5 Best Platforms To Earn Interest On Crypto

As we witness global interest rates get closer to zero (and even negative in some countries), more people are turning to the cryptocurrency market as an alternate means to generate an additional income. A popular way to earn money online is through Bitcoin interest accounts and crypto lending platforms.

These services allow you to earn interest on crypto without having to trade the markets using an exchange to earn additional crypto. Essentially, they enable borrowers and lenders to exchange money between each other to receive either a crypto-backed loan (paid in fiat currency) or earn high interest on their crypto holdings.

In this article, we reveal our picks for the best sites to earn interest on crypto.

How To Earn Interest On Crypto

To earn interest on crypto, Bitcoin and stablecoins, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register an account with a crypto savings platform such as BlockFi
  2. Complete the signup registration process and verify email
  3. Go to top menu and click on 'Deposit'  
  4. Select a crypto or stablecoin to deposit
  5. Transfer crypto to the BlockFi wallet address  
  6. Begin to earn compound interest on deposit 

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Best Platforms To Earn Interest On Bitcoin, Crypto & Stablecoins

Here is our consolidated list of the best places to earn interest with a crypto savings account: 

  1. BlockFi
  2. Crypto.com
  3. Nexo
  4. Celsius Network
  5. Binance

We have assessed each lending platform based on important factors such as ease of use, reputation, available digital assets & stablecoins, interest rates, fees, security and customer support.


Interest Rate

Crypto Assets





Up to 8.6% P.A



4.7 / 5 


Up to 12% P.A



4.5 / 5


Up to 10% P.A



4.4 / 5


Up to 12% P.A



4 / 5


Up to 3.14% P.A



3.5 / 5

Where To Earn Interest On Cryptocurrency

This comparison guide provides an overview of where you can earn interest on crypto, Bitcoin, stablecoins and even fiat currency. If you want to learn more about each provider, click on the links to read our reviews or browse our Exchange Review category.


BlockFi is a digital assets financial company that provides professional services to individuals and businesses worldwide. The company is regulated at the federal and state level in the United States (48 states). 

BlockFi offers one of the easiest ways to earn interest on crypto and stable coins. Users can register for a savings account to store their cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform. In return, users are rewarded with interest up to 8.6% on their capital invested. The interest amount is paid monthly at the beginning of each month which will accrue the next day after the deposit.  


BlockFi's interest rates compound monthly, which means if you earn interest in Month 1, your next interest payment will be calculated off of your new total balance (old balance + interest payment from Month 1).

There is also no minimum or maximum deposit amount so beginners can get started with BlockFi immediately. Just transfer funds to the platform and earn free crypto. 

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Interest Rate (APY)


4.9% per year


3.6% per year


3.8% per year


8.6% per year


8.6% per year

If you didn't know, BlockFi offers other services to its users such as low-cost USD loans secured with crypto, advanced cryptocurrency trading platform (while earning interest) and purchase stablecoins using USD wire transfers.  


Crypto.com is a digital asset platform that offers several cryptocurrency products and services including crypto interest accounts. The network's sole purpose according to its founder is to increase the adoption of crypto on a global scale by making it easy for individuals to access. 

With over 1 million users on its platform, Crypto.com offers a powerful alternative to traditional financial services, making it easier for everyone to obtain cryptocurrencies. The digital currency platform is known for its crypto app which lets you buy, sell, trade, spend, store, earn, loan cash and even pay bills with crypto! 

cryptocom earn

Crypto.com app allows its users to earn up to 8% on cryptocurrency assets and 12% on stablecoins. This essentially replaces your bank account and customers can deposit their preferred digital assets to the app to begin accruing interest on a daily basis.

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Interest earnings accrued are credited to your wallet every 7 days and paid out in the same currency as the deposit. For example, if you deposit BTC, you will earn interest in BTC. You can have multiple deposits to accrue interest for different cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

Crypto.com app users can that stake the platforms MCO token to earn higher interest rates as listed below. As these rates can change often, we suggest checking the interest rates on the app before creating an account.

crypto app rates


Nexo is an online cryptocurrency loan service that offers financial benefits for storing crypto assets on the platform such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In return, Nexo offers high-interest accounts where users can earn up to 10% p.a. on Bitcoin, crypto, stablecoins and fiat currency.

The lending service is licensed, regulated and insured up to $100 Million against theft with BitGo and available in 40+ fiat currencies and across 200 jurisdictions worldwide.

nexo website

Since it's launch in 2017, Nexo has processed more than 1.5 Billion dollars from over 800,000 users in more than 200 jurisdictions across the globe and supports over 40 fiat currencies. It has gained widespread popularity as an alternative crypto investment method and storage option for individuals and companies to leverage additional financial benefits for borrowers and lenders.

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Crypto interest savings services such as Nexo are attractive for customers as the interest earned is significantly higher than the rates offered by traditional financial institutions such as banks. In addition, the interest in a Nexo savings account is paid out daily which allows the savings account to compound and grow rapidly.


Interest Rate (APY)


10% per year


10% per year


10% per year


10% per year


10% per year


10% per year


10% per year


10% per year

Users that provide liquidity to the Nexo.io platform by depositing and storing their fiat and crypto assets with Nexo are eligible to register for a savings account. Funds from the wallet funds can be accessed at any time allowing you to withdraw funds to a personnel hardware wallet or sell back to fiat using a reputable exchange. 

Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a digital asset platform that offers its users access to financial services and benefits that are not offered by traditional institutions. It is the goal of the platform to disrupt the financial banks on a global scale by offering services that will bring the next 100 million people into cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2017, Celsius Network allows users to earn interest on crypto. Crypto wealth that is stored in private hardware wallets for safe-keeping can earn up to 12% per year in a Celsius wallet.

celsius earn

Celsius Network operates in a similar model to the other providers which offer high-interest commissions in return to users for depositing assets on the platform to fund lenders.

There is no minimum deposit amount and you can withdraw funds at any time without worrying about fees or penalties. The freedom to earn interest on your own terms without penalties or restrictions is an attractive feature of the Celsius app.

celsius network bitcoin

For investors that are not familiar with or experienced to trade a portfolio on margin platforms to earn crypto, a 10% annual return is a great option to diversify and grow wealth without the risks associated with trading. The platform supports the major cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and most stablecoins.

For example, if you deposit 1 Bitcoin into Celsius Network for 12 months, this would equate to $7.32 interest per week, totaling $380.88 for the year. If you decide to be paid out in Celsius Network's native token TEL, the interest rate is 35% higher. 


Interest Rate (APY)


4.03% per year


3.82% per year


4.13% per year


3.61% per year


8.69% per year


8.69% per year


8.69% per year


8.69% per year


Binance is one of the best crypto trading exchanges in the world that offers something for both crypto investors, HODL'ers and traders. It is often regarded as the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides an online platform that bridges the gap between traditional fiat money and crypto through innovative feature-rich service.  

While the platform is well-known for offering its innovative trading products, altcoin trading and new features, the team has recently launched a way to earn interest on Binance with the introduction of 'Binance Savings'.

Binance Savings

The Binance Savings account allows you to grow your wealth by accruing interest on your funds that are on the platform.  Essentially, you’re lending your assets to margin traders on the platform, and they pay interest to you in return for borrowing your funds.

Binance Savings account supports a wide variety of lending options including the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance USD (BUSD), Tether (USDT) and others.

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binance savings account

Users can either choose from a Fixed Deposit or Flexible Deposit which provides slightly different interest rates as shown below. Flexible deposit allows you to withdraw your funds at any time with a variable interest rate. This type of savings account will appeal to traders that want to earn interest on their crypto portfolio while waiting for a trade setup.


Cryptocurrency investors can now grow their wealth by taking advantage of crypto lending platforms to earn passive interest on their crypto and stablecoin holdings. Long term crypto enthusiasts that have been holding onto their digital assets now have the flexibility to generate additional profits without selling or liquidating their portfolio.

We hope that you found this article on the best sites to earn crypto interest useful. If you're comfortable with transferring crypto from your hardware wallet to an online lending service, then you will not be disappointed with the compound interest that you can accrue using these platforms. It is one of the easiest ways to earn free crypto.

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