DigiFinex Review 2022: Crypto, Trading & Fees

    Updated: Nov 2nd, 2022
    Kevin Groves
    Kevin Groves
    DigiFinex Review 2022: Crypto, Trading & Fees

    Choosing the best exchange for crypto can be a challenging task with so many platforms available. One of the leading exchanges that have quickly established itself in the market for a safe and secure place to buy and sell crypto is DigiFinex. In this review, we take a look at the exchange to examine its features, trading experience, fees, security and more.

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    Country:Global (USA not allowed)
    Currency:USD, AUD, GBP & 40 others
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    Key Features
    • Beginner and advanced trading platforms
    • Trade crypto on spot, futures or derivatives markets
    • Competitive 0.2% flat trading fee
    • Powerful charting with TradingView
    • Mobile app with an average review rating of 4.5/5 stars
    • Flexi-earn and crypto loan to earn interest on crypto
    • 24/7 customer support

    DigiFinex is a digital trading platform uses the native exchange token of the platform and powers the DigiFinex Ecosystem. Users on the exchange can trade spot, leverage, perpetual swaps and buy crypto.

    DigiFinex has followed in the steps of world-leading crypto exchanges such as Binance to offer a wide range of products and services to its customers. The team behind DigiFinex are active with online events, airdrops and rewards programs to allow traders on the platform to earn free crypto.

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    What Is DigiFinex?

    DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform with over 4 Million users worldwide. The digital asset platform offers spot, leverage trading, perpetual swaps and purchasing digital assets with a credit card. Digifinex exchange has previously ranked #10 for liquidity and trading volume according to Coinmarketcap.

    Registered in Seychelles in 2017 and operating in Hong Kong with offices in Singapore, China, South Korea, Australia, DigiFinex appears to be a legit cryptocurrency exchange. DigiFinex is also a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Australia and holds exemption of provision of digital payment token services in Singapore by the regulatory body, MAS.

    DigiFinex Compared

    Advanced features, an intuitive user interface and a mobile trading app are important features on DigiFinex. This comparison table lists other top-rated crypto trading exchanges like DigiFinex that offer world-class features.

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    RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
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    RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
    StarStarStarStarEmpty Star
    None available at this timeVisit DigifinexDigifinex Review

    Features & Benefits

    DigiFinex sets itself apart from the traditional cryptocurrency trading exchange by providing an advanced platform that enables its traders to trade spot or margin products. Aside from the standard offering of allowing users to buy, trade and sell crypto using their desktop and mobile trading app version, DigiFinex offers the following additional features:

    • Basic and Pro trading platform that will suit both beginners and experienced traders
    • Spot market to exchange the major cryptocurrency assets
    • Margin trading account to short sell Bitcoin with 5x leverage
    • Derivatives trading supports 100x leverage.
    • Supports popular cryptocurrencies and the popular DeFi trading pairs
    • Suitable day trading crypto platform with solid liquidity and trading volume to fill large order with minimum slippage
    • Real-time market data and charting to trade popular altcoins
    • Crypto app to monitor and track a crypto portfolio and trade from anywhere
    • Secure wallet that used a cold wallet to protect users funds
    • Crypto Quant Fund, Crypto Loan and Flexi-earn to earn interest on crypto
    • Referral and affiliate program to reward users that bring in new traders to the platform
    • Comprehensive training and education guides to help aspiring cryptocurrency traders
    • 24/7 customer service team

    Is DigiFinex Safe?

    DigiFinex Exchange appears to be a secure platform with bank-like security that includes multiple layers of site security and information protocols to ensure customers' information are kept safe at all times. Since the company's inception, there have been no reported security breaches or hacks.

    A few examples of the security measures that are provided on the platform include Two-Factor Authentication, cold wallet storage, secure physical vault storage and compliance with KYC and AML/CTF standards.

    Creating An Account With DigiFinex

    Like all cryptocurrency exchanges today, to create an account with DigiFinex users will need to go through a registration process to create a trading account. DigiFinex exchange will prompt for a username, email address and security PIN which is sent to the email address. Verification of the email address completes the basic account creation process.

    Verification Requirements

    Proof of identification is not required immediately for trading. However, will be limited to the basic verification level which restricts the maximum withdrawal amount. Completing KYC is recommended, as it unlocks more functionalities, including airdrop rewards and raising daily withdrawal limit to 4 BTC and above.

    Users will be required to provide their personnel details such as name, date of birth, phone number, residential address, copy of a valid identification card or passport and proof of address. These checks and balances are in accordance with AML policies and not to be concerned about. It is a standard process to protect the crypto exchange from involvement in money laundering or suspicious activity.

    Depositing Funds

    DigiFinex users can deposit the major cryptocurrency assets and stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) to start trading. Funds can be deposited on the desktop version or using the DigiFinex mobile trading app. DigiFinex exchange supports a wide variety of digital assets that can be used as collateral on the spot or leveraged markets. 

    digifinex deposit fundsdigifinex deposit funds

    The process to deposit funds is fairly standard and a 3-step process. Select the cryptocurrency, copy the unique deposit address and transfer funds from another exchange or a cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The DigiFinex website has a full video guide in the support section that explains how to deposit funds to the platform that will assist beginners.

    Trading Experience

    DigiFinex caters to beginner and intermediate cryptocurrency traders on the platform by offering a Basic and Pro user interface. The basic version (shown below) provides a slick trading platform with trading tools and crypto charting software to perform technical analysis on the charts and manage risk on trades. The charts are provided by Tradingview which is renowned for its suite of indicators, charting and drawing tools.

    A powerful feature of the Basic and Pro DigiFinex trading system is the one-click navigation. Traders can change time frames, add chart indicators and set alerts by right-clicking the charts, making it simple to navigate and control preferences. A useful tool is the 'clear all drawings tools' option which removes all drawing lines and patterns with a click.

    digifinex chartingdigifinex charting

    On closer review of the Pro user interface, there does not appear to be too much difference. The layout is simplified with a compact order entry window. Cryptocurrency pair list is removed and changed to a drop down menu which allows the chart size to be maximized (without using a full screen mode). Traders that rely on technical analysis to find trade setups and manage active positions would appreciate the large charting window.

    The order window has the option to switch between spot and margin trading which is a nice feature along with the pre-set volume amounts on the sliders. The available order types include limit, market and stop limit. Compared to other leverage trading cryptocurrency exchanges, this is the basic offering and could be expanded to provide greater trade management and risk exposure.

    placing orders on digifinexplacing orders on digifinex

    Trading derivatives up to 100x on DigiFinex has a similar feel to leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, FTX and Bybit. Simply choose a crypto pair to trade, select an order entry type (e.g. market, limit or stop order), choose the position size using the slider (or manually) and click on 'Buy' or 'Sell'. Users that trade with margin will have the added option to select the amount of leverage up to 5:1.

    Overall, the Pro user interface is a complete trading platform that will suit traders of various expertise and skill. It is easy to use and includes advanced charting tools and software to trade cryptocurrency. For more information on how to trade crypto on DigiFinex, watch the video guide below. 

    Buying Crypto Directly

    Similar to the best fiat-to-crypto exchanges in the world, DigiFinex users can top up their trading account and buy crypto using a credit card via Simplex. The purchase limit is between $50 and $20,000. DigiFinex supports in total 17 fiat currencies to purchase major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and many other altcoins.

    buy crypto on digifinexbuy crypto on digifinex

    To buy crypto with DigiFinex, follow these simple steps:

    • Create a new account and login to DigiFinex
    • Navigate to the top menu and select 'Buy Crypto'
    • Select the cryptocurrency that you want to purchase
    • Enter in the amount of fiat currency to use
    • Review and confirm the transaction by clicking on 'Buy Now'
    • Go to the DigiFinex wallet to find purchased crypto assets

    A transaction fee of 3.5% or a flat rate of $10, whichever is higher, will be charged. The total payment amount is inclusive of this fee. Transactions take on average 10-30 minutes to process and be deposited into the DigiFinex wallet. 

    DigiFinex App

    DigiFinex exchange offers its users a mobile trading app that has been downloaded over 50,000 times with an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The app is supported on Android and iOS devices. Traders can monitor the crypto market prices and trade positions at anytime and anywhere using the DigiFinex app.

    Trading Fees

    The trading fee on DigiFinex spot exchange is a flat 0.2% per trade. The default spot trading fee is competitive, however is higher than its closest competitors such as BinanceKuCoin, Huobi and OkEX. Long term and position traders should also be aware there is an overnight interest rate of 0.05% when using the DigiFinex margin trading exchange. Users on the platform that hold DFT tokens and VIP members can reduce the fee to 0.06% per transaction which offers a good incentive to buy and hold the platform's native token.

    digifinex feesdigifinex fees

    Deposit & Withdraw Fees

    To deposit funds to DigiFinex, there is no transaction fee. Withdrawal of cryptocurrency assets from the trading exchange will incur the standard blockchain network fee which is unavoidable. The withdrawal fee for each asset and limits can be found on the DigiFinex fee's page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The founding team behind DigiFinex have significant experience with top financial and technology companies from Hong Kong, Mainland China and the US. The core team also have a wealth of experience in blockchain technology and online network product operations.

    DigiFinex users on the platform are recommended to complete a Know-Your-Customer process to unlock full functionalities, and lift transaction restrictions on DigiFinex. 

    DigiFinex is consistently ranked top on traffic, liquidity and trading volumes of the spot market according to coinmarketcap. The 24 hour daily volume at the time of writing is circa $487 Million which is significant and makes DigiFinex a viable trading platform for crypto day traders.

    DigiFinex referral program rewards customers with $2 USD for each new customer referred to the exchange that deposits fiat currency and completes their first transaction. There is also a rebate or affiliate program that provides up to 48% of the referred users trading commissions. Existing users can share their referral link or promo code with friends and family to receive rewards.


    To conclude our DigiFinex review, we were quite impressed with the trading platform and features offered to its customers. In particular, the trading interface stood out with its sleek design and advanced trading tools via the integration with TradingView.

    Combined with the ability to buy crypto with a credit card, trade margin products, derivatives and EFT's on a single platform, DigiFinex is leading the space to provide a digital platform that will appeal to cryptocurrency traders and investors all over the world. To compete with leading exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, OKEx and Crypto.com, we would like to see DigiFinex exchange expand its offering to include popular DeFi tokens, interest savings accounts, crypto-backed loans, high-margin trading up to 100x and coin staking.

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