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Wondering whether you can earn interest on Cardano? Due to a strong decentralized finance sector, it is now possible to hold onto ADA tokens irrespective of the overall market trend to earn a passive income. There are several cryptocurrency exchanges and lending platforms that offer Cardano interest accounts. But which places provide the best interest rates on ADA? This article reviews our top Cardano interest platforms and gives a step-by-step guide to earning interest on ADA.

Best Platforms to Earn Interest Rates on Cardano

Based on the current market conditions and research, below are our picks of the best places to earn interest on Cardano.

  1. Nexo (overall best place to earn interest on Cardano)
  2. Binance (best for flexible and fixed-interest options)
  3. (best mobile app to earn Cardano interest)
  4. Coinloan (best for long-term ADA interest)

Cardano Interest Rate Comparison

Investors can earn different interest rates on Cardano depending on the crypto interest platforms. In addition, some portals offer trading opportunities to users that seek active participation in the crypto market, while others provide borrowing and lending opportunities. The table below compares the different Cardano interest rates offered by the best crypto interest platforms this year.

PlatformADA Interest RateRequirementBest For
NexoUp to 8% APYStaking NEXO to earn higher interest (10% of portfolio)No minimum redemption period
BinanceUp to 1% APYNoneFlexible and fixed interest
Crypto.comUp to 5% APYStake more than $40,000 of CRO for highest rateEarn interest using mobile app
CoinLoanUp to 7.2% APYStake 2,500 CLT tokens for highest rateLong term Cardano investors

How to Earn Interest on Cardano – Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide users can follow to start earning interest on Cardano

  1. Compare and select a Cardano interest platform
  2. Create an account and complete ID verification
  3. Transfer ADA or purchase Cardano
  4. Start earning interest on Cardano

Where to Earn Interest on Cardano In 2023

When choosing crypto interest platforms, investors must consider the interest rates, the security features, and the user interactivity. Here are the platforms that take care of those factors to varying degrees.

1. Nexo - Overall Best Platform to Earn Interest on Cardano

Nexo is a centralized crypto loan service provider, offering borrowing and lending opportunities to investors. It was launched in 2018 and soon became one of the world's leading crypto interest platforms to earn interest on Cardano and more than 40 different cryptocurrencies. The DeFi community has applauded Nexo for making the platform accessible to newcomers and providing fair and secure interest rates.

Nexo interest account for CardanoNexo interest account for Cardano

Investors can earn up to an 8% interest rate on Cardano. However, to earn this interest rate, users must join Nexo's loyalty program. It has four levels: base, silver, gold, and platinum. Base users earn a 5% Annual Percentage Yield on Cardano. As the users opt for higher loyalty levels, the interest they earn on Cardano also becomes higher.

Nexo allows users to increase the interest they earn by purchasing Nexo's native NEXO token in their crypto accounts. Holding more NEXO tokens equates to earning higher interest rates. Platinum users – ones whose Nexo portfolio contains 10% NEXO holdings – can earn up to 8% APY on Cardano.

Earning Cardano is easy on Nexo as users don't need to transfer their tokens outside their Nexo accounts. Nexo compounds the interest rates daily and doesn't impose any lock-up periods. Investors can withdraw their Cardano whenever they wish and earn a good interest rate.

Furthermore, Nexo also works as a traditional cryptocurrency exchange, allowing investors to buy Cardano. The platform only accepts fiat payments such as credit/debit cards and bank transfers – making it suitable for newcomers to interact with the crypto ecosystem easily.

Steps to earn interest on Cardano with NexoSteps to earn interest on Cardano with Nexo

Nexo pays heed to security. It is licensed by the European Union and over 200 jurisdictions. Moreover, Nexo has put up a $375 million insurance policy to protect investors' assets from DeFi hacking events. BitGo, the world's leading crypto finance solutions provider, holds all the private keys to the insurance policy. 

Overall, Nexo is a crypto interest platform suitable for beginners and long-term Cardano investors that believe in the project. The lucrative interest rates offered for ADA, an accessible interface and fiat-only deposits make Nexo ideal for all types of Cardano investors.

Nexo Pros:
  • It has a simple-to-use platform
  • Provides a high-interest-rates on Cardano
  • Compounding daily pay-outs on Cardano deposits
  • No hidden fees or deposit costs
  • Cardano and other assets are covered under a $375 million insurance policy
Nexo Cons:
  • Must hold a significant number of NEXO tokens to earn higher interest rates on Cardano
  • Nexo Earn Interest account is not available for US citizens or US residents
  • Interest rate subject to market conditions

2. Binance - Best For Flexible and Fixed-interest Options

Binance is the world's leading exchange that supports more than 600 cryptocurrencies and caters to nearly 100 million users. Its services include an NFT marketplace, Binance Learn and Earn, and one of the most sought-after services, Binance Earn.

Binance Earn lets investors earn interest on Cardano and other crypto cryptocurrencies. There are multiple ways through which users can earn interest on Cardano on Binance. Through flexible Staking, users can earn up to 1% interest on Cardano holdings of up to 1000 ADA. The interest rewards are reduced by 50% for more.

Binance flexible interest rates for CardanoBinance flexible interest rates for Cardano

Locked Cardano staking facility allows users can lock their Cardano for up to 90 days to earn up to 11.23% APY interest on their holdings. Users must lock at least 0.001ADA to start earning interest on Cardano via locked Staking. The maximum locked staking limit per user stands at 200 ADA. There are three durations of locking periods with varying interest rates.

  • Locked Staking for 90 days: 11.23% APY
  • Locked Staking for 60 Days: 8.24% APY
  • Locked Staking for 30 days: 7.75% APY

Binance provides the highest maximum interest rates compared to the top crypto yield farming platforms we've listed in this guide. However, the higher interest options come with a caveat: users don't have access to their locked ADA. It means losing out on investment opportunities that come with a volatile crypto market.

Besides a traditional interest account, Binance Earn also offers high-yield investment opportunities to the user called 'Dual Investment'. Users can commit their Cardano and can potentially earn APY up to 145.77%. Although, the ADA tokens are locked in and will be subject to market conditions which can result in potential losses.

Despite this disadvantage, Binance is one of the biggest crypto interest platforms. That being said, it is not user-friendly as it primarily caters to experienced and existing crypto investors. However, the trading platform has several opportunities to make money with Cardano for investors who want to earn passive income in a relatively safe manner.

Binance Pros:
  • Flexible and Fixed Interest Rate offered for Cardano
  • Up to 11.23% APY for ADA
  • Option for high risk and more rewards on Binance Earn
  • Biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the market
Binance Cons:
  • Suitable for experienced investors and traders
  • Only 1% interest for Flexible Staking
  • DeFi Staking is not available for Cardano

3. - Best Mobile App to Earn Cardano Interest is one of the biggest crypto trading platforms in the world. It has over 50 million users worldwide and supports over 250 cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiat currencies. Moreover, it is one of the few exchanges that lets users buy and sell crypto assets using debit/credit cards and bank transfers. also offers several value-added services, such as an NFT marketplace and a VISA debit card that allow investors to convert their crypto holdings into fiat currency and pay merchants. Therefore, is one of the best apps in crypto for newcomers and veteran investors.

ADA interest rates with Crypto.comADA interest rates with offers up to 14.5 APY with its Crypto Earn feature. This utility allows investors to either flexibly or, for a fixed period, put their crypto assets in accounts to earn interest. offers up to 5% APY on Cardano.

However, earning interest up to 5% is only possible if the investors stake CRO worth more than $40,000 and lock up their investment for three months. There are three terms up to which users can lock up their ADA and earn interest: One month, three months, and flexible. Locking up Cardano for up to one month yields up to 4% interest. Again, investors can only earn maximum interest by staking $40,000 worth of CRO which is a limitation.

Moreover, ADA interest is reduced for investors who choose the flexible term. The interest rates rewarded for flexible terms range from 0.10% to 0.25% per annum depending on the value of CRO staked alongside CARDANO. doesn’t offer additional rewards for staking CRO if the investor chooses to hold ADA for a flexible term. Moreover, staking CRO yields a higher interest rate because a 2% interest reward for staking CRO is added to the rewards.

Another factor that determines the interest rate is Tier.

  • Tier 1 is valid for Cardano worth up to $3,000
  • Tier 2 is valid for Cardano worth between $3,000 to $27,000
  • Tier 3 is beyond $27,000. is yet to fix the interest rates for Tier 3. The official website states it would only apply after Tier 1, and Tier 2 quotas are full. provides the lowest rates compared to the above Cardano interest platforms on the list. However, being a mobile-first platform, is suitable for beginners who want to start earning interest on Cardano easily. Pros:
  • One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world
  • Easy-to-use mobile app to earn interest on ADA
  • Reasonable interest rates for Cardano
  • Top-shelf security to protect investor’s assets Cons:
  • Staking a large amount of CRO is required to earn up to 5% interest
  • Interest rate tiers for Cardano are confusing
  • is not available in New York

4. CoinLoan - Best For Long-term ADA Interest

CoinLoan is a lending platform based in Estonia. Founded in 2017, CoinLoan is known for offering short, and long-term loans. The platform is considered one of the safest crypto loan platforms in the market. It has earned a good reputation in the crypto ecosystem to earn interest on cryptocurrencies.

CoinLoan supports 20 crypto-assets for its interest account, including Cardano, Chainlink, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. It is a top lending platform that provides one of the highest interest rates on Cardano at 7.2% APY. However, much like and NEXO, earning the maximum interest rate on Cardano requires investors to stake the native tokens. In CoinLoan's case, it is CLT tokens. Holding Cardano without staking CLT tokens will net users the interest rate of 5.2%.

Interest rate for ADA on CoinLoanInterest rate for ADA on CoinLoan

The interest rate progressively increases with the amount of CLT staked. For instance, if the user stakes 125 CLT, the interest rate increases by 0.1%. Likewise, staking 375 CLT will increase the interest earned by 0.3%. To earn the maximum interest rate on Cardano, which is 7.2%, investors must stake 2,500 CLT tokens. Investors must note that CLT isn't a frugal investment. At the time of writing, one CLT is $16.55. Users must stake $41,375 worth of CLT to earn 7.2% APY interest based on current prices.

Despite these limitations, CoinLoan is one of the best places to earn interest on Cardano. Users can earn daily interest, there are no deposit fees, and the platform doesn’t lock-in the Cardano. The interest is accrued daily and is paid monthly. Overall, CoinLoan is an easy-to-use platform that offers good interest rates for loans and better interest rates for Cardano holders.

CoinLoan Pros:
  • Easy to use platform that will be suitable for beginners
  • It offers relatively high interest rates for Cardano
  • No transfer fees and interest is accrued daily
CoinLoan Cons:
  • Must buy CLT tokens to earn the highest APY on Cardano

Top Cardano Interest Platform Compared

Here is a comparison list of the top platforms that allow users to earn interest on Cardano. This concise information is good for understanding the major attributes of the portals at a glance. However, investors who seek to consider all the intricate details about the platforms before depositing their Cardano and earning interest should go through detailed reviews.

Exchange_typeinterest RateratingPromotionWebsiteReview
nexo logo


exchangeUp to 12% APY (fiat currency) and 8% (crypto)
RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
Get $25 in Bitcoin when you top-up or buy >$100Visit NexoNexo Review

Binance Earn

exchangeUp to 5% P.A
RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star
Up to $100 welcome bonusVisit Binance EarnBinance Earn Review

exchangeUp to 12% P.A
RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit Review


exchangeUp to 12.3%
RatingOur ratings take into account the ease of use, fees, deposit methods along with the exchange's reputation. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team.
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpty Star
None available at this timeVisit CoinLoanCoinLoan Review

Should You Earn Interest on Cardano?

Earning interest in Cardano is a good way to increase the original investment. Any uptick in Cardano prices in the markets will increase their initial investment. Furthermore, since crypto interest platforms can increase interest when the market conditions are up, earning interest on Cardano or any other cryptocurrency is an optimal way to general passive.

Additionally, depending on the platform, investors can earn interest on their Cardano holdings without paying any deposit fee. That, combined with the fact the platforms accrue the interest daily and pay monthly, earning interest on Cardano is a suitable option for both novice and veteran crypto investors.

Is Earning Interest on Cardano Worth It?

In the current bear market, investors need to diversify their options and look for alternatives to most out of their crypto. With Cardano interest accounts, users can earn anywhere from 0.25 to 8% APY. While it won't completely offset the losses, investors bear when they directly interact with the crypto market, earning interest on Cardano can result in stable and long-term gains.

Furthermore, Cardano is one of the few cryptocurrencies standing out even in the bear market. ADA has strengthened against Bitcoin and ETH by significant needs. The crypto crowd is waiting on the future Vasil hard Fork upgrade that can further strengthen Cardano's market position – allowing investors to earn profits on two fronts.

What Are The Risks of Earning Interest on Cardano?

  • Cardano interest rates are not guaranteed. Earning interest on Cardano is risky. For one, it is not a guarantee that the crypto interests provided by the lending platforms will remain constant. More so, slashing interest rates becomes common if the crypto market enters the bear phase.
  • Capital losses can be greater than the interest accrued. It is also important to know when to put Cardano in the interest accounts. If the price drops after loading Cardano inside an interest-saving account, the interest earned might not be enough to offset potential losses in a market downturn.
  • Extreme volatility and platform instability. In extreme market conditions, crypto interest accounts can take drastic steps to sustain their business. For instance, Celsius froze withdrawals and transfers because of fears of liquidation. Currently, the network is working with the lawyers for corporate restructuring.
  • Does not have proper regulation. Crypto lending platforms are still a novel concept and are not as regulated as traditional banks. It forces the customers to rely on the goodwill of the founders of those portals for security.

Trade Cardano vs. Earn Interest on Cardano?

Trading and earning interest on Cardano both have merits. Creating an interest-saving account for Cardano allows investors to earn passively. However, the gains are low, but so are the risks. Selling Cardano can be attractive for crypto investors to make considerably higher potential profits by tapping into the volatile crypto economy. While the rewards can be higher, the risks of losing more than the initial deposit are far greater with trading.

Experts recommend that users opt for both options, especially during a bear market. Holding the crypto assets in interest accounts will allow users to make gradual gains over time. Even if the earning rate is slow, the interest rate is compounded. Furthermore, Cardano has shown relatively stable movements even during the recent crash and it is currently ranking at #7 based on its total market cap. Moreover, the crypto interest policies might change in the future to mirror the bullish phase when it arrives. This could lead to an increase in interest rates. So, it is recommended that users opt for both investment strategies.

Earning Interest on Cardano – Full Guide

Here is the full guide explaining how to earn interest on Cardano.

1. Compare and select the Cardano interest platform

The first step is to select the crypto interest platforms that meet the user requirements. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will choose Nexo. It is our top pick for the best crypto platform to earn interest on ADA.

Visit the Nexo websiteVisit the Nexo website

2. Create an account and complete verification

Visit the official Nexo website and create an account. It is a simple process. Users must enter their details, and furnish the KYC information. KYC or Know Your Customer information is a regulatory requirement that most crypto trading platforms have to adhere to. Users must therefore upload a government-issued ID to the platform.

Open an account with NexoOpen an account with Nexo

3. Deposit or purchase Cardano

Once the verification is complete, investors must simply log in, visit their dashboard, and purchase Cardano. If the user already has Cardano, they can deposit ADA tokens from their wallets to the Nexo account. Here is the article to learn about the best place to buy Cardano.

Top up Cardano on NexoTop up Cardano on Nexo

4. Start earning interest on Cardano

Once Cardano is inside the NEXO account, it will start accruing interest. Users don't have to take any further actions other than monitoring the interest rates they can do using the desktop or NEXO mobile app. There are no withdrawal charges on Nexo or lock-up periods. Investors can, therefore, withdraw their Cardano holdings at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users can earn interest on Cardano (ADA) between 1% and 10% APY. Investors must find a suitable crypto interest exchange and park their Cardano holdings in a savings account to start earning interest on Cardano.

The best way to earn interest on Cardano can be found among the best Cardano interest platforms such as Nexo, Binance,, BlockFi, or CoinLoan. The crypto interest platforms are trusted by the industry leaders and suitable for both beginners and long-time investors.

Yes, does pay interest up to 5% interest on Cardano depending upon the CRO staked and the term that the investor chooses to lock up their tokens.

The Annual Percentage Return (APR) on Cardano varies depending upon the crypto interest platform. For instance, NEXO is a popular crypto trading platform that allows investors to earn up to 8% APR on Cardano.


This article has highlighted the top platforms to earn interest on Cardano. To decide which crypto exchange is the most suitable, the investors must assess their risk-taking capabilities. While earning interest on Cardano is a great option for passive income, it is not without risks.

Every platform listed in this guide has a separate holding criterion and provides varying interest rates. Therefore, the user must always consider the positives and negatives before parking their Cardano holdings.

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