software, an API for web developers, and a series of free reports for investors doing research on coins and exchanges.

CryptoCompare market data screenshot

In terms of features, CryptoCompare is one of the best on the market – with a solid review feature that condenses the prowess of blockchain products into a single, five-star rating. This lets both advanced and novice investors quickly compare various exchanges or crypto platforms and narrow down their options.

The design of CryptoCompare isn’t overly compelling and lacks sophistication compared to CoinMarketCap. Although it is easy to use, each page is plastered with multiple ad banners which can be distracting. However, users that don’t mind the clutter will find CryptoCompare to be an excellent platform for all their crypto needs instead of CMC.


  • Data is powered by the platform’s own independent API
  • Customizable charting
  • Accurate price information for 5,700+ digital assets
  • Mining calculator


  • Design, including annoying advertisements on the front page, leaves a bit to be desired

7. CoinRanking – Best For Sorting Specific Coin Types

CoinRanking has become trusted in the industry as a reliable source of price data. The CoinRanking platform is incredibly simple to use and boasts a superior, clean design, free from the clutter of some of its competitors. This is what draws most users to the coin-tracking website – it is a breeze to navigate, especially for beginners just getting started on their crypto journey.

Coinranking coin list and data

Aside from its well-optimized interface, CoinRanking has a few other things going for it too. The platform is one of the best for quickly filtering cryptocurrencies based on type. Want to compare all the best Memecoins? Well, it can be done with just one click of a button on the CoinRanking site.

There are 20+ filters to choose from that can make finding even the more obscure assets quite easy. CoinRanking also offers a mobile application, and a portfolio tracking feature thanks to their partnership with Coinhodler.


  • One of the best user interfaces on the market for beginners
  • 20+ filters for cryptocurrencies to quickly find new investments
  • Provides data on coin supply, market cap, price performance month-by-month, and exchange data


  • Fewer features than big competitors like CMC, CoinGecko, and CoinCodex
  • The portfolio tracker isn’t directly available on the Coinranking website

8. LiveCoinWatch– Best For Filtering Trading Data

LiveCoinWatch is one of the better-known alternatives to Coinmarketcap. It was launched in just 2017 but is another competitor that provides an excellent user interface alongside pertinent market data. LCW provides figures on coin supply, market cap, price movements, and much more for 2,000+ digital assets.

LiveCoinWatch’s clear advantage is its impeccable design – and best of all it can be customized to suit each investor’s preferences. The platform also comes with data on exchange order book liquidity, crypto dominance charts, and several widgets perfect for web developers. In a unique twist, LCW also has a live chat for users to discuss their trades and the performances of their portfolios.

LiveCoinWatch coin market list

LiveCoinWatch provides traders with the ability to filter out certain data points from the information they are using. The most common use case of this is to remove data from South Korean markets – as these markets tend to inflate the price of digital currencies compared to the rest of the world. This allows investors to get the most accurate picture of an asset’s price relative to some other platforms. Customers used to be able to view the live values of coins in 30+ fiat currencies, but it appears this has now been restricted to just five.


  • Excellent, customizable design that’s easy on the eyes (including a dark mode)
  • Reliable data on 2,000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Portfolio tracker


  • The charting feature is a little basic

9. CoinCheckup – Best For Price Predictions

CoinCheckup is another crypto price tracking platform similar to CoinmarketCap that provides basic data on digital currencies including market cap, circulating supply, and trading volume. However, the development team are heavily focused on transparency in the industry, so have created a forecasting system that predicts the future price movements of most listed assets which is a point of difference to Coinmarketcap.

CoinCheckup fundamental analysis

In essence, CoinCheckup performs fundamental analysis on behalf of the investor. This includes looking at the project’s history, the development team’s active participation, and how engaged the community is. Then, CoinCheckup will provide potential growth statistics if a coin is adopted the same way previous tech powerhouses were – for example, Facebook and Google.

Of course, predictions can be bait for newer investors that may take these forecasts at face value, rather than performing their own research. CoinCheckup is one of the best tools on the market for doing due diligence on a coin and assessing its future potential but should be just one of many resources used throughout this process. The platform also comes with a portfolio tracker, a mobile app for iOS, and advanced charting features.


  • Excellent forecasting models that can help with fundamental/technical analysis
  • Solid user interface without much advertisement or clutter
  • Customizable charting software


  • Not as simple to use as some competitors
  • Predictions are not always accurate and shouldn’t form the basis of a trading strategy

10. Coinlib — Best For Trading Signals

Coinlib is our last alternative website to Coinmarketcap that provides its users with everything one would expect from a top-tier crypto price tracking platform – portfolio tracking and management on top of reliable and relevant data on market cap, circulating supply, and the trading volume for thousands of digital currencies. The platform has a clean, easy-to-navigate design that should appeal to both beginners and experienced investors.

Top coins on Coinlib

Coinlib’s point of difference comes from its “tools” section, which includes a variety of useful features. The basics are all in place – price alerts combined with a powerful mobile app are incredibly useful for traders on the go. On top of this, Coinlib offers a cryptocurrency conversion calculator, widgets for website devs, and a “best price breakdown” which finds out which exchange is listing an asset for the cheapest price.

Another advantage of Coinlib is that it automatically performs basic technical analysis. Investors can find the SMA, EMA, RSI, and other popular indicators for crypto trading by navigating to a coin and simply clicking a tab. This can help traders find buy/sell signals without needing to plot the data on a chart. That said, traders should always double-check the indicators on an independent website like TradingView.


  • A solid, clean design with features suited for investors of most skill levels
  • Useful tools like a portfolio tracker, mobile app, and liquidity breakdowns
  • A comparison feature for pitting coins side-by-side and analyzing their price history, tokenomics, and more
  • Easily accessible technical indicator data


  • Lacking advanced features that some competitors like Messari and CoinCodex offer (such as customizable charting)
  • The technical analysis focus may be better suited for more experienced investors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better than Coinmarketcap?

Coinmarketcap is one of the most powerful and revered crypto price-tracking platforms on the market. While it is packed with excellent features, there are still plenty of viable alternatives that investors can consider. CoinGecko, Messari and LiveCoinWatch are all fantastic options for traders that want to avoid a Binance-owned platform.

What Coinmarketcap alternative has a better selection of coin data?

CoinGecko tends to have more early-stage crypto projects listed than Coinmarketcap, while Messari and CoinCheckup offer more in-depth data for investors to trawl through.